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411Mania 2010 Independent Draft 7.04.10: Part Seven – Results & Show 2 Preview Continued

July 4, 2010 | Posted by Ari Berenstein

KOAKH Pro House Show Results 06.26.10: Chicago Ridge, IL
Posted by Larry Csonka

KOAKH’s second season begins with a huge show!

Credit: KOAKHfans.com

6/26/10 Chicago Ridge, IL – Kings & Pawns
1. Michael Elgin (W), Billy Roc (11:43 Repeated Mounted Strikes) Darin Corbin, Ryan Cruz (L)
2. Tim Donst (10:03 Chairshot -> Folding Press) Sami Callihan
3. Three Way Dance: Scott Lost (W), Hallowicked, Erick Stevens
3a. Erick Stevens (8:22 Doctor Bomb) Hallowicked
3b. Scott Lost (13:10 Lost In Space Elbowdrop) Erick Stevens
4. Arik Cannon (22:38 Glimmering Warlock) Eddie Kingston
5. Jimmy Jacobs (NO CONTEST) Arik Cannon
6. Kota Ibushi (18:56 Super Reverse Frankensteiner) Sonjay Dutt
7. Chris Hero (W), Claudio Castagnoli (24:54 KRS-1) Jay Briscoe (L), Mark Briscoe

Angles & Notes:
Elgin & Roc looked great in their first time tagging together and pulled off a bunch of fun big man/little man double teams. North Star Express did a great job playing cowardly heels. Very fun opener.

Donst and Sami were fine in their match but had a couple of moments where they seemed to not be quite on the same page. Donst is full heel and got good heat with near constant cheap tactics.

-The Three Way Dance was really fun. Lost was not only the winner in the match, but a big time winner with the crowd. The fans seemed to be really into seeing him in the Midwest for the first time in a while. Stevens looked good and was the aggressor throughout the match.

-Strong Style Showdown was no joke. Cannon and Kingston beat the hell out of each other, with a number of teased knockouts for both guys. Cannon got the duke with a Glimmering Warlock after a pair of Backdrop Drivers, but Kingston looked tough even in defeat.

Jacobs wandered to ringside during the match and jawed with Cannon on a couple of occasions. Immediately after the match, Cannon challenged Jacobs to face him, and while the bell rang, Jacobs ended up backing off and heading to the back, shouting something about having bigger fish to fry.

Ibushi vs. Sonjay was really, really amazing. Lots of high flying offense like you’d assume, but they told a really great story with Sonjay missing various moves only to have Kota immediately respond by hitting the same maneuver. Sonjay was close to overcoming a number of missteps, but Ibushi cut him off on a Hindu Press attempt and hit a crazy Reverse Frankensteiner for the win. Crowd gave both guys a standing ovation.

-The match billed simply as “The Main Event” did not disappoint. Both The Briscoes and The Kings of Wrestling brought their A-game and it showed. Fantastic match that rivals the best encounters between the teams. Ultimately Hero got the pin on Jay after a KRS-1, but both teams had to pull out all the stops in this one.

-Right after the main event ended, Jimmy Jacobs came out again and started yelling at the Kings. With their backs turned, the Briscoes took the opportunity to beat down Hero & Castagnoli and Jacobs joined in. Jacobs cut a promo about how he had been wrong for so long in doubting the Briscoes’ ability and toughness and how he saw that they were the ultimate weapon to start his “Arsenal”. Arik Cannon came running out to make the save and chased off Jacobs and the Briscoes, reuniting with Hero and taking his place with the original Kings.

KOAKH Pro Presents “Arms Race”
Nicolet High School Gymnasium
July 17th, 2010 – 7:30 pm belltime
6701 N. Jean Nicolet Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53217

Tickets are available at www.koakhpro.com or at the door.

