VP Debate Review: Biden Fires Up Democrats In Heated Debate

October 11, 2012 | Posted by Ashish

In my preview of the VP debate earlier today, I stressed that Joe Biden had one key job tonight — to rally Democrats and re-energize them — and he did that, controlling the debate, oozing passion and fire, and being the clear aggressor. Democrats needed something to get excited about after last week and they got it. That is the one clear takeway from tonight. He stopped the bleeding, and that is a major thing. Ryan did what he needed to do — he kept his base energized, he didn’t do any major harm, and he seemed competent — but he allowed himself to be bullied by Biden. Will a VP debate change all that much? Probably not. But it was an entertaining debate to watch and will serve to help Democrats get past last week’s debacle.

Here are my other takeaways from the debate…

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