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411Mania 2010 Independent Draft 7.02.10: Part Five – Fantasy Cards & Show Hype!

July 2, 2010 | Posted by Ari Berenstein

Welcome back 411 readers to this year’s Independent Draft Special.

If you missed any of our previous parts, please check out ROUNDS 1-2, ROUNDS 3-7. ROUNDS 8-11, and ROUNDS 12-14.

Now that the draft has been completed, it’s time to move on to the next stage in our feature! Each 411 writer will present to you the show they would book with the particular wrestlers they drafted. They will give you the show lineup and hype for the matches taking place. Some writers have very detailed explanations as to the reasons and motivations for the wrestlers involved, while others prefer to be vaguer and surprise the reader come show time. In the end, you decide through your comments below who did the best job using the talent they had on their roster in building the company and their first show!

Wrestling…on the WEB! (WOTW) presents: The Six Star (******) Show

Saturday July 24, 2010 – Bell Time 6:10 PM
The Skydome, Toronto ON
No women allowed!

WOTW Workrate Title Iron Man Match
Tyler Black (C) vs Eddie Edwards

Oh come on. How can this not be incredible? After the sure-fire Match of the Year between Edwards and Davey Richards in which Eddie won the number one contender spot after a fourteenth backpack chinbreaker in a grueling 93-minute encounter, the former American Wolf has to be feeling confident. And Tyler Black is so underrated, all those IWC losers turned on him after he won the ROH title but here in WOTW we know talent. We don’t let the opinions of some unwashed idiots colour our opinions! Expect this one to blow the roof off!

Main Event – The Guaranteed Classic
Davey Richards vs. Teddy Hart

Okay, this is going to be, like, totally awesome. Davey Richards has been declared the new best wrestler in the world by Gabe Sapolsky, and who knows wrestling better than Gabe? (I call him Gabe because we’re totally on a first name basis – he sent me a private message on the ROH message boards one day.) Anyway, even though Bryan Danielson is back on the indy scene now, he touched John Cena while he was in WWE, which lowers his workrate, like, ten times . . . so Davey is the real best in the world. He’s going to have a match against Teddy Hart, who is the REAL talent in the third generation in the Hart family, not Harry Boy Smith or Nattie Neidhart, whose only talent is looking creepily like her dad. Oh, and TJ “Tyson Kidd” Wilson isn’t even really a Hart. Why the HELL did they put him in the Hart Dynasty tag team then? It makes no sense. And TJ is a high flier? Have you SEEN Teddy? Anyway, the average star ratings of all of the matches that I’ve seen Richards in is ***** and the average for Teddy is ****1/2, so, mathematically, this one should be about ****3/4.

Legend vs. Future Legend
“Living Legend” Lance Storm vs. Eddie Edwards

Lance Storm is a true legend of professional wrestling. As a former WCW United States Champion and WWF Intercontinental Champion, he had some of the best wrestling matches on national television in 2000 and 2001, even if he was limited by “WWE style” for a lot of that. He totally ignored all that bullshit the Big Two had about cutting promos and having ridiculous personalities and just went in there and wrestled, no matter how “boring” everybody thought he was. Eddie Edwards hasn’t been around as long as the Living Legend, but he’s already done some legendary things like winning the ROH Television Title and working the second match on a couple of Pro Wrestling NOAH shows . . . and on one of those shows he even got to stand within three feet of Mitsuharu Misawa. How many wrestlers can say they truly reached that level? This match will be a clash of generations but not of styles, because these two are going to leave all of that bullshit about “entertainment” and “putting smiles on people’s faces” at the door and just wrestle a match.

We Take Tag Team Wrestling Seriously, Dammit
The Globe’s Best Wrestling Tandem (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) vs. The Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist)

WWE has done everything in its power to spit on the legacy of tag team wrestling that was built up by great tandems like the Midnight Express, the Rock n’ Roll Express, the Miracle Violence Connection, the Holy Demon Army, and the Backseat Boyz. Well, guess what? WOTW is bringing tag team wrestling, BACK, baby, and we’re doing it with the two best teams possible. First of all, we’ve got the Irish Airborne, who can do some absolutely INSANE stuff off of the top rope and have a median workrate of 7.32 on the WOTW “WOTW Workratometer”. They’re going up against two completely unappreciated talents, who we can’t call by their real team name because SOMEBODY who may or may not have a wife running for a Connecticut Senate seat thought it would be a good idea to try to kill his biggest competition by sending us a cease and desist letter the first time we tried to use it. Well, this is our middle finger right back at that guy, because we’re going make the tag team wrestling he hates so much popular all over again!

“Screw You, Vince! Can You Believe He Let These Guys Go?” Match
Lance Cade vs. Brent Albright

Speaking of that guy, he makes some of the absolute dumbest decisions ever when it comes to hiring and firing talent. Take a look at the two guys in this match for the perfect example. First he fires Lance Cade because Cade has, like, a seizure or something at an airport. Doesn’t he realize that this guy was trained by Shawn f’ing Michaels? That, like, automatically makes him possible of carrying anybody to the best match of their career . . . and it’s not like Brent Albright needs to be carried. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. BRENT ALBRIGHT . . . not Gunner Scott or Shooting Steve or whatever some guy who is more interested in making movies than good wrestling shows want to call him. This match is going to make what’s his name sorry that he ever wished them the best in their future endeavors.

