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October 29, 2004 | Posted by 411Mania Staff

Blue Water Championship Wrestling Announcer Passes

From BWCW:
“It is sad to report that Blue Water Championship Wrestling ring announcer Kerwin Kitzman from Alpena passed away Saturday evening in his home. There are no details available at this time. Kerwin is remember for his big help at 107.7 The Bay in Alpena doing Radio advertising as well as being a 2 time special guest ring announcer. He will be deeply missed. God Bless Kerwin.”

From The Alpena News Obituaries section:
“KITZMAN, Kerwin L., 46, of Alpena, died suddenly at home on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2004. He is survived by his parents Kermit and Twyla Kitzman of Alpena and a sister Lynnell of Aurora, Colorado.
He is at Wachterhauser-McWilliams Funeral Home where friends may call from 2 to 9 p.m. today. On Wednesday he will be taken to Immanuel Lutheran Church where friends may call from 11 a.m. until the time of the Celebration of Life service at 1 p.m. with Rev. James Erickson officiating.”

Rikishi & Samu Seminar

On Friday, November 5, Samu’s Jungle Gym (629 Manatawny RD, Boyertown, PA) will be hosting a seminar with Rikishi & Samu.

The fee is $100 in advance or $150 day of. Save $50 by sending payment via paypal in advance to [email protected]

They will also be signing autographs, 8x10s, Polaroids & more! Anyone interested in attending this seminar should e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

D’Lo Brown Clinic in Manchester, England

D-Lo Brown will host a special training seminar at the Future-Shock Wrestling School in Manchester, England on Saturday, 11/6.

This is a chance for budding wrestlers to learn the ropes inside Europe’s only 20 x 20 wrestling ring at the Future-Shock gym in Manchester.

The seminar starts at 12.30pm and runs until 4pm. The fee is Ј20.

For more details on the D-o Brown Seminar at the Future-Shock Gym, Salah’s Martial Arts Centre, 217 Ashton Old Road, Beswick in Manchester, log on to www.futureshockwrestling.com or call the hotline on 0774 2539115.

Alan Wojcik Interviews Jerry Jarrett

Jerry Jarrett is a living legend in wrestling, having been a wrestler & promoter for over 35 years. He recently published a private journal he kept through 2002 called “The Story of the Development of the NWA:TNA, A New Concept in Pay-Per-View Programming”. Visit Alan’s site as he interviews Jerry Jarrett.

IWA Mid-South results
Wed, 10/20 – Bloomington, IN

*Austin Aries def. Sexy Ace Steel via pin after a 450 splash
*Abyss def. Spyder Nate Webb by pin after a Black Hole Slam
*Shane Hagadorn def. Matt Turner
*Mercedes Martinez def. Tracy Brooks via pin after a Fisherman Buster
*Chad Collyer def. Danny Daniels via submission with the Collyer Cloverleaf
*Brandon Thomaselli def. Double C by pin after an Air Raid Crash
*CM Punk def. Super Dragon via submission with an Anaconda Device
*Davey Andrews def. Ian Rotten after interference from Steve Stone, Chris Candido, & Jim Fannin
*IWA MS Tag champions Wildcards def. Gang Green (Anthony Franco/Evan Starsmore)
*NWA TNA X Title Match: champion Petey Williams def. Alex Shelly via pin after a Styles Clash
*Christopher Daniels def. Chris Sabin by pin after the Angel’s Wings
*Samoa Joe def. Ryan Boz with a Rear Naked Choke
*Chris Candido def. A.J. Styles
*IWA World Title Match: champion Arik Cannon retained against Roderick Strong

