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411Mania 2010 Independent Draft 7.03.10: Part Six – Results & Show 2 Preview

July 3, 2010 | Posted by Ari Berenstein

Welcome back to our 411Mania 2010 Independent Draft special. Now on with the results!

Wrestling…on the WEB! brings you the results from…

The Six Star Show ******
Saturday July 24, 2010 at The Skydome (We will NEVER bow to corporate pressure and call it by its slave name!), Toronto ON

Attendance: 512

The show started with the traditional WOTW ten-bell salute to The Crippler, Chris Benoit. Here at WOTW we can separate the wrestler from the man, and we believe in highlighting his numerous achievements. You can’t just erase him, WWE!

It’s Just a Wrestling Match, Okay?
Roderick Strong d. Ricky Reyes via submission (Stronghold) at 27:47

Wow, what a way to open the show. These two guys lived up to every expectation we had going in, with stiff shot after stiff shot and plenty of thrilling move exchanges. Finish came when Strong bridged out of a guillotine choke, hit the sick kick and gutbuster and then locked in the Stronghold as a counter to a Reyes powerbomb attempt. The fans were standing throughout this one in a match that 411’s Michael Bauer called “the best opener since Taiga-Kird Ape.” Online viewers rated this ****3/4.

Flips Count Anywhere Match
Matt Cross d. PAC by an aggregate score of 487 to 486

This was incredibly innovative and hand the fans chanting for more throughout. Cross and PAC exchanged flips, twists, rolls, ‘saults and more off a variety of objects, including trampolines, midgets, the stomachs of the first row of section A and more! The apparatus did come into play in every move, but the creativity on display was breathtaking. Cross picked up the win on the final apparatus, the rings. Having built up some momentum Cross launched himself skyward and rotated 11 times before bouncing off a trampoline, kicking off a beer cart and landing on the top rope, from whence he did a triple moonsault double stomp. PAC attempted to replicate the move but took a step back on the landing, causing the deduction. This sent the high-flying Brit into a rage, leading to…

No Disqualification Match
PAC d.. Matt Cross via pinfall (dectuple 450 twisting super space flying tiger planchasault splash off the roof of the Skydome through the ring) at 33:08

No, you did not misread that. PAC attacked Cross at the bell and beat him down badly, but Cross showed the heart and fire and FIGHTING SPIRIT that we all know he has. It was too much for the guy though, and after a series of DDTs and piledrivers Cross was incapacitated long enough for PAC to scale the rafters of the venerable building for the death-defying leap. Cross was only just beaten after that, and celebrated his earlier win with several backflips off the top rope after PAC left the arena. Aaron Hubbard gave this match *****+, saying “They got higher than angels and flipped more than me at a Skillet concert.”

“Screw You, Vince! Can You Believe He Let These Guys Go?” Match
Brent Albright d. Lance Cade via submission (Crowbar) at 26:13

These two guys were all about respect, and made sure to show it all through this classic match. If this is indicative of the future endeavours that these guys are capable of, WWE fucked up. The entire front row needed oxygen after this one, as lariat after lariat from Cade was met with half-nelson suplex after half-nelson suplex from Albright. These guys like, totally tried to break each other’s necks, which would have been cool ‘cos the paramedic was hot and if she bent over in front of me I might have seen down her blouse. After Cade kicked out of the 17th half-nelson suplex, Albright transitioned into a gorgeous Crowbar. Cade tried to counter several times but after 4 agonising minutes in the hold he had to tap. 411’s Mike Campbell rated the match **** saying “These guys have more rubber in their necks than I do in my Crocs.” On reading the rating, fans in the building started a “Fuck You Campbell!” chant, but that was soon cut short…

Legend vs. Future Legend
“Living Legend” Lance Storm d. Eddie Edwards via submission (Crippler Crossface) at 14:56

This might have been a short match, but it was all go. Edwards hung with the legend but came up just short when he walked into a fifth superkick. Storm then hit three German suplexes, a diving headbutt and locked in the Canadian Maple Leaf, which he transitioned to a Sharpshooter, which he then turned into the Crippler Crossface. The fans went nuts for that sequence, and at the end of the match Storm got on the mic. “If I can be serious for a minute,” he said, which got the biggest pop of the night and almost sent me catatonic. He put over Edwards as the next big thing and raised his hand to a massive ovation. 411’s Ronnie LaFianza rated the bout 3 Danielson heads, but we DDOS’d his connection and went with Hubbard’s ****¼ rating instead.

WOTW Commissioner Bubba The Love Spongecame out in shirt and tie to say he had heard about the surprise we had planned. Some bastard must have like, leaked it to InsidePulse or something. Bubba said he wasn’t afraid of some wrestler guys and said he had signed a deal with someone to protect him. That brought out Tyler Black, the ROH and WOTW champion…who promptly killed Bubba with God’s Last Gift. A parade of WOTW talent came out and nailed their finisher on Bubba, culminating in Matt Cross, Teddy Hart and PAC climbing to the top of the Skydome each holding a Haitian flag. They dived, one after the other, and absolutely annihilated the fat fuck. They then invited the fans into the ring to fart in his general direction because Monty Python is like the funniest shit ever. Finally a large black woman was brought out from the back to choke Bubba with his own tie, leading to a chant of “It’s a work!” This was like the most awesome shit ever.