Flips Count Anywhere Match
PAC vs. Matt Cross

Okay, these guys are, like, totally awesome. This one time I saw PAC do what had to be an 890 splash off of the ropes and this other time I saw Matt Cross do a corkscrew plancha where he had to have rotated around at least three times. They do the best aerial moves ever, and we’re just going to let them do their best aerial moves with no need for any of those boring restholds, strikes, or even physical contact. In this innovative, first ever match, PAC and Cross will just do their aerial moves and our panel of three judges will score them on a scale of one to ten doing their aerial moves in three different categories: vault, pommel horse, and rings. It’ll be totally innovative, and no sport has ever done anything like this before.

It’s Just a Wrestling Match, Okay?
Ricky Reyes vs. Roderick Strong

What do you even need an explanation for? Can’t you just enjoy a professional wrestling match as a professional wrestling match without any angles, gimmick, or storylines? No? Man, you’re such a stupid WWE sheep.

PLUS – We’re setting up Bubba the Love Sponge for an ambush!

Shhhh . . . don’t tell him . . . but we’ve booked Bubba the Love Sponge and are going to have the entire locker room jump him the moment that he shows up. That fat bastard. THIS IS FOR KONG! THIS IS FOR HAITI!!!!!!

* As pre-rated by Dave Meltzer

New York Knock-Out Wrestling (NY-KO) Presents Season 2 Show 1: “The Toughest Around”

Saturday July 31st, 2010

The Warsaw
261 Driggs Ave (Greenpoint / Williamsburg)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
7:30 PM belltime
Tickets $40 Front Row, $25 General Admission seating, $15 Standing Room Only

NY-KO is proud to offer paying fans an autograph session with the wrestlers on the roster before the show, starting at 6:30 p.m. The first autographs is free (with presentation of ticket) and any one after is just $10 with half the proceeds going to local New York charities.

Also on-sale at the merchandise booth will be the newly released “I (heart) NY-KO” design T-shirt (a take-off of the famous NY design) and our “Clenched Fists logo / NY-KO Artist” shirts, plus more specialty merch from our wrestlers!

Main Event # 1: Battle for Respect
KENTA vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima

For the first time, an American audience will be able to see this match live and in-person for themselves! The rivalry between these two top-notch Junior Heavyweights from Japan is well known. Each feels he is the true top athlete in Japanese professional wrestling and each feels disrespected by the other because of it. So who is right—KENTA or Nakajima? Who deserves the respect of the other? NY-KO will let these two figure that out the best way how—let them fight it out in the ring! Expect top-form athleticism, blistering strikes and a fast-paced battle with both men giving it their all to showcase their abilities and prove themselves to be the best, not just in Japan, but in the entire world.

Main Event # 2: Tell Me He Didn’t Just “Ole!” That?
Booker T w/ Sharmell vs. El Generico

Booker T was not pleased when he discovered who his opponent would be for this first show: “Who is this…this El…Ellllllll…El Gener-EEEE-co? Sucka, what is he to me? Nothing but a peon, an ant. AN ANT. And what do you do with ants? You SQUASH them like the fool insects they are. That’s what I’mma gonna do to that El Gener-EEEE-co, you see. He ain’t nothing. He ain’t got nothing. He is worthy of nothing but licking my boots, so I’m gonna embarrass him and make him do just that. New York Knock-Out, you showed Booker T no respect when you put me in this match…NO RESPECT! I won’t forget that. My lovely Sharmell won’t forget that. So I’mma gonna make an example out of El, El Elllllll Gener-EEEE-whats-his-name. So that you won’t ever forget that I, me, myself, Booker T, should be treated top of the world, all-class, and as the true main event of this promotion. I’m the Bookerman, and that means I’m in charge. Now can you dig that?”

El Generico is not much for words but sources have said Generico is not so much worried about Booker T, but simultaneously somewhat concerned and angry that both Kevin Steen and Steve Corino have landed in the same promotion as he. The past has caught up with Generico in NY-KO and Generico has been training hard in preparation for the battles he knows are inevitable. These same sources say Generico has a point to prove by fighting hard and winning this match against Booker T—that he won’t be pushed around by anyone, anymore. All-in-all, this is a unique, first-time ever main event match and certainly worthy of the price of admission.

Main Event # 3: “The Toughest” Tournament

No doubt, this season’s roster of New York Knock-Out Wrestling is filled to the brim with tough, take-no-B.S. physical athletes. This brings to light a very important question that requires an answer—who among them is the toughest man around?

That’s why we’re taking eight of the most hard-hitting and dangerous wrestlers on the roster and having them fight it out to determine the truth. The tournament format is as follows: the first-round consists of four singles matches. A winner will be determined by pinfall, submission or “knock-out”, i.e. when it has been determined that a wrestler does not have his mental awareness and cannot answer a referee’s charge to stand up and fight. The winners of these qualification matches advance to a four-way elimination finals on the same-night. The winner will be declared “The Toughest” man in NY-KO. He will receive perpetual bragging rights not only that he defeated seven other men in the tournament, but that of all the incredible wrestlers on the roster he is the toughest man out of them all. There is a lot at stake and a lot to prove in this tournament, which should set the standard and the hierarchy for the promotion in the year to come.

Opening Round Match
-“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

This a first-time ever face-off between two of the more controversial wrestlers on the roster, both of whom are noted for their viciousness in the ring and having no qualms about beating people up and hurting them, even if it’s just for the sake of it. Both Steen and Steiner are also unhesitant to say what’s on their mind about anything and everything, including each other.