IWA Mid-South results
Thurs, 10/21 – Evansville, IN

*Davey Andrews def. “Spyder” Nate Webb & Ryan Boz
*Nigel McGuinness def. Chad Collyer after interference by Roderick Strong
*Ace Steel/Chad Collyer def. Nigel McGuinness/Roderick Strong
*CM Punk def. Alex Shelley
*Mercedes Martinez def. MsChif by DQ
*IWA MS Tag champions Wildcards def. Gang Green (Evan Starsmore/Anthony Franco) & Delirious/Double C in a non-title match
*Chris Candido def. Danny Daniels
*Matt Turner def. Shane Hagadorn
*Samoa Joe vs. Abyss went to a count-out
*Super Dragon def. B.J. Whitmer
*IWA World Title Match: champion Arik Cannon def. Austin Aries via pin (*due to a lariat from Aries, Cannon broke his collar bone)
*IWA World Title Match: A.J. Styles def. Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, & Christopher Daniels

IWA Mid-South results
Fri, 10/22 – Lafayette, IN

*Mickie Knuckles/Daizee Haze def. Mercedes Martinez/Angel Williams
*Gang Green (Evan Starsmore/Anthony Franco) def. Davey Andres/Matt Turner
*Chad Collyer def. Black Jack Marciano & JC Bailey
*Jimmy Jacobs def. Shane Hagadorn
*Abyss def. Ryan Boz by DQ when Boz struck referee Tommy Thompson
*Chris Sabin def. “Spyder” Nate Webb
*CM Punk/”Sexy” Ace Steel/Matt Sydal/Danny Daniels def. Chris Candido/Steve Stone/Nigel McGuiness/”Double C” Claudio Castagnoli

2004 Revolution Strong Style Tournament:
*Round 1: Roderick Strong def. B.J. Whitmer
*Round 1: Samoa Joe def. Austin Aries
*Round 1: Super Dragon def. Eddie Kingston
*Round 1: B-Boy def. Homicide
*Semis: Samoa Joe def. Roderick Strong
*Semis: B-Boy def. Super Dragon
*Finals: Samoa Joe Def. B-Boy

NWA Virginia results
Fri, 10/22 – Richmond, VA

*”Malibu” Sean Calloway vs. NWA VA Six Man Tag co-champion Bad News Johnson went to a double count-out
*NWA VA Tag Titles Match: champions Old School Empire retained against Marty Reid/Jon Jon The Phenom
*Dragan Frost/Malicious Murphy def. Ron
Pharoah/Global US champion Chris Dramin (w/ Max Dynamite)
*NWA World Women’s Title Match: champion Kiley McLean retained against Stacy Hunter
*NWA Virginia State Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: champion Grail retained against Quickstyle via pin after a tombstone piledriver
*Scotty Blaze (w/ Erotica D’Vine/Frank “The Tank” Parker) def. Donnie Dollars
*Hurricane 6 Man: Mike Vaughn def. Prince Malik, Robert Royal, Pete Jannings, El
Toro Rojo, & Gregory Vercetti
*Preston Quinn def. Frank Parker by pin

World of Hurt Wrestling results
Fri, 10/22 – Hudson Falls, NY

*Barbie (w/ Kenny Casanova) def. Kayla Sparks/Miss DeVille
*Bert Williams vs. Chuck Deep ended in a double pin
*Olaf (w/ Good Lord Willing) def. Axel Phoenix
*Punk def. Virus
*Jim Tanner def. Cheech
*Steve Kruz (w/ Mickey The Quickie) def. Warpath
*Cloudy def. Reed James
*Shane Alden/Texas Outlaw def. Swinger Sidusky/Vendetta

South Bayou Wrestling
Fri, 10/22 – Cameron, LA

*Heath Trenchcoat def. Mike Jenkins
*JP Brutal vs. Surge went to a time limit draw
*Sgt. Hurt’Em def. Pete Marshall
*Cedrick Holloway def. The New Assassin #1
*Eddie Larue vs. Lamar Mirabeau went to a double DQ
*SBW Tag Titles Match: champions Joseph/Evillive retained against Youth of Today & The New Legacy