INTERMISSION. The guys all clubbed together and bought pizza. It was cool. We even had beer.

We Take Tag Team Wrestling Seriously, Dammit
The Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) d. The Globe’s Best Wrestling Tandem (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) via pinfall (Jake pinned Haas, Suicide/630 Splash combo) at 47:13

This was incredible, definitely the match of the night so far. Benjamin and Haas totally showed that gay loser VKM that they aren’t wastes of money, and WOTW showed WWE that tag team wrestling is the stuff dreams are made of! I had a dream once that had me tag team wrestle Maryse and Trish Stratus. It was hot. Mickie James was my tag partner but she stayed on the apron being fat. Anyway these four guys put on a tag team wrestling clinic, with sweet spot after sweet spot. This one time, Haas locked in the Haas of Pain and everyone started singing Jump Around. Then Shelton kicked Dave Crist in the face while Haas was stretching him. The finish came when Dave hit the top-rope Canadian Destroyer that he calls the Suicide on Haas, and then Jake flew off the top with a 630 splash that brought most of the crowd to its feet. I mean, it was just a 630 and some of the guys were still eating pizza. Besides a bunch of them were just finishing an 8-man game of Vintage in Section C and one of them dropped a Beta Black Lotus in his pizza. Good thing it was sleeved! 411’s Samuel Berman gave this match ****3/4, marking it down on the tame finish and the fact that everyone knew who these guys were.

WOTW Workrate Title Iron Man Match
Eddie Edwards d. Tyler Black 4-3 in at the end of 120 minutes.

Wow. Just…wow. These two totally blew the roof off the Skydome, which is hard to do since it was like, open. Just an incredible, incredible exhibition of workrate and fighting spirit, with a ton of good spots and just one big move after another. Both men had to be helped from the ring at the end of this one, which went 112 minutes before we saw a pinfall, but then had 7 falls in quick succession as the men traded HUGE moves and pins or submissions. It came down to Edwards countering a Buckle Bomb by catching himself, hauling himself to the top and hitting a missile dropkick, followed by the Die Hard (the 19th of the match) for the victory with 18 seconds remaining. Black was up fast and nailed God’s Last Gift, but went up for the Phoenix Splash instead of going for the cover, with the time expiring with Black in midair. Fail. The entire arena got to their feet for this one, and every single reviewer gave it *****…even Campbell!

Main Event – The Guaranteed Classic, Falls Count Anywhere
Teddy Hart d. Davey Richards via pinfall (450 leg drop off the scoreboard) at 217:48

Nothing could have followed Edwards-Black…except this. What a match. If you’ve never seen 500 neck-bearded bulbous parasitic Cro Magnons simultaneously orgasm, do yourself a favour and order the replay of this show with mom or dad’s credit card. The closing moments of this match certainly caused that reaction, and rightfully so. Hart and Richards fought throughout the Skydome, followed at every turn by all 512 fans no matter what. Never before have so many wrestling fans climbed so many steps. No text can do this match justice, as each man kicked out of numerous finishers, including a DR Driver on concrete and a dragon suplex through a plate glass window in the Hard Rock Cafe. As the two made their way to the outfield of the stadium and to the top of the scoreboard, the excitement gre to a fever pitch until a superkick sent Richards to the astroturf below, with Hart soon following with his signature leg drop. The three count triggered a celebration in the stadium for a match that Dave Meltzer rated ******, but nobody gives a damn about that hack. Larry Csonka rated it *******, and he’s much more credible.

WOTW Presents: PPVOTY!

The follow-up to the most amazing, workrate-filled pulse-pounding event of the decade comes to you LIVE on iPPV on Saturday, August 28 from the South Markham Athletic Recreation Komplex in Ontario! Already signed for the event:

5 out of 7 falls for the WOTW Tag Team Titles: The Globe’s Best Wrestling Tandem vs. The American Wolves
A bona fide dream match to crown the first ever WOTW titles!

Teddy Hart vs. Lance Storm
The two best active graduates of the Hart Dungeon collide!

Triple Threat Elimination Match: Lance Cade vs Bobby Fish vs Matt Cross
A collision of styles to thrill your senses!

Roderick Strong vs. Brent Albright in a stiff, stiff encounter!

Plus appearances by PAC, Irish Airborne and more!