NY-KO picked up these comments from Scott Steiner: “I can’t believe that my very first opponent in this promotion is Kevin Steen-look at him, then look at me, then look at me again, then look at him! We’re completely different physical specimens…I’m the man with the largest arms in the world, a genetic-freak, but Kevin Steen is the Pillsbury Dough-Boy. Instead of poking his stomach with my finger, I’m gonna punch him in the stomach with my fists and make him scream. You’re a lard-ass Steen and I don’t like lard-asses and I don’t like you. When I’m done with you, your arm will be wrapped in a sling and your stomach will be hanging out and people who walk down the block in your neighborhood of Canada are gonna be askin’ ‘who’s the lard-ass? who’s the lard-ass?’ And I’ll tell ‘em, that’s Kevin Steen, the guy who just got his ass kicked by ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner. Holla if ya hear me.”

Kevin Steen was equally vitriolic towards his opponent: “All due credit to NY-KO, because they did the smart thing here—they knew well enough not to put me in the ring against a certain masked wrestler, because they knew my reputation and our history and how things wouldn’t end well for El…that guy. It never has and it never will. However, this promotion made a mistake by putting Scott Steiner in the ring with me. You see, there’s no one in this business that has suffered more than I and not just survived, but lived to tell the tale. I had to partner with…that masked freak for so many years, but I toughed it out. That’s what makes me the toughest around. But there’s no toughing it out against Scott Steiner, because this will be oh-so freaking easy. Steiner, you can comment all you want about my physique, but you won’t be speaking too much when I put you in traction. All the pain, all the suffering you’re gonna get—it’s not my fault. You had it coming, because you’re a freak…and I…don’t…like…freaks! By the end of the night, I’ll be Popeye and you’ll be Olive Oil and I’ll be saying ‘I like it when you call me Big Poppa’.”

Opening Round Match
-Skullkrusher Rasche Brown vs. Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee’s nickname is “The Big Rig”, because he comes running down to the ring like a runaway 18-wheeler and runs through the competition. It’s a good thing then, that his opponent on this night will be Skullkrusher Rasche Brown, who once survived a head-on collision with a semi-truck. Brown lived to tell the tale and on this night he will look to be the one demolishing his opponent and not the other way around. Either way, these two are running non-stop into each other. Only one will walk away from the heap to advance to the finals of this tournament.

Opening Round Match
-Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Necro Butcher

This combination of wrestlers no doubt will lead to a wild and chaotic throwdown that is sure to captivate the attention of those attending the show. It’s said that no one looks away from a fight, and that’s what this is set to be. Daisuke is a squat, muscular big man who hits hard and doesn’t fall down easily. Much the same can be said of Necro Butcher, whose punches can knock-out even the most hardened fighter. Language barriers aside, there isn’t much more that needs to be said by either man that can’t be stated directly with their hands clenched in fists. One will stand and one will fall at the end of this match, advancing to the elimination finals and one step closer to being called the toughest man in NY-KO.

Opening Round—Grudge Match
-Tommy Dreamer vs. “Mr. Wrestling III” Steve Corino

Dreamer has gone on record as saying he is a very happy man these days—happy to be wrestling for his New York fans in NY-KO and happy to be wrestling against Steve Corino on this first show of the new NY-KO season. Dreamer has told NY-KO management that he has been waiting for years to once again take on Steve Corino in the ring. “I have the support of my fans and my New Yorkers for this one and that’s all that matters”, Dreamer noted. “This is going to get a little rough and lotta bloody, at least for Corino.”

This is a match with history and bad blood stemming from when both men were in the original ECW in the late 1990’s. Corino has been on record saying Dreamer looked to hold Corino’s career in that company. He has also been waiting years for this match: “Thanks a bunch NY-KO. No I mean that. Not only do I get to payback Dreamer for those years of discontent, but I’m going to make him bleed and suffer. What’s Tommy going to do, cry about it?” Of course, not only will there be personal stakes in this match, but the winner also advances to the Finals of “The Toughest” tournament.

Is Corino worried about his own protégé, Kevin Steen also advancing to the finals? “What kind of stupid-ass question is that?” Corino responded. “Did you graduate grade eight? What’s 2 plus 2 times 8? Never mind. No, of course I’m not worried about my guy Kevin Steen in the finals at the same time as me. There’s a larger plan at work. We have a goal, a mission to accomplish in NY-KO—and this match will serve as a means to that end: publicity, attention and a whole lot of bloodshed from our hands against everyone else. Whether it’s Kevin or it’s me, one of us is going to win this tournament—and there’s not a damned thing anyone, especially Tommy Dreamer, Scott Steiner or even El Generico will be able to do to stop it.”

Winners entered into 4-Way Elimination Finals on the Same Night

Pinfall, submission and knockout rules apply for this four way finale. By the end of the night we will know who the toughest man is in New York Knock-Out Wrestling!


Singles Attraction Match
Kenny Omega vs. Alex Koslov

Two outlandish-yet-talented international wrestling personalities will meet as the pride of Canada meets the pride of Russia! This match will no doubt rocket the winner up the ranks of NY-KO. Kenny Omega believes he has a destiny to fulfill—to become a main player in this promotion. Alex Koslov feels similarly and believes he has a lot to live up to for the Russian fan base that he has developed in the New York City area. Omega commented: “Hey, I may not be Russian, but I know a little bit about Rush, and I’m going to be a ‘Working Man’ and Neal Peart Alex Koslov’s face in. I’m the Modern-Day Warrior, not the next Tom Sawyer or Kerry Von Erich, but the one-and-only alpha and Kenny Omega.” Meanwhile, Koslov had these words to say: “Кенни Омега – хвастун и имеет большие волосы – и я собираюсь закрыть его и оставить его без обеих из тех вещей. Я собираюсь побеждать, не только для меня, не только для моих болельщиков, но и для Матери Россия! Каждый будет знать, что я – российское Величие, и они назовут меня Александром Великим!” (free translation.com) Both men have excellent athleticism, but have been known to get caught up in entertaining the crowd. Who will have the focus and the determination to win?