IWA Mid-South results
Sat, 10/23 – Highland, IN

*Trik Davis def. Chandler McClure
*Davey Andrews def. Mike Wallace
*Matt Sydal def. Chris Sabin
*Ian Rotten/Dusty Rhodes def. Candido/Stone
*Mickie def. Mercedes by DQ when MsChif interfered
*Jimmy Jacobs def. JC Bailey
*Ryan Boz def. Abyss by DQ
*Chad Collyer def. Double C via tap out
*IWA MS Tag Titles Match: champions The Wildcards retained against B-Boy/Homicide
*Nigel McGuiness/Austin Aries/Roderick Strong def. Samoa Joe/Ace Steel/”Spyder” Nate Webb
*Chris Daniels def. B.J. Whitmer
*IWA World Title Match: CM Punk def. AJ Styles

Internet Wrestling Syndicate results
Sat, 10/23 – Montreal, Quebec

*2.0 (Jagged/Shane Matthews) def.. Hell Storm/Nightmare Manson via count-out
*El Generico def. Dan Paysan by pin after a 450
*Franky the Mobster def. Beef Wellington
*Excess 69 def. Kid Kamikaze by pin
*Flying Hurricanes def. SLI
*PCO def. Kurt Lauderdale
*IWS Heavyweight Title Match: “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen def. Fred La Mervielle

NWA Pro Wrestling Express results
Sat, 10/23 – McKeesport, PA

*Daron Smythe def. Sebastian
*Da Munchies def. Q & A
*SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) def. Jonathon & Wilson Maximo
*Julio Dinero def. Tech 9
*Bigg/Youthanazia/Nikita Allanov def. Devil Bhudakahn/Youth Gone Wild/Scott Venom
*Ron Killings def. Michael Shane
*Crusher Hansen def. Devin
*NWA PWX Three Rivers champion Chris Taylor def. NWA East Heavyweight champion Brandon K, Scottie Gash, & Justin Idol

FPWA results
Sat, 10/23 – St Petersburg, FL

*“Hot Ass” Amy Love def. OG Scarface (w/ Ana Mosity) & Bo Tayvian (w/ The Psychedelics)
*Halloween Masked Man Gauntlet: Heater def. El Nino, Ice Dragon, BSC, Rip Malibu, & the Mexican Nightmare
*Barney Rumble def. Demetric Malloy
*Torcher (w/ Heater) def. DJ Arnold

FPWA Tag Title Tournament:
*Semi: The Psychedelics (James Morrison/Jerome Hendrix) def. The Powers of Pat (Pat Powers/Pat McGroin)
*Semi: Pretty Fly/Vindetta def. Eddie Taurus/Luther “Bodybag” Jackson

*“Untouchable” Leon Scott (w/ Tiziana) def. “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo (w/ Bambi)
*Prime Evil/BoneZ the Cutthroat def. “Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel/Bruce Steele/Erick Stevens
*Ring of Horror: Dagon Briggs (w/ Se7en) def. Mideon
*FPWA Heavyweight Title Match: “Superfan” Mark Zout (as The Undertaker) def. “German Heartthrob” Amir

Steel Rage Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 10/23 – Wagoner, OK

*”Handsome” Jack Dalton def. Ichiban
*Brandon Groom def. “The Trend” Adam Thornstowe
*SRPW Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Cool Hand” Luc Lapointe retained against “Dirty” Harry Sanchez
*”The Rookie” Timmy J/”The Untouchable” Mitch Carter
def. “The Teen Idol” Cade Sydal/”The New Age Loose Cannon” Chris Gazaway
*SRPW 24/7 Hardcore Title Match: champion “Superstar” Beau Dalton retained over “Dirty” Harry Sanchez
*Brandon Groom def. Austin Idol
*”The New Age Loose Cannon” Chris Gazaway def. “The Rookie” Timmy J
*”The Untouchable” Mitch Carter def. “The Trend” Adam Thornstowe
*Beau & Jack Dalton def. Ichiban/”Dirty” Harry Sanchez
*SRPW Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Cool Hand” Luc Lapointe retained against “The Untouchable” Mitch Carter
*”The Rookie” Timmy J def. SRPW Light Heavyweight champion “The Teen Idol” Cade Sydal in a non-title match
*”Dirty” Harry Sanchez/Ichiban/Timmy J/Mitch Carter def. Jack Dalton/Adam Thornstowe/Chris Gazaway/Luc Lapointe