New York Knock Out Wrestling (NY-KO) presents “The Toughest Around”


1. Kenny Omega defeated Alex Koslov via pinfall with the Croyt’s Wrath at 12:25. This was a fantastic opening sprint with Omega showing his trademark flash and goofiness to pop the crowd and make them at ease with the show, but also enough action to keep them excited and their energy up. At one point, Omega stole the Russian Hat and did the peace sign with it, but from behind Koslov pulled it up off his head, booted his butt so that Omega spilled outside, and then did the Russian dance! Later on, when Koslov attempted a springboard closeline, Omega Hadouken’s him in the gut and sends him crashing down to the mat! Omega wins with a duck under the Soviet Strike (superkick) into the electric chair position, from which Omega lands a perfect Croyt’s Wrath for three. Koslov waves a Russian flag in the air to regain some pop from the Russian fans in attendance.
2. Toughest Tournament: Brodie Lee defeated Skullkrusher Rasche Brown via pinfall at 7:35. Just two bad-asses going to work on each other—the immovable object versus the unstoppable truck. Lee flips out of a Burning Hammer attempt but Brown spins around him to create space and lands his flipping spear for a close two-count. Lee traps Brown in the corner and smashes him with the running boot and then again running from the opposite turnbuckle to that turnbuckle for the three-count. Brown is steaming mad after the bout and tells fans at ringside that Lee is “gonna get it.”
3. Toughest Tournament: Tommy Dreamer defeated Steve Corino via knock-out with the Dreamer DDT on a chair at 9:05. A lot of brawling around ringside in this one, and Corino bled a ton at one point after taking a ride into the metal turnbuckle post. Dreamer takes a victory lap after the win and celebrates in the middle of a throng of fans.

Corino takes the mic after he wakes up and promises Dreamer that by the end of the night he’s going to regret what he just did, not to mention the day he was born and the day his girls were born, because they’re going have to hear daddy Dreamer cry about it when he gets home.

4. Toughest Tournament: Daisuke Sekimoto and Necro Butcher fought to a double knock-out at 10:20. This was a punch-for-punch battle, with neither man backing down an inch. Daisuke impressed the crowd by bowling Necro over with several different German Suplex variations. Necro held tough and scored with some vicious punch combinations and a running senton onto Daisuke’s back. The finish of the match was them trading some hellacious shots until both had knocked each other down with simultaneous punches and they were both ruled knocked-out.

The ruling is that both men are eliminated from further progressing to the finals of the tournament. As both men get up, they try to fight each-other, but are pulled-apart by referees and security!

5. Booker T with Sharmell defeated El Generico via pinfall at 24:02. It was a hard-fought match for Generico, who brought the fight to Booker, surprising him with powerful offense and a blistering pace. Early on when Booker T underestimated Generico, the masked Luchador made him pay for it with head scissors and hurricanranas that dizzied Booker while also embarrassing him. Sharmell was out there to help calm him down and refocus his efforts. Booker then retaliated with even heavier offense such as his kicks and working the back to turn away Generico’s comebacks. At one point, Generico takes to the air and lands a springboard flip tope that landed on Booker and only about two inches away from Sharmell! The look of shock on her face was priceless. Generico with a close near fall comes on a reverse of a superplex and as Booker holds him upside down Generico pops over him into a sunset flip powerbomb! Late in the match Booker knocks Generico down with the scissors kick and gets the spinarooni! Yet Generico kips up at the same time and gets a brainbuster for his closest near fall of the match! Generico props Booker T on the ropes, but Booker T uses a Book End from the top rope out of a reversal to the turnbuckle brainbuster to finally gain the victory against Generico.

After the match Booker continues to beat down Generico, promising to make Generico kiss his boots, until Scott Steiner’s music blasts and he comes out to the ring. Booker T says they have been through a lot together in the past and that they could rule this promotion together, but he had to make a decision now. Steiner gives him an answer—a huge belly to belly suplex! Steiner puts the boots to Booker and makes a gesture towards Sharmell, who runs away. Steiner helps Generico up and shakes his hand.

Steiner says his match against Kevin Steen was supposed to take place after intermission, but why wait? Let’s do it now! After a minute, a stagehand runs down to the ring announcer, who states that Kevin Steen will in no way, shape or form make his appearance so long as El Generico is in the ring. It seems there is an impasse, and Steiner promises to make the Pillsbury Dough-Boy pay. With that we head to…


6. 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Johnny Goodtime via pinfall at 4:48 after the 450 splash. They both shake hands after the match.
7. Toughest Tournament: Kevin Steen defeated Scott Steiner via submission at 10:50 with the Steenshooter. Corino was not at ringside, ostensibly selling the effects of his earlier match with Dreamer. Steiner had the psychological advantage over Steen early on in the match, landing suplexes and flexing his pecs. Steiner challenged Steen to a push up contest, calling him a “lard-boy” who couldn’t do one. As both were getting in position, Steen kicked him hard in the gut and took the heat. Steiner came back and attempted a top rope frankensteiner, but Steen pushed him off and Steiner landed hard on his back. Steen capitalized and worked the back, winning the match with his sharpshooter. Steen bragged and boasted over Steiner’s prone body, walking over him and to the back.
8. The House of Truth (with Truth Martini) defeated Da Soul Touchaz (with C-Red) at 7:45. Martini tripped Marshe Rockett, allowing Able and Raymond to get in position for their double team hold-moonsault while C-Red chased Martini to the back.
9. In the “Battle for Respect”, KENTA defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima at 26:05 via pinfall after a knockout-kick is caught and he volleys Nakajima up into the air into a perfect Go To Sleep. This match had just about everything in terms of what these two are capable of in the ring. From slap and kick volleys to double stomps and Northern Lights Bombs and Go To Sleep attempts that were blocked, dodged or reversed, these two showed they knew how to test one another.