Six Man War
The Arsenal of Jimmy Jacobs, Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe vs. The Kings of Wrestling of Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon

2/3 Falls – The Rematch
Kota Ibushi vs. Sonjay Dutt

Special Challenge Match
“The Last of a Dying Breed” Eddie Kingston vs. Hallowicked

Winners Collide
“The Professional” Scott Lost vs. Tim Donst

Erick Stevens vs. “The New Horror” Sami Callihan

Tag Team Action
Michael Elgin & Billy Roc vs. The Phoenix Twins

Plus more to be added!

Pro Wrestling Symphony Show Results 08.07.10:

Pittsburgh, PA
Posted by Larry Csonka on 08.07.10

All the action from the company’s debut show!

Credit: PWInsider


TJP over Metal Master when TJP rolled up Metal Master after blinding him.
B-Boy over Jon Moxley when B-Boy hit Moxley with the Delikado.
LuFisto over The Hurricane in the ten minute Hurri-challenge when she hit him with the Burning Hammer.
The Super Smash Brothers over Amasis and Izzie Deadyet when Player Uno made Amasis submit with the Joystick.
Ophidian over Dragon Kid when Ophidian reversed a Dragonrana to pin Dragon Kid.
Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino over Mike Quackenbush and Jerry Lynn when Doi pinned Quackenbush after a Bakatare Sliding Kick.

TJP over Metal Master

This was a very solid opener, with both men fighting for an advantage on the mat. TJP eventually became frustrated with the Metal Master, ending the mat work with a suckerpunch out of nowhere. From there on TJP constantly took shortcuts, working as a clear heel. TJP eventually secured the win by twisting Metal Master’s mask to block his sight, then rolling him up as he tried to adjust it. Afterwards TJP got on the mic, dedicating his win to all the wrestlers who were smart enough to abandon their mask and promising to make every masked wrestler in PSW regret hiding their face.

B-Boy over Jon Moxley

Moxley came out without music but with a microphone. He sat down in the corner of the ring Raven-style and cut a very good promo running down PWS, saying that he would refuse to wrestle in a joke company. He reminded B-Boy of all the wars they had, that B-Boy knew what Moxley was capable of, and that if he was smart, he would just take the easy pinfall. B-Boy eventually came out, and Moxley lay down for him. B-Boy covered him, only to pull his shoulder up at two. Moxley looked shocked, and B-Boy just started raining down punches on him. Eventually Moxley realized he had to defend himself, and we finally got a proper match. At one point Moxley started swinging a chair, but B-Boy easily ducked the swings and hit Moxley with the Delikado for the win.

LuFisto over The Hurricane in the ten minute Hurri-Challenge

The Hurricane came out to a great pop. He offered a challenge to anyone in the back to beome his new sidekick, to help him fight crime and injustice. Anyone applying for the position would have to last ten minutes in the ring with him. Eventually LuFisto came out, announcing that she wanted to take the challenge. Hurricane tried to laugh her off at first, but when she dropped him with a single punch the match was on. It was a fairly even match, with LuFisto punishing Hurricane whenever it seemed that he wasn’t taking her seriously because of her gender. LuFisto eventually scored the upset win in about nine minutes when Hurricane put on his cape and came off the top rope, only to get caught and dropped with the Burning Hammer. Hurricane seemed upset at first, but he eventually raised LuFisto’s hand and presented her with her very own mask, which she accepted happily.

During intermission, Hurricane invited several of the kids in the audience into the ring for “flying lessons”. He let about two dozen kids take turns putting on his cape, then jumping off the top rope into LuFisto’s arms. Each kid was then given a signed Polaroid with the super hero team, and the crowd ate it all up.

The Super Smash Brothers over Amasis and Izzie Deadyet

Amasis and Izzie Deadyet came out first, to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, with Amasis dancing in the ring as the masked zombie slowly shuffled his way to the ring. The Super Smash Brothers came out to their usual music, to a nice pop. Interestingly enough Amasis never tagged out, fighting the Super Smash Brothers all by himself. Eventually the SSB both headed into the ring for some sort of double team move, but Amasis threw Stupified out of the ring. Izzie suddenly came to life, pulling Stupified under the ring and leaving Player Uno alone with Amasis, essentially making it a singles match, as Amasis kept dragging Uno back whenever he went to check on his partner. After about five more minutes Player Uno got the win with his Joystick submission hold.