Singles Attraction Match
2 Cold Scorpio vs. Johnny Goodtime

Having gone undrafted this year, fan favorite and member of last year’s roster 2 Cold Scorpio will be back in action for NY-KO as a free agent. He will test his skills against the young but energetic and ambitious Johnny Goodtime, who can be somewhat goofy in personality but is no slouch in the ring. This is a great opportunity for Goodtime to grab spotlight with an upset win against the long-time veteran of the ring, but 2 Cold will be ready for him.

Tag Team Attraction Match
Soul Touchaz (Marshe Rockett & Willie “Da Bomb” Richardson) w/ C-Red vs. House of Truth (Josh Raymond & Christian Able (w/ Truth Martini)

The Soul Touchaz have returned to the NY-KO roster for another season of tag team action—they are a crowd favorite and certainly know how to entertain. However, they face off against NY-KO’s newest tag team acquisition, in the serious and criminally intent House of Truth. Able and Raymond promise to end the Soul Touchaz party, while manager Truth Martini guarantees he will build his house in NY-KO by getting one-up Rockett and Richardson’s manager C-Red. Truth remarked that “I will show the Soul Touchaz the truth—that they have no soul, but I and my men are the best tag team in this promotion. C-Red is a swami fraud, and I intend to show the world when we win this match.”

Wichita Wrestling: Junior Division
First Impression: No Second Chance Needed

Sunday, July 26, 2010
The Cotillion Ballroom
11120 W. Kellogg
Wichita, KS
6:45 Bell Time
Tickets $40 Front Row, $25 Seating, $12 General Admission


WW:JD prides itself on bringing the very best in Junior Heavyweight wrestling to the center stage. With that in mind, we have brought together two of the most talented wrestlers against each other on the very first show. Both of these very popular superstars will give it their all in this match as they seek to define exactly what the company is about and position themselves as the top player. This has the potential to be a classic.


We are honored to welcome the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger to our company, but he will not have an easy night. Kid Kash of WWE, ECW and TNA fame is hungry and ready to put Liger down. “Jushin Liger was great…in his prime. I’m still great, and I’m going to prove it to everyone. If anybody thinks I’m going to let Liger steal my spotlight, think again.” Neither wrestler is getting any younger; will WW:JD be their chance to revitalize their careers?


We are excited to bring in four exciting teams to showcase their talents. WW:JD acknowledge the lucha libre tradition of tag team wrestling; whenever a wrestler leaves the ring, they are no longer the legal man. Only two men will be legal at a time, but with eight men this exciting, there won’t be any time to blink. Even with the dream matches at the top of this card, this could end up stealing the show. Each team has a chance to assert their dominance and establish themselves as the top team on the very first show.

VIN GERARD VS. DELIRIOUScolor=#C8B560>size=4>

An established star takes on a young stallion (and we don’t mean Paul Roma) in this match. The mysterious, bizarre Delirious battles the brooding but talented Vin Gerard. Delirious gave his comments on the match, but they were unintelligible to our reporters. Gerard was a little clearer. “I don’t care who you put me up against. It doesn’t matter; I’ll beat them and rise to the top. My time is now, and everyone in your company better be at their best. That ring is my yard, and anyone who gets in there is signing their own death warrant.” Is Gerard overestimating his chances, or will the Lizard-Man be the first in a long line of wrestlers to fall before him?


When he was called to work the show, Shawn Daivari demanded the top competition that WW:JD had to offer. Unfortunately, all the top competition was signed to other matches. Daivari was less than enthused. “Give me an open contract. Put me in the ring against anybody and I’ll make you regret not putting me at the top of the card, where I belong.” Grizzly Redwood, the littlest lumberjack, was eager to sign the contract. “I’ll chop him down, and that will shut him up!” Who will make good on their threat?

EQUINOX VS. GREEN ANTsize=4>color=#C8B560>

With The Colony and The Future is Now competing in the elimination tag team match, Equinox and Green Ant were left on the outside looking in. They asked if they could face each other, promising an exciting, entertaining match that will make the crowd happy they spent their money to see this show. We told them, “Put your money where your mouth is!” and gave them the honor of being in the very first match in WW:JD history. The pressure’s on these two to set the standard for the rest of night. Will they rise to the occasion?

Professional Wrestling of Windsor and Detroit (PWWND) presents “Everybody Must Get PWWND”

Saturday July 10th, 2010
The Windsor Armoury
37 University Avenue East
N9V 2Y4
8:00 PM belltime
Tickets: $30 front row, $25 seating, $15 Gen Admission (pre-show), $20 Gen Admission (door)

Main Event: International Champion versus Champion Match

Open the Dream Gate Champion YAMATO vs. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce

It’s the best from Japan going up against the best in North America as Open the Dream Gate Champion YAMATO squares off against NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce. In a match requested by both men to determine which champion in Professional Wrestling of Windsor and Detroit is truly the best, they will wrestle in a single fall, no time limit bout until one man stands victorious and takes his place as the dominant wrestler and champion in PWWND. While neither belt is on the line, the bragging rights and knowledge that he is the best is more than enough for both men as they hope to not just bring the glory to themselves, but their respective titles and countries.