Kenny Omega is out after the match and wants to challenge both men for the next show, but isn’t sure which one is more worthy of his choice. KENTA and Nakajima both have enough of his foolish antics and knock him down with simultaneous kicks to the chest and back! They nod at each other and leave separately. Omega is helped to the back.
10. Toughest Tournament Final: Kevin Steen defeated Brodie Lee and Tommy Dreamer to earn the right to be called “The Toughest” in NY-KO. Dreamer eliminated Lee via pinfall (boot ducked and Dreamer picks him up into DVD) at 8:15. Halfway through the final stretch of the match, Steve Corino comes out to “cheer his man on”. At the right moment, when the referee’s attention was distracted, Corino takes a pair of brass knux and punches Dreamer in the spine! Steen eliminated Dreamer via submission with the sharpshooter at 18:00. Kevin Steen has earned the right to call himself “the toughest man” in NY-KO.

After the match, as Dreamer works his way up, Steen takes Corino’s brass knuckles, puts it on his hands and knocks Dreamer out just for the hell of it! This causes a huge chain reaction of events. Corino and Steen proceed to stomp the living heck out of Dreamer’s limp body, but Scott Steiner is back out, suplexing Corino over the ropes! Steiner and Steen face off one more time, but Steen head fakes him as he sees Brodie Lee and Lee blindsides Steiner with a running boot! Lee’s entrance spurs Rasche Brown to come on out and counter him, and Brown closelines him over the ropes and then hits a monstrous over the top rope dive onto him! That leaves Steen in the ring, but who should come in but EL GENERICO! We have our first Kevin Steen and El Generico face-off in NY-KO! The place has come unglued as Generico’s body is shaking, hands clenched into a first and Steen is just seething, staring a whole at him. He begins to egg Generico on, and as Generico is about to make his move, Booker T attacks from behind! Booker, Steen and now Corino and Lee are putting the boots to Generico and the heat is unreal. Finally Dreamer, Rasche Brown and Steiner are back in to chase the heels off and to the back.

Scott Steiner grabs the microphone and challenges them to an eight-man elimination tag on the next show! Dreamer gets the mic and promises payback for his New York fans. Rasche Brown says that pain is coming! And for Generico, the crowd goes one more time into a round of Ole!

NY-KO Season 2 Show 2

New York Knock-Out (NY-KO) Presents “Fight Night Round Two”
Saturday August 28th, 2010

Music Hall of Williamsburg
66 N6th Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11211
7:30 PM belltime
Tickets $40 Front Row, $25 Stage / General Admission seating, $15 Standing Room Only

Main Event # 1: Three-Way Match
KENTA vs. Kenny Omega vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima

Omega couldn’t decide which man he would rather face at the next show, but NY-KO has made the decision for him! He will face both international superstar talents KENTA and Nakajima in the ring in a one-fall-to-a-finish three-way match. Nakajima and KENTA continue their rivalry for respect, but both have a lesson to share with Omega—don’t get in their business or they will kick you down!

Main Event # 2: Eight-Man Elimination Tag
El Generico, Scott Steiner, Skullkrusher Rasche Brown & Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Steen, Steve Corino, Booker T w/ Sharmell & Brodie Lee

After the chaos and carnage of the end to NY-KO’s first show, the challenge has been issued and the answer has been given—it will be Team Generico on one side and Team Steen on the other in a battle for physical dominance and supremacy. Kevin Steen and Steve Corino have already lodged complaints about having to be in the same match as El Generico, but it’s too late—both men will be on opposite sides of the ring and Generico and his friends have the opportunity for some revenge!

Main Event # 3: Technical Knock-Out Match
(The match ends only when one man can no longer continue to fight—there must be a winner!)
Necro Butcher vs. Daisuke Sekimoto

Their first encounter ended in an inconclusive finish, which didn’t satisfy either man. Each wants to prove he can knock out the other one, and that dogged determination will have a resolution in this match. The violent “Technical Knock-Out” stipulation is a feature match in NY-KO, where the only way to win is to knock-out your opponent and the referee rules a man can no longer continue to fight. By the end of the night one these men WILL be knocked out on the canvas!


-Alex Koslov vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
-The House of Truth (Josh Raymond & Christian Able (w/ Truth Martini) vs. The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Sugar Dunkerton)
–Soul Touchaz (Marshe Rockett & Willie “Da Bomb” Richardson) w/ C-Red vs. Johnny Goodtime & James “Little Guido” Maritato

Wichita Wrestling Junior Division

Equinox def. Green Ant at 10:36 via Overbomb: Match was very much an exhibition, with both guys shaking hands before the match, starting with mat wrestling and gradually moving on to striking, high flying and impact moves. Very clean, not particular eventful, but a solid opening match.

