Is Kaine Serving As Cover For Sebelius?

July 31, 2008 | Posted by Ashish

Much of the media has more or less proclaimed Virginia Governor Tim Kaine as Obama’s VP pick over the past few days, and Kaine is doing nothing to stop them. He and his people have been out talking to the media, confirming he is a finalist, and doing everything they can to keep the spotlight on Kaine. But we know that Obama’s campaign has always been very well controlled and that they have made it known that they don’t want potential VP picks speaking out about the process. But Kaine is.

So many are starting to think that the Obama campaign has Kaine out adding feul to the fire that he will be the VP pick to keep the media and the McCain campaign in the dark about who their real pick is. Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius seems to be the favorite under this scenario.

With everyone now expecting Kaine, picking anyone else, especially a woman, will serve as a huge surprise and generate a lot of media attention. It also turns the debate into Kaine vs. Sebelius, not Hillary Clinton vs. Sebelius which is what it otherwise would be (since both are women).

This theory may have grounds as it does seem odd that Kaine is suddenly being so vocal about the VP spot and is out daily speaking to the media in an attempt to keep the spotlight on him. Kaine was one of Obama’s earliest supporters and has never gone off message, so whatever he is doing has probably been approved by the Obama camp.

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