Hardhitting Triple Threat Match

SHINGO vs. Gran Akuma vs. Ares

Here at PWWND, we pride ourselves on delivering the best hardhitting wrestling action in North America and can think of no better match to prove that than the triple threat combination of SHINGO, Gran Akuma, and Ares. All three men, while possessing distinct styles have shown themselves to be some of the hardest hitting and toughest competitors in the ring. In this match, each of the three competitors will get a chance to prove their skills and earn a place in the main event at the next PWWND show as the hardest hitting member of the PWWND roster.

No Holds Barred Tag Team Match

Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis and Jon Davis) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus and Chuck Taylor)

When dealing with two such passionate and violent teams as the Dark City Fight Club and F.I.S.T., we here at PWWND thought it best to allow them to fight without limits and rules, and have made their match a No Holds Barred match where anything goes, no disqualifications, and no countouts. Without anything holding these two teams back, the winners will be the ones able to not just deliver the most punishment, but also withstand the most damage. It will be brutal and vicious and no one will walk away the same as they entered the ring.

Best 2-Out-of-3 Falls Talent Showcase

Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Johnny Gargano

We here at PWWND are proud to present a talent showcase featuring Jimmy Wang Yang and Johnny Gargano as they fight in a Best 2-Out-of-3 Falls match to not only pick up a win, but send a message to the best of the PWWND roster. Both men are highly skilled in the ring and guarantee to put on a match that leave fans wowwed and wanting more.

Tag Team Challenge

“Hardcore” Bob Holly and Mike Knox vs. Aeroform (Louis Lyndon and Flip Kendrick)

Upon their signing with PWWND, “Hardcore” Bob Holly and Mike Knox made a challenge to the high-flying acrobatic duo of Aeroform, wanting to not just beat them at the first ever PWWND show, but to put them out of action altogether. Holly and Knox allege that neither Louis Lyndon nor Flip Kendrick have the experience, skill, or toughness to deserve being with PWWND and, at “Everybody Must Get PWWND,” they’re going to show the young duo and all of the fans just that. Aeroform responded to the challenge with just two words: “Bring it.”

Total Package Women’s Wrestling (TPWW) presents “Girl’s Night Out”

Sunday July 18th, 2010
The Roseland Theater
8 NW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
8:00 PM
Tickets On Sale Now for $35, $20 and $15!

Main Event: Triple Threat Match for the TPWW Championship

MsChif (c) vs. Alexis Laree or Tara vs. Mercedes Martinez or Sara Del Ray

TPWW’s rebirth event features MsChif’s first title defense against the top two contenders for the TPWW Championship…but she doesn’t yet know who they will be! Qualifying matches will be held at an earlier date to determine who will face Your Soul’s Tormenter, with either Alexis Laree or Tara and either Mercedes Martinez or Sara Del Rey earning berths in the match. How can the champion prepare with so much on the line against two of the four top women’s wrestlers in the world? MsChif is a staple of TPWW’s predecessors and she has long shown dominance in the Pacific Northwest, but in a triple threat match where she is at a disadvantage, will she be able to pull off the win? Or will we have a new TPWW Champion in the title’s first official defense?

Tornado Tag Team Match For the TPWW Tag Team Championship

The Canadian Ninjas vs. International Home Wrecking Crew

The TPWW Tag Team Title will be decided between two of the deadliest teams in professional wrestling as the Canadian Ninjas and the International Home Wrecking Crew collide! Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews have known gold as a tag team before, but they have what may be their toughest challenge ever in Rain and Jetta. There will be no love lost between these two teams who have already begun the war of words backstage. One thing is certain…when the dust is settled there will be new champions crowned, and one team set for revenge!

#1 Contender’s Match for the TPWW Championship

Alexis Laree or Tara vs. Mercedes Martinez or Sara Del Ray

Our main event of the evening may see the crowning of a new TPWW Champion or it may not; either way, the champion will not be able to rest on their laurels for long. Whowever falls short in the two qualifying matches will collide in a second chance match, with a shot at the TPWW Champion on our next show on the line! Laree, Tara, Martinez and Del Ray are all hungry for gold and two of them will face off here in what is sure to be an epic battle, with only one surviving to earn a chance at TPWW gold.

Grudge Match

Amazing Kong vs. Cheerleader Melilssa

These two world-class competitors have a long history and it will explode at the Roseland Theater in a take-no-prisoners grudge match. There are few competitors as dominating in the industry as the unstoppable Amazing Kong, but if anyone can claim to know how to beat her it is Cheerleader Melissa. Melissa doesn’t know how to back down and wants respect from Kong…and she’s not afraid to try and beat it into the former multi-time champion! There will be something just as important as any title on the line between these two: respect. And they’ll go to any lengths to earn it!

Teacher vs. Student

Daizee Haze vs. Rayna Von Tash

It’s a clash between trainer and trainee, as Daizee Haze takes on her first and greatest student in the lovely Rayna Von Tash! Rayne stepped up to request this match from Daizee, who seemed none-too-pleased that her pupil had put her in the crosshairs. Can this ambitious young competitor teach the veteran some new tricks, or will Daizee show the upstart that she still has a lot to learn?

Singles Challenge Match

Nikita vs. Wesna Busic

Nikita makes her triumphant return to real women’s wrestling…but she has quite the dangerous obstacle in her path. Wesna Busic is regarded as one of the top female wrestlers in the world, and her CB4-Driver has put away many an opponent. Can Nikita foil the Croatian talent’s attempt to make a name by pinning a “diva?”