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 10/23 – Marion, IN

*JD Elite def. Hollywood Nightmare
*EWF Midwestern Title Matcv: Ryan Paradise def. The SiKNess, Hank Calhoun, Jack Hammer, Hypnosis, & Fuji Brown
*Jeff King def. Fallen Dragon by DQ
*Soul Shooters vs. Blake Stevens/Seth Clash went to a no contest
*New Jack Hustlas def. The Soul Shooters
*EWF Midwestern Title Match: champion Bob retained against Ryan Paradise
*EWF Title, Casket Match: champion Big Cheez retained against Osyris

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/23 – Arlington, TX

*”Reckless” Ricky Jackson def. Pendragon
*PCW TV Title Match: champion “Sexy” Steve DeMarco def. Dallas by DQ
*”Hotstuff” Hernandez def. “Reckless” Ricky Jackson
*Elimination Match: G-Slice (w/ Davi Diamond) def. Frankie Fisher & The Young Pioneers
*PCW TV Title, Contender Match: Justin 2 Fine (w/ Justine 2 Fine) def. Apocalypse & Brett Anthony
*Brett Barner (w/ Paul Lewis)/Eddie Atlas (w/ Stephanie) def. B.J. Turner/Action Jackson

EWF results
Sat, 10/23 – Moreno Valley, CA

*Jung Lee def. Ryan Taylor
*Liger Rivera def. Kid Karnage
*Syrus def. Vince Garcia
*Black Metal vs. Jason King went to a double DQ
*EWF American Title Match: champion Johnny Starr retained against Alex Pincheck
*Vizzion/Sinn def. Bino Gambino/Rudy Luna

Costal Impact Wrestling results
Sat, 10/23 – Tabor City, NC

Crowd: 65
*Justin Feechie (w/ Commander Balsif Steele/The Phat Boys) def. Solitude
*The Stro def. Sik via pin after a piledriver
*Sean Cruise/Eric Gibson def. Simply Delicous Dino/?? (w/ Moses Manson/Chaos)
*K~CI Mcknight/Tito Rains (w/ Justin Willams) def. Leo Allure/”Stunning” Steve Micheals
*Dream Lovers def. East Coast Bodily Harm
*Zane Dawson/Tre G (w/ Balsif Steele/Sik) vs. Dave Renegade/Hangtime went to a no contest
*CIW Tag Titles Match: Team Egotrip (K~Ci Mcknight/Tito Rains) (w/ Justin Willams) def. The Dream Lovers
*CIW Coastal Gauntlet Match: Hangtime

American Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 10/23 – Spartanburg, SC

*Jimmy Kindrid def. MegaRocker by pin
*Southern Justice (Buckshot Carter/Chad Colt) def. The Phoenix Brothers
*APW Carolinas Title Match: champion “Romeo” Mark Slain retained against Nick Fury
*Bill White/Honest Doug def. David Duke/Captain Hero
*Cheif Jay Eagle/Ostgard/Dirty def. Steve Cronic/Dylan Rage/Sweet Dreams
*K.C. Thunder def. Sonny Landel by DQ
*Viper def. Judge Stone
*Rev. Slim def. AJ Frost
*Johnny Buffet def. Tommy Gunn via DQ
*Jesse Black/Chainsaw Charlie/Bryan Austin def. Golden Eagle/Kid
Kaos/Don Dolittle
*Casket Match: Section 8 def. The Dark Lion

All Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 10/23 – Bristol, TN

*Battle Royal: Big Pimp James
*Teddy Casey def. Jackie Anderson
*APW Lightweight Title Match: champion Danny Gibson (w/ Mr.USA) retained against Greg Rocker
*Doug & Jimmy Gibson (w/ Dangerous Dave) def. The Ghostriders (w/ Hollywood Devine)
*Big Pimp James (w/ Sapphire) def. O-Dog (w/ Precious Robin)
*APW U.S. Title Match: champion Mr. X def. Ark Angel & Da Gangsta.

