Romney’s Fundraising Starting to Dry Up

February 21, 2012 | Posted by Ashish

Pretty alarming news for Mitt Romney — his fundraising is starting to dry up a bit. Romney is spending more than he is raising right now (he spent $18.8 million in January while he brought in just $6.6 million), the result of an increasing reliance on outspending his opponents, while not raising enough money to keep up. Because of the lack of passion behind his candidacy, he raises almost all of his money from large, extremely wealthy donors, and once you tap all of them, it becomes difficult to keep up pace since you don’t have small donors who can donate several times up to the limit.

This is why you can’t have a candidacy based entirely on the fact that you can outspend your opponents, drown them in attack ads, and win. There has to be more to a campaign than that.

Romney seems to be regaining his footing in Michigan, but if he does lose that state, his fundraising will take an even bigger hit which really hurts the only area he is strong in — money.


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