Singles Challenge Match

Madison Eagles vs. Allison Danger

It’s one of the top promoters of women’s wrestling in the world against one of the fastest-rising names in the industry. Allison Danger has called TPWW and its predecessors her home away from home for some time now, and its time for her to welcome a true champion in Madison Eagles. The Pink Lady has promised to make a name by putting Danger away so she can climb the ranks and add more gold to her trophy case. With Jessie McKay at her side, Eagles may well be able to put Danger down…but not if Allison has anything to say about it!

Singles Challenge Match

Jessie McKay vs. Jennifer Blake

The second half of the Pink Ladies makes her Pacific Northwest debut against “Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake. Both of these great competitors will put it all on the line as they start their climb up the TPWW ranks!

KOAKH Pro presents “Kings & Pawns”

Frontier Fieldhouse
June 26th, 2010 – 7:30 pm belltime
9807 Sayre Ave.
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

Tickets are available at www.koakhpro.com or at the door.

The Main Event
Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The Kings of Wrestling of Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli

Strong Style Showdown
“The Anarchist” Arik Cannon vs. “The Last of a Dying Breed” Eddie Kingston

Open Contract
Jimmy Jacobs vs. ???

International Showcase
Kota Ibushi vs. Sonjay Dutt

Three Way Dance
Hallowicked vs. “The Professional” Scott Lost vs. Erick Stevens

Young Lions Collide
Tim Donst vs. “The New Horror” Sami Callihan

Tag Team Action
The North Star Express of Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz vs. Michael Elgin & Billy Roc


Coming Off I-294

Get off on exit ramp 76th Ave/95th Street (95th street is also Highway 20).
Take the 95th exit to ramp for Harlem Avenue South (Highway 43).
Take Harlem to 99th Street (stoplight).
Turn left onto 99th Street and take this two blocks to Sayre Avenue.
Turn left onto Sayre Avenue and take this to Frontier Fieldhouse.

From Harlem Avenue (Highway 43)

Take Harlem Avenue to 99th Street (stoplight)
Turn onto 99th Street (you can only go east) and take this two blocks to Sayre Ave.
Turn left onto Sayre Avenue and take this to Frontier Fieldhouse.

You can also check www.mapquest.com for directions.

No video or digital cameras are allowed in the building!!!

Card subject to change!!!

Pro Wrestling Symphony presents, in partnership with the Steel City Con,”Pro Wrestling Symphony: Overture”

– Saturday August 7, 2010
– 2:00 PM doors open, 3:00 PM belltime.
– Suitable for all ages.
– No video recorders, no flash photography.
– All appearing wrestlers will be available for personalized autographed polaroids for one hour prior to belltime ($10 each).
– Card subject to change.

Tickets: $25 Front Row, $15 2nd-5th row, $10 General admission. Free admission in combination with a valid proof of admission for the 2010 Steel City Con.

Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jerry Lynn

While we might be a lighthearted promotion, Pro Wrestling Symphony is dead serious about providing the best possible in-ring action. This is why, for our very first main event, we are proud to announce a special East vs. West tag team attraction, pitting the team of Speed Muscle against two of the best veterans the American independent scene has to offer. Jerry Lynn has over two decades of experience, and has wrestled in all five major promotions active during that time, winning titles in four of them. Mike Quackenbush is one of the most versatile performers to ever step into the ring, combining aspects of American, Mexican and Japanese wrestling into one incredible package. Time will tell whether the experience of these two is a match for the speed and tag team chemistry of Speed Muscle, but no matter what the outcome is, the match itself should be incredible.

Dragon Kid vs. Ophidian

Dragon Kid is one of the most exciting high flyers out there today. After nearly a decade of plying his craft the world over, one of the top students of the legendary Ultimó Dragon comes to PWS to once again take flight. Across the ring stands Ophidian, the Venomous, Vile, Serpent of the Nile and the 2010 Rey de Voladores. Although he is an excellent high flyer in his own right, he also has an impressive arsenal of prawn hold variations that could well provide him the edge in this exciting matchup.

Ten Minute Hurri-Challenge for the position of sidekick:

After over a decade in the clutches of first one and then another evil corporation, The Hurricane once again finds himself free to fight for justice on his own terms. One of those terms, Pro Wrestling Symphony management has learned, is the acquisition of a new sidekick, a Superhero in Training if you will. That is why PWS has given The Hurricane ten minutes of in-ring time to hold a special Ten Minute Hurri-Challenge! We have no idea who will answer the call and whether they will measure up, but we can be sure that whoever answers the challenge will have their work cut out for them.

Player Uno and Stupified vs. Amasis and Izzie Deadyet

Player Uno and Stupified, the Super Smash Brothers, are one of the most entertaining tag teams to come out of Canada in recent years. The Eight-Bit Luchadors will get a chance to show off their tag team acumen against the newly formed tag team of Amasis and Izzie Deadyet. As we mentioned before, the resurrection of Izzie Deadyet was entirely accidental, but Amasis was gracious enough to take what’s left of the man under his wing. While the partnership has raised some eyebrows with PWS management, we feel that this is the best possible solution for all parties involved.

TJP vs. Metal Master

Chad Collyer has always been a rather unique case. All the talent in the world, but not a shred of charisma. That might not be exactly what our company looks for in a wrestler, but he has given his career new life under the mask of the Metal Master, and PSW is more than happy to give him a chance. His opponent is no stranger to masks either. TJP, the former TJ Perkins, once donned the mask of Puma to cover up his rather youthful face. Both men are incredibly skilled mat wrestlers, and it should make for a very interesting matchup.