Shawn Daivari def. Grizzly Redwood at 2:07 via Camel Clutch : This was almost entirely Daivari. Redwood got some offense in by chopping the legs and doing the log roll, but when he tried a rana he was driven into the mat by a powerbomb. Total destruction here. After the match Daivari claimed that he deserved to be in the main event, but he’s not going to whine and complain and wait for his opportunity. Instead, he’s going to go through every man on the roster and prove that he should be in the main event.

Four-Team Elimination Tag Team Match Results
The Colony eliminated Sanchez & Dorado at 21:24 via a Beach Break on Dorado:
Match was nonstop action up to this elimination, with every wrestler getting a chance to impress. The star of the fall was Jigsaw, who survived an extended beating from Sanchez & Dorado before making the hot tag to partner Helios. The Colony was able to dominate once they got into the ring and had the first elimination only three minutes after entering.
Jack Evans & Ruckus eliminated The Colony at 28:41 via Low Jack on Soldier Ant: The Colony continued to impress in the next fall until the other two teams decided to form an alliance to eliminate a common enemy. Helios and Fire Ant on the outside with a dive, though Jigsaw avoided the move. That allowed Evans to hit his devastating Double Knee attack for the second elimination.
Jack Evans & Ruckus eliminated The Future is Now at 29:35 via 630 Senton on Helios: The two remaining teams looked ready to face off before Jigsaw shockingly attacked his partner and dropped him on his head with the Jig ‘n’ Tonic. Jigsaw removed his mask as Jack Evans added an unnecessary 630 splash to win the match. Julius Smokes entered the ring and announced the reformation of The Vulture Squad, and said that together, they would rise to the top of WW:JD. Equinox came out to help his partner but was beat down by the Squad.

During intermission, Jushin Liger, Christopher Daniels, Paul London and Kid Kash signed autographs for the fans. Two minutes before intermission ended, Kash did a sneak attack on Liger in front of everyone, and Daniels, London and security had to separate the two men. Kash screamed out, “You’re a has-been Liger! You’re all washed up! You’re overrated! I’m the legend, now Liger!” as he was pulled to the back.

Vin Gerard def. Delirious at 13:58 via STF: Gerard stood outside the ring during Delirious’ freak-out at the opening bell. Delirious tried to turn to play comedian for a while, but every time he’d do something funny, Gerard would go out of the ring, at one time sitting in a chair until the referee told Delirious to focus on wrestling. Match got very good down the stretch. After Delirious tapped out, Gerard took a cheap shot by curb-stomping him into the mat, drawing huge boos from the fans.

Jushin Liger def. Kid Kash at 16:19 via Top Rope DDT: Liger tried to interact with the fans and give high-fives to everyone, but Kash did another sneak attack by diving onto Liger. He choked Liger with his cape, slammed him into the guardrails and hit him with a chair. Once they got in the ring, these two left everything they had, beating the tar out of each other and devastating each other with sick moves. Kash busted out his double-jump moonsault out of the corner and the Dead Level, but Liger survived. Kash proved tough as well, surviving a Frog Splash and two rolling brainbusters. In the end, it took a sickening DDT off of the top rope to put Kash away. The match received a standing ovation; the fans chanted “You still got it!” and “Thank you both!” in appreciation for the performance. Liger extended his hand to Kash, and Kash accepted. They bowed to each other and Kash left the ring for Liger to soak in the cheers.

Paul London def. Christopher Daniels at 36:41 via 450 Splash: After the show-stealing Liger vs. Kash match, this one had a lot to live up to in order to surpass it. Thankfully, both men were up to it. This match had everything; chain wrestling, hard strikes, high-flying, big suplexes, counters. Daniels hit a sickening gourdbuster that smashed London’s ribs across the back of a steel chair and focused his attention in that area, while London would focus on Daniels’ knees. The Fallen Angel tried to hit the Best Moonsault Ever but his knee prevented him from making the second jump. He settled for a standard moonsault but had taken too much time and missed his mark. London followed with a mushroom stomp and tried to put him away with a running shooting star press but Daniels survived. Daniels tried a top rope superplex but London attacked his knee and shoved him down to set up the 450 Splash. A tremendous wrestling match that received “Match of the Year” chants.

After the match Vin Gerard made his way to the ring. He congratulated London for beating Daniels, who “used” to be a top guy. You used to be able to brag about beating Daniels. But the sad truth is that Daniels, for all his talent, all his ability, never had what counted the most. He was never a world champion, because he never had what it took to be a top player. He’s not even a has-been like Liger. He’s a good mechanic that never was. And it is time for him to step out of the spotlight and let the next generation take his spot. People like Vin Gerard are the future of the business, and unlike Daniels, Gerard will be the top player in this promotion.