AWA/IWF-TN results
Sat, 10/23 – Livingston, TN

*KIT/Freak vs. Tony Dalton/Nightwolf
*Jason Scott def. Dexter after J.T. Hott interfered
*Dr. Quack def. Lance
*Daddy Mac/Big Poppa vs. J.T. Hott/Dr. Quack went to a double DQ
*Railroad def. Josh Benson
*Pain def. Creed
*The Dream Squad (Jason Scott/J.T. Hott) (w/ Beautiful Tom) def. Backstreet/Big Poppa/Southern Kaos

Top Ranked Wrestling results
Sat, 10/23 – Abbotsford, British Columbia

*RAGE def. Machette Singh
*Massive Damage def. The Wolf
*Layne Fontaine def. Sweet Daddy Devastation
*The Oriental Tigers def. The Dead Ringers
*TRW Cruiserweight Title Match: The Count def. Aaron Idol
*Wrathchild def. Seth Knight
*TRW Heavyweight Title Match: Nelson Creed def. Randy Tyler by DQ

AWA-Supreme results
Sat, 10/23 – Madison, IN

*Ron Strattlin vs. Live Wire went to a draw
*Damien Divine def. “Cowboy” Tony Correll via pin
*Billy Maverick def. Nick Noble by pin
*Roger Blade vs. Chuck MrRogers was a no contest after Mason The Mangler interfered
*The Prophet/“The Black Redneck” Kliff Hanger def. HNIC (Apollo/JB Thunder)
*AWA/SCW Tag Titles Match: Eric Draven/Spazz def. champions The Blackhearts by DQ

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling results
Sat, 10/23 – Knoxville, TN

*JR Stardog def. DG 2000
*Tennessee Hillbillies def. Grappler/Tom Pitner
*Sammy V def. Scott Sterling via pin after a spear
*Chris Powers def. “Wildman” Jeff Anderson via pin with a small package
*TMW Tag Titles Match: champions Scott & Bob Armstrong retained against Stan Lee/Ric Cannon

Border City Wrestling results
Sun, 10/24 – Windsor, Ontario

*Tim Titan def. Phil Atlas via pin
*El Reverso def. Adam Fontaine
*Kris Chambers/Jaime D def. Chris Clontz/Shenaynay
*BCW TV Title, Contender Match: Gutter def. N8 Mattson & Danny Daniels
*Eddie Venom def. James Champagne by pin
*”Mr. Class” A-1 (w/ Jade) def. J.T. Playa
*Dyson Pyrce/Brad Martin def. “Smooth Mover” Chris Pillon/Johnny Bravo (w/ Jimmy Trump)
*The High Class Cripplers (Ruffy Silverstein/CK3) def. Chris Sabin/D-Ray 3000

New Age Wrestling Alliance results
Sun, 10/24 – Gladewater, TX

*Logan def. Joey Titan
*Bobby 2 Bad def. Gemini and Sean O’Neil
*Sean Cordova def. Scott Murdoch
*Samir def. Jeff Brown by DQ
*NAWA Title Match: champion Joseph retained against Jerry Brown

Pro Wrestling Xtreme results
Sun, 10/24 – Tillsonburg, Ontario

*Jake O’Riley def. Mike Stevens
*Evan Storm def. Jayson Chambers
*Freak Show def. Jessy Jones
*Shopping Cart From Hell Match: Dragon-X def. Joey Reveal
*CK Sex def. Phil Latio
*PWX X Title Match: Kaos def. Predator
*PWX Pro Division Title Match: Cody Steele def. Eddie Osbourne


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