Jon Moxley vs. B-Boy

Jon Moxley and B-Boy are two of the hardest hitting wrestlers on the American independent scene. While we at PWS certainly aren’t planning to book any hardcore matches, we do realize that the hard hitting style that these two men work with does have its share of followers. When these two men step into the ring, they get a chance to prove both to the fans and to PWS management that they can work a hard-hitting, intense match without breaking pieces of furniture over each other’s head.

Pro Wrestling 3.0 (PW3) presents “Professional Wrestling: Restarted”

Friday, July 16th, 2010

8:00 PM belltime.

18+ Only.
Tickets: $30 Front Row, $20 Seating, $10 Gen Admission. All Front Row seats sold will receive free of charge a PW3 Prize Pack, including TPWW 18 Month Calender, Discount Voucher for later PW3 show, and much more!

Professional Wrestling as we know it will restart as Professional Wrestling 3.0 launches, in the heart of Los Angeles, Entertainment Capital Of The Universe. The best and brightest of Professional Wrestling, such as Colt Cabana, CIMA, 3.0, Petey Williams, Paul Burchill and the Stars of TPWW and many more now call PW3 home, headed by Co-Owner/Chief Operating
Officer Maria Kanellis. CO/COO Maria has promised a wrestling program unlike any other, as Professional Wrestling is Upgraded.

3 of Professional Wrestling’s new Premier Titles will be decided on this night, starting with the PW3 Californian Title. 3 Men have stepped up to the plate and entered themselves into the match for this
new title, which is aimed at being a stepping stone for greater things and a chance for new and upcoming talent to show their stuff.

“Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams was first to declare his intentions on competing for this new title, stating that he had something to prove to the fans, and wanted to be known as more than just “That Guy With That Move” or as being another man’s shadow. But, seemingly moments after this declaration, “Canada’s Pride” Tyson Dux also stepped forward, stating that he wouldn’t let some ‘turncoat showboater get to put his name in the history books’ by being the first PW3 Californian Champion. Rounding out this match is the mysterious Hade Vansen, hailing from London, England. Little is known about this British wrestler, save that he seems intent on making his ark on PW3 sooner, rather than later.

The Pro Wrestling 3.0 Tag Titles will find their first owners at “Restarted” as well, with 4 teams battling it out in a Mini-Tournament to crown the first ever title holders.

In the first Qualifying Match, “The Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple”, Ultramantis Black & Crossbones will do battle with “3.0”, Scott “Jagged” Parker & Shane Matthews. 3.0 claim that the titles are already theirs, as, in their own words, “We’re 3.0. The Company is PW3.0. Like, C’Mon!” The Order, on the other hand, also is declaring victory, but with a slightly more deranged outlook, as Ultramantis Black is constantly referring to “A New Order” and “Our Group’s Destinies”. Both teams have great experience teaming with other, and this should be an outstanding match.

In the other qualifier, there are two teams with history, but not automatically with each other. On one side of the ring, Team N.R.G (No Ridiculous Gimmicks), comprised of “Mr. Wrestling” Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway. These two men are more used to fighting each other rather than teaming, but they have been brought together by CO/COO Maria, who has united them under one last chance of proving themselves as Wrestlers, not Characters as they have been forced to be. They do know each other extremely well as enemies, but can they translate that to teaming, and can they get along? For they will have to, as they are up against a monster teaming, “MurderDeathKill”, Drake ‘The Pyscho Shooter’ Younger & Josh Prohibition. Both men were keen on fighting each other in an Ultraviolent match, but CO/COO Maria refused, stating that “Ultra Violence has no place in this company”. Younger and Prohibition responded with riot like anger, demanding releases from their contracts. But once that was refused, they joined forces, and have promised to “Murder this company, be the Death of the Tag Division, and Kill anyone in their way. Because they are now MDK, and they Kill Bitches Dead”. Can these men be contained?

And even if they are, will there be anything left of the victors? The two teams that advance will then meet again later in the night, to crown the new PW3 Tag Team Champions. Will The Order fulfill their own prophecies? Will 3.0 live up to their namesake? Can NRG make it? Or will MDK destroy all in their path?

There is at least one non-title match scheduled, as in a special attraction, ‘Mr. 630’ Jerelle Clark will take on, direct from Japan, Susumu Yokosuka. Both men are known for trademark moves, Clark for his gravity defying 630 Splash and Yokosuka for his Yokosuka Cutter. Which move will win the day as both men aim for bragging rights and momentum.

PW3 is proud to announce that it has signed on to be the Brother Promotion for Total Package Women’s Wrestling. PW3 is about promotion the best in Wrestling, including Women’s Wrestling. PW3 recognizes the TPWW Championship and the TPWW Tag Championships as the new Premier Women’s Titles in the world. Fans of True, Good Wrestling, regardless of gender, are urged to support both companies as they work together to bring you the best in Professional Wrestling. To that end, 2 Qualifying Matches will be held at Restarted, with the winners going onto TPWW’s “Girl’s Night Out” event to face MsChif in a triple threat match to crown the new TPWW Champion.

In one match, Tara will take on Alexis Laree. Both women are multi-time Women’s World Champions, but both have been frustrated at not being allowed to showcase their talents. Thanks to TPWW and PW3, they will be given that chance. And in the other Qualifier, Mercedes Martinez will face Sara Del Rey, in a battle of two of Independent Wrestling’s Best Female Athletes.