London put over Daniels and said he was going to slap some respect into Gerard, but Daniels took the microphone and said he can fight his own battles. He says he’s seen Vin’s type before; a punk kid with a world of talent, who thinks that the world of pro wrestling owes him something. Daniels used to be the same guy, but he realized that he would no-one would hand him the wrestling world on a silver platter. He had to fight and scratch and claw and bleed and sweat and play politics to get to the top of the business. He paid his dues, he earned his place in the business, and he’s darn proud of it. Yet, for all his hard work, he’s always been second best, because nobody believed in him. Nobody gave the chance to run with the ball. He deserved to be a top guy, but nobody had faith in him. Daniels says that he has faith in Gerard. He put Vin over as a future star, but promises that nobody is going to give him an opportunity, he has to take it. Daniels then smashed London over the head with the mic and laid him out with the Angel’s Wings. Gerard put London in the STF as Daniels cheered him on, and then Daniels raised his hands and proclaimed him the next superstar in wrestling as the show closed.

Signed for the next show, “Something To Brag About”:

Christopher Daniels & Vin Gerard vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant!
The mentor and student take on one of the top teams as they establish their dominance.

Paul London vs. Kid Kash!
Both men put on classic matches at the first show, and both have something to prove.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Jack Evans!
Evans plans on climbing the ladder, but he’ll have to beat a legend to get there.

Jigsaw & Ruckus of The Vulture Squad vs The Future is Now!
Will Helios and Equinox get revenge for the violent and unexpected betrayal of Jigsaw?

Plus: Sanchez vs. Green Ant, Redwood vs. Dorado and Delirious vs. Daivari!

Professional Wrestling of Windsor and Detroit (PWWND) presents “Everybody Must Get PWWND”


1. Aeroform defeated “Hardcore” Bob Holly and Mike Knox via disqualification at 7:32 after Holly used a chair on Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon. After the match officially ended, the assault continued with Lyndon tossed out of the ring while Holly and Knox focused on Kendrick, concluding with Knox hitting the Knox Out on him. Kendrick was injured as a result and was taken to the back by staff to seek medical attention.

2. Best 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match: Johnny Gargano defeated Jimmy Wang Yang in two straight falls at 22:12. The first fall ended with Gargano getting a small package pin after Yang missed a moonsault off the top rope at 14:46. The second fall ended after Jim Cornette came out and tripped Yang while the official was distracted, allowing Gargano to hit the Hurts Donut and win the second fall. After the match, Cornette got on the mic and said that in PWWND, he will be representing only the best talent of the future, shaping them into future world champions, and that Gargano is just such a talent.

3. No Holds Barred Tag Team Match: Dark City Fight Club defeated F.I.S.T. (Icarus and Chuck Taylor) at 19:55 after interferrence by Johnny Gargano and Jim Cornette. With Cornette instructing him, Gargano focused his assault on Taylor, while Dark City Fight Club double-teamed Icarus, culminating in Project Mayhem and the win. After the match, Gran Akuma rushed the ring, but Cornette and company left, leaving Akuma to check on his stablemates.


During the intermission, Gran Akuma got on the mic with Icarus and Chuck Taylor beside him, both notably tired and injured, and said that, at the next PWWND show, F.I.S.T. wants Dark City Fight Club and Johnny Gargano in a six-man tag match. He added that he’s okay with pulling double duty since he’ll also be in the main event after defeating SHINGO and Ares in the triple threat match that’s coming up next. Jim Cornette came out and said that his boys accept the challenge and kept on talking in that way only Jim Cornette can. Gran Akuma stayed in the ring, while Icarus and Taylor went to the back.

4. Triple Threat Match: SHINGO defeated Gran Akuma and Ares at 30:03 by pinning Ares after hitting Made in Japan. SHINGO had a short, muted celebration, while Ares looked visibly upset over the loss.

5. Champion vs. Champion Main Event: Adam Pearce defeated YAMATO at 25:28 after performing TWO jumping piledrivers. YAMATO kicked out of the first one, but Pearce managed to hit a second, which was more than YAMATO could withstand. After the match, Pearce celebrated, while YAMATO went to the back, selling an injured neck.


Professional Wrestling of Windsor and Detroit (PWWND) presents “Maximum PWWND-age”

Saturday September 18th, 2010
The Diamondback Saloon
49345 S-I-94 Service Drive
Belleville, Michigan
8:00 PM belltime
Tickets: $30 front row, $25 seating, $15 Gen Admission (pre-show), $20 Gen Admission (door)

Main Event: Promotion Ace Match

Adam Pearce vs. SHINGO

After his victory at “Everybody Must Get PWWND,” SHINGO earned a main event match at “Maxium PWWND-age” and we could think of no one better to face him than the winner of last show’s main event Champion vs. Champion match, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce. He proved himself the cream of the PWWND crop by defeating Open the Dream Gate Champion YAMATO and looks to do the same to SHINGO at this event. It should be hard-hitting, hard fought, and set a new standard for the rest of the PWWND locker room to rise up to.

