4th and Long 12.20.07: The Tuna and the Turkey

December 20, 2007 | Posted by Matt McEwen

And here I was thinking that other than the Pro Bowl selections, it was going to be a slow day.

And then those good old stand by’s – The Tuna and T.O. – make my life meaningful once again.

Let’s start with Parcells, since I enjoy tuna so much more than turkey, which is what Owens has mad himself out to be once again.

The morning starts with news that Big Bill is going to accept an offer to head to Atlanta and be the Mr. Fixit they are desperately in need of. GM Randy McKay proved that he is a capable football man working in Tampa Bay, but the past 6 months in Falcon land might be a bit too much for the inmates to fix there. Between Michael Vick and Bobby Petrino, I don’t know anyone who was on watch during that time period would be able to fix it all.

So, Arthur Blank turned to the ultimate available stabilizing force. Parcells has promised never to return to the sidelines, but he is almost as valuable as a team builder as he is as a team leader. A Super Bowl winner with the Giants, he turned around the Patriots, the Jets and the Cowboys. He knows good football, and he knows good football players.

And Atlanta will not get any of the benefit of that knowledge.

It seems the Tuna wants to swim with the Dolphins. Miami swept in at the eleventh hour and it looks like Parcells is going to try his hand at turning around a third AFC East team. I hope the money is good, because I’m not sure the job will be.

While Parcells may be the difference maker, the Dolphins certainly haven’t shown that they are particularly patient or succesful in the post Marino and Shula years.

He would have a blank slate to work with in Atlanta, and likely carte blanche to build the team in whatever image he would have liked. In Miami, he is going to inherit some older talent, but also some younger, unproven players.

It will be interesting to see if Parcells can work his magic once again, or if the Dolphins are too much of a mess for even him.

And speaking of messes that were too much for Parcells, that brings us to Owens.

After all the talk about how much a team player he had become, I knew the true test would come after one or two bad games in a row.

He failed. Miserably.

In the wake of two bad games in a row, Owens rocks the boat on the best team he has ever played for and insults his quarterback. I’m not expert, but I’d say that telling the media that Romo’s new girlfriend is the least popular person known to the locker room probably has Romo more than a little ticked off.

Owens proves once again that he just can’t keep his mouth shut long enough not to wreck a team. As much as I hate Skip Bayless of ESPN, he’s dead on when he calls Owens Team Obliterator.

At least Owens is going to the Pro Bowl though. The same can’t be said for the (somehow still)most underrated player in the league – Wes Welker. Come on…he’s only leading the best offensive team in the history of the league in receiving. How the hell do you do that and not make the pro bowl?

A few other players – Kellen Winslow JR, Marques Colston and Mario Williams come to mind – can claim they were snubbed as well, but how anyone can justify Welker not going is beyond me.

So…now that we have that nice little comment box down there, let’s try and put it to use. Here’s the question of the week:

Who is the most deserving player NOT going to the Pro Bowl?


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