Post-match, Uno went to check on his tag team partner, who had been under the ring the entire time. As he went to check the side where Stupified disappeared, he re-appeared on the other side covered in zombie makeup with a clear bite wound on his shoulder. As Player Uno went to check on him, both Stupified and Izzie Deadyet started beating him down. Amasis cheered them on, announcing to the crowd that it had been his master plan all along to turn Stupified into Zombified. Eventually The Hurricane and LuFisto came out to make the save, with LuFisto and her doll both wearing super hero masks. They chased off Amasis and his cronies and helped Player Uno to the back.

Ophidian over Dragon Kid

This was probably the best match of the night. Both men worked fast and incredibly crisp, without any botches. This was also far less of a spotfest than I expected it to be. Dragon Kid came into the match as the clear favourite, and he had the upper hand pretty much constantly, but Ophidian managed to use his flexibility to keep himself in the match. Eventually Dragon Kid was running out of steam, and Ophidian started fighting back with submission holds and prawn holds. The finish came when Dragon Kid rocked Ophidian with a flurry of kicks to create an opening for the Dragonrana. He executed it perfectly, but Ophidian somehow managed to reverse the pin with a prawn hold for an upset. After the match, Dragon Kid shook Ophidian’s hand.

Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino over Jerry Lynn and Mike Quackenbush

This match, while still great, was a little disappointing, as Lynn simply couldn’t keep up with the other three men. They managed to work this into the story of the match, but it was still quite noticable at some points. Fortunately the other three worked more than hard enough to make up for it. After the feeling out process Jerry Lynn was eventually isolated as the face in peril, although Doi and Yoshino, while vicious, never broke any rules in their offence. Quackenbush eventually made the tag, and he managed to take Yoshino out for the moment with a flurry of palm strikes. From there the match really kicked into higher gear, with Doi trying to use his superior speed to overcome Quackenbush’s submission moves. Yoshino and Lynn did eventually fight their way back into the match, and things broke down into the final stretch. Eventually Lynn wiped out Yoshino with a dive. Quackenbush tried for the Quackendriver IV, but Doi managed to block it and wipe Quackenbush out with the Bakatare Sliding Kick for the win.

Post-match, the Speed Muscle teams helped both men back to their feet, only to get jumped from behind by Jon Moxley and TJP. They dumped Doi and Yoshino from the ring before Moxley went after Lynn and TJP went after Quackenbush. They were about to beat both men down with steel chairs before the new superhero team of Hurricane and LuFisto hit the ring. With the help of Speed Muscle they quickly fought off Moxley and TJP, and the six babyfaces stood tall at the end of the night.

Show notes:

– The show was pretty balanced, with six matches spread out over two hours of wrestling.
– Attendance was about 300 people, with about two thirds of them being convention visitors.
– The pre-show autograph session was a big hit. While The Hurricane, Jerry Lynn, and Speed Muscle were popular with the adult fans, the biggest draw was actually Dragon Kid, who worked very well with the young children despite the language barrier.
– It seems that Amasis and Ophidian won’t be teaming any time soon. Neither man came out to the Osirian Portal music (Amasis to Thriller by Michael Jackson and Ophidian to Tutankhamen by Nightwish). Furthermore, Amasis wore his darker heel mask while Ophidian wore his lighter face mask.
– The post-main event beatdown was a bit skewed, as it ended up being two heels against six babyfaces. Most wrestlers on the show were pretty clear heels or faces, and the promotion seems to have at least three feuds set up for upcoming shows.

Pro Wrestling Symphony presents, in partnership with the Chicago Comic Con, “Pro Wrestling Symphony: Allegro”

– Saturday August 21, 2010
– 2:00 PM doors open, 3:00 PM belltime.
– Suitable for all ages.
– No video recorders, no flash photography.
– All appearing wrestlers will be