Six-Man Tag Match

Dark City Fight Club & Johnny Gargano (w/Jim Cornette) vs. F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma, Icarus, and Chuck Taylor)

Two months ago, Jim Cornette revealed his role as manager to both Johnny Gargano and Dark City Fight Club, and got involved in their matches. After his F.I.S.T. brothers were attacked by Cornette’s new stable during their match with Dark City Fight Club, Gran Akuma challenged Cornette’s stable to a six-man tag match at “Maximum PWWND-age” and they accepted. Now, we’ll see if Cornette has backed the right wrestlers as they go up against all three members of F.I.S.T. and try to demonstrate their dominance, while F.I.S.T. attempts to break up Cornette’s stable before it can really take shape.

Redemption Match

YAMATO vs. Ares

Both YAMATO and Ares lost their respective matches at “Everybody Must Get PWWND” and come into “Maximum PWWND-age” with something to prove. A win here can put either man back in main event territory, while a loss could have PWWND management reconsidering their involvement with the promotion. Expect both men to leave it all in the ring as they attempt to make up for their losses and prove that they can stand with the best of the best in PWWND.

Grudge Match

Mike Knox vs. Louis Lyndon (w/Flip Kendrick)

Despite a win two months ago, Aeroform walked out of “Everybody Must Get PWWND” broken and beaten after their match with “Hardcore” Bob Holly and Mike Knox. After the match, Knox and Holly attacked the duo, focusing the brunt of their brutality on Flip Kendrick. Aeroform wanted a rematch at this show, but doctors have not cleared Flip Kendrick to compete yet, so Louis Lyndon has challenged Mike Knox alone, hoping to avenge the injuries his partner suffered. It’s a classic David and Goliath bout as the small, quick Louis Lyndon tries to take down the monster of a man that is Mike Knox.

Open Challenge Match

Jimmy Wang Yang vs. “Hardcore” Bob Holly

With Mike Knox handling what’s left of Aeroform, “Hardcore” Bob Holly put out an open challenge to the rest of the PWWND locker room and Jimmy Wang Yang stepped up. With a similar style to Aeroform, Yang took the actions and attitude of Knox and Holly personally and wants to teach Holly a lesson about what quickness and agility can do in the ring. This should be a fierce and passionate opening match to set the tone of “Maximum PWWND-age.”

Total Package Women’s Wrestling “Girl’s Night Out” Results

Jennifer McKay vs. Jennifer Blake

Jennifer Blake was known to Pacific Northwest fans, as she appeared at TPWE’s first card in a tag team match. Thus she had more recognition as was cheered as the face here against McKay. Madison Eagles was at ringside to watch her partner in this match and the two wrestled a competitive match that went back and forth. McKay almost had the win when she made a tactical mistake, going off the ropes right into a superkick. Madison distracted the referee as both women recovered, and Blake ducked a clothesline attempt before hitting the Dynamite Dynamo for the pinfall.

Winner: Jennifer Blake (7:06)

After the match Eagles and McKay rushed Blake and beat her down, sending a message to her and the rest of the locker room that they meant business.

Nikita vs. Wesna Busic

Wesna played the heel here and had a bit of control early on, but Nikita quickly turned the tables and it was all her from there. She took it to the Croatian Panther and really made a case for the idea that she was criminally underused in the big leagues. Despite a late-game comeback by Wesna, Nikita took back control by elbowing out of a German suplex attempt and nailing the Kat Nip Inverted facelock neckbreaker for the pinfall.

Winner: Nikita (6:26)

Madison Eagles vs. Allison Danger

Much like during the first match, Eagles and McKay came out as a team and they looked pretty pissed off by Jesse’s loss. Eagles showed no fear of the veteran Danger and went right after her in the opening moments, delivering a slap to the face that enraged the SHIMMER co-founder. That led to a hard-hitting match between the two that saw Danger get the initial edge. The match went to the outside where McKay wisely stayed away from Danger, who verbally threatened her once when she got to close. That moment’s distraction allowed Eagles to get a sneak attack, shoving Danger into the turnbuckle. Back on the inside Madison went for the Soaring Eagle moonsault but Danger rolled out of the way. Danger recovered first and went for the Shimmering Warlock, but Madison ducked it and picked Danger up for the Hell Bound, a DVD to the knee, for the pinfall.

Winner: Madison Eagles (10:13)

Daizee Haze vs. Rayna Von Tash

Daizee had a lot of heat coming out for this match and it really helped Rayna get over with the crowd as a face. Von Tash offered her mentor a handshake and got a shot to the head in return. Haze toned down some of her more aerial offense in order to play a more heel-oriented move set while Rayna struggled to stay in the match. Daizee focused more on schooling Von Tash and hurting her, and punished her with submission maneuvers while she delivered some humiliating insults on top of it. The match turned on a dime when Rayna was able to get to the ropes on a half-Boston crab, and Daizee refused to broke the hold. Daizee finally released it and started arguing with the referee, which let Rayna roll Daizee up for the pinfall.

Winner: Rayna Von Tash (8:41)

Post-match Rayna booked her way out of the ring, beaming at her victory while Daizee flipped out. She went after Rayna and attacked her, beating her down until Alexis Laree came out to make the save. Daizee went into the back while warning Alexis that she’d pay for that.