Finally, there is the Main Event of the Evening, the crowning of the new PW3 World Heavyweight Champion. However, we cannot, at this time, give you a match! CO/COO Maria has held off, saying that she wants to see just who wants it badly enough. We do know that Colt Cabana has stated publicly that he expects to be in the match, and that ‘Ripper’ Paul Burchill, through negotiations by his ‘Close, Personal Friend’ Nikita has vowed to take what was ‘denied to him by selfish owners and their stupid punk daughters just so they could make a little controversy that they then ignored’. But CIMA is also booked to be in the building, and has said nothing to PW3 officials since signing his contract. This situation will be resolved on the night, and all we can say is that we promise that the match will be the very best PW3 has to offer.

Professional Wrestling, for a long time, has needed a reboot, needed to start afresh. PW3’s Restarted is that fresh start.

Card Subject to Change.

Sports Entertainment Xtreme (SEX) Presents: Risqué Business

Saturday July 17th, 2010
From the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas
8:00 PM bell time.
21+ Only.
Tickets: $50 First Two Rows, $40 Rows 3 and 4, $30 All Other Floor Seating, $30 Balcony Front Row, $20 All Other Balcony Seats

Sports Entertainment Xtreme Debuts on Saturday July 17th, from the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, right on the strip of Las Vegas! Our new owner has promised not to disappoint everyone who comes for a once in a lifetime event. Due to the nature of this event and the full availability of various alcohols, we do ask that only those fans over the age of 21 attend. Smoking will be permitted at his event! However, food will not be available for purchase due to Las Vegas laws.

Main Event: “A Double” Austin Aries vs. BxB Hulk

If you ask “A Double”, he was drafted to be the ace of SEX, the front line, the face of the new venture. BxB Hulk was the first man to be drafted about Aries and his crew. Both men believe they should be the focus of Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Aries may be the most decorated man on the roster as the only two-time RoH World Champion, but BxB Hulk has had major success in the states lately with Dragon Gate USA. While SEX will mostly break the barriers of risqué in Independent Wrestling, this match will serve as a treat for the true wrestling fan.

Double the Risk: The All-Night Express (Rhett Tutus and Kenny King) vs. Up in Smoke (Cheeck and Cloudy)

King and Titus recently were dubbed the All-Night Express by Mr. A Double himself. For as fine as the name itself fits Las Vegas, it’s their style that made them part of the first draft picks of SEX. Rhett Titus and Kenny King are all about pushing the envelope, from their gestures in the ring to their activities outside. They will take their act against Cheech and Cloudy, two guys drafted because we thought they were Cheech and Chong. In all seriousness though, Up in Smoke is a young team on the rise in Independent Wrestling and should make life a little rough on the virtual first rounders, you know maaaaaaaaan.

Porn Meets Sleaze: Sean “Val Venis” Morley vs. Joey Ryan

If you want an idea about the type of characters we have in SEX, look no further than this match. Joey Ryan has gone from coast to coast, being known as the Sleaze, a sex symbol for young ladies to drool over as he licks his nipples and kicks ass in the ring. Sean Morley is fifteen year veteran in this industry, mostly being the porn star, loving the ladies, giving away towels, and making plenty of movies. Two perfect ladies men go one on one in the debut show of SEX.

Rocky Romero vs. Jimmy Rave w/ Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris

Jimmy Rave is good at one thing. He disgusts everything about the people who pay to come and watch him. He cares about money, about fame, and about dishing pain to anyone, regardless of your sex. He is joined by Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris in his disdain as the Embassy is reborn in SEX. He squares off with Rocky Romero, the newest version of Latino Heat in wrestling. Romero has a wrestling style than fans love and a body that the women droll over. It is no secret that he knows how to use his talents, both in and out of the ring, and he is bringing this to Vegas.

Xtreme Specialty Showcase featuring ECW Originals: The Sandman vs. Sabu

SEX is truly going to be Xtreme! When the draft ended and we saw that both The Sandman and Sabu went undrafted, we went right to the phones and got this match signed. Sabu and The Sandman were cornerstones of the original ECW and both men have the scars to prove it. This match will have no rules with the winner being declared after one man is unable to answer a ten count. There will be no stoppages due to blood, like some pansy feds up in the north east… this will simply be the definition of Xtreme!

We’ve Got Big Balls! Balls Mahoney vs. Bison Smith w/ Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris

They always say that you need to have a lot of guts when you are gambling in Vegas, where you go big or go home. Balls Mahoney has no issues with that, having more “balls” than anyone else in the locker room. He’s going to need them against the muscle of the Embassy, Bison Smith. Smith was the last pick of the draft and feels like he has something to prove. He won’t be alone, but apparently Balls won’t be either. He hasn’t said what he has planned for Nana, but Balls did say that will have some serious backup.

Cirque du Soleil Match: Cassandro El Exotico vs. Beef Wellington

For those who don’t know, a Cirque du Soleil is a dramatic mixture of circus arts and street entertainment. Now, take Cassandro El Exotico and Beef Wellington and put them in this style of match. Both of these men have been described as exotic, bizarre, and just plain unusual. And much like themselves, they will find themselves in the most unusual of matches, complete with the whole circus. The ropes will be down, the trapeze will be up, and the action will be dramatic.

Live Music from Los Luchagors

Former Diva Amy Dumas will lead her band into Las Vegas to perform the theme music for every SEX performer!

Also scheduled to appear: Bobby Dempsey, The Lovely Lacey, Justin Credible, and More!!!

Alright! Those are some very diverse shows from which to choose. There are dream matches, developing grudges, title bouts, tournament bouts, and even some wacky-tabacky matches signed. The question of course is what show(s) would you pay your hard earned money to see or watch via home video and DVD? Let our players know through the comments section below! Then we’ll come back next time for the results of these shows (because sometimes things don’t work out on paper exactly how they seem) and a preview for the promotions’ second show. Thanks for reading!


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