Amazing Kong vs. Cheerleader Melilssa

The crowd was hot for this match, which was the one many had come specifically to see. Melissa came out first and got on the microphone, saying that she didn’t want this one to end on a technicality so she challenged Kong to make it a No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere match. Kong came out looking like she had no problem with that and the match was on. Melissa started the match by delivering a baseball slide to Kong on the outside, knocking the former TNA Knockout Champion back and giving Melissa a chance to take control. Melissa certainly showed no intent to back down and she attacked Kong all around the ringside area until finally Kong shook it off and nearly took Melissa’s head off with a clothesline. The match finally went inside the ring and Kong began to assault Melissa, using her size and strength advantage to deliver some punishing offense. A couple near-falls resulted here until Melissa came back with an enzuigiri. That stunned Kong and gave Melissa the advantage, and she dropkicked Kong over the ropes to the outside. Back on the outside Melissa began working over Kong’s arm, slamming it into the turnbuckle and such in order to weaken Kong for the Fujiwara armbar. She dropped down on the outside and locked in the hold, but Kong managed to break it and leveled Melissa with a lariat, and nailed an Amazing Bomb on the outside to put Melissa away.

Winner: Amazing Kong (15:17)

After the match Kong looked at Melissa and almost seemed to want to help her up, but then walked away.

Alexis Laree vs. Mercedes Martinez: #1 Contender’s Match For a Shot at the TPWW Championship

This match was by virtue of these two faces coming up short in their matches at Pro Wrestling 3.0’s “Pro Wrestling: Restarted” show. Alexis came out first and got on the microphone, saying that she had all the respect in the world for Mercedes and she’s looking forward to this match-up but to make no mistake…she’s in it to win and get a shot at whoever comes out TPWW champion tonight. Mercedes then came out and the two shook hands warily before having a good and clean yet hard-fought contest. The former World champion seemed to underestimate Mercedes at first and that allowed Martinez to take control early on. She really took it to Alexis and delivered a host of suplexes while the crowd started to chant “Diva” in relation to Alexis’s sports entertainment past. Laree fought back though and the chant faded away as she reminded them of her own indy cred and came out with some moves she hadn’t shown in years. Late in the match Daizee Haze came out looking angry and watching, which distracted Alexis and nearly allowed Mercedes to pick up the win with a snap swinging neckbreaker. Alexis kicked out though and turned the match around, delivering the Laree DDT to pick up the pinfall.

Winner: Alexis Laree (8:02)

The Canadian Ninjas vs. International Home Wrecking Crew: Tornado Tag Team Match for the TPWW Tag Team Championship

This was an odd match-up at first since independent women’s wrestling fans didn’t know quite who to cheer for. The Ninjas quickly established themselves as the face team and things settled in nicely. With the Tornado Tag Team rules this was chaos from the get-go as Rain and Jetta paired off with Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews, respectively. Matthews and Jetta were pretty evenly matched and fought around the ring while inside, Perez fell prey to Rain’s offense. This one went back and forth and all four women had to break up pin attempts until Rain took out Portia with the Acid Rain. That allowed the duo to double-team Nicole and after a couple of minutes they nearly picked up the pinfall with their cross body/electric chair drop double team until Portia came back and broke it up. She clotheslined Rain out of the ring before turning around into an exploder suplex from Jetta. Jetta, however, then got caught with a rolling cutter for the pinfall and the tag team belts.

Winner: NEW TPWW Tag Team Champions The Canadian Ninjas (9:20)

MsChif vs. Tara vs. Sara Del Ray: Triple Threat Match for the TPWW Championship

The final match of the card saw MsChif defending her TPWW Championship against the winners of the qualifying matches at PW3’s “Pro Wrestling: Restarted.” The three wrestlers faced off warily in the ring for a moment before MsChif went after Del Ray. That tactic started off decently but allowed Tara to come in and nail MsFChif from behind. Del Ray and Tara teamed up for a little while against the defending champion and were determined to take her out of the match-up…and an Axe Kick by Del Ray followed by a standing moonsault from Tara did just that for a while. With MsChif down and out the two challengers went right after each other in a very physical, hard-hitting match-up. The match went briefly out to the ringside area where Sara took control and after tossing Tara into the guardrail, she rolled her inside for a nearfall. Del Ray set the former Knockout up for the Royal Butterfly and hit it but MsChif came back into the match to break up the pin. She then took it right to Del Ray and Tara both and tossed Tara out of the ring so she could focus on the women she beat for the SHIMMER Championship two years ago. Del Ray and MsChif fought back and forth in a tough match and MsChif had the win set with the Desecrator, but Tara came back in and broke up the pin, then hit MsChif with the Widow’s Peak before pinning Del Ray. MsChif nearly broke it up but was too late and there was a new TPWW Champion.

Winner: NEW TPWW Champion Tara (17:46)

After the match Alexis Laree came out and stared Tara down, until Daizee Haze came from behind and attacked. Daizee beat on Alexis before departing, and Tara paused next to the fallen #1 Contender to hold the title over her head above Alexis before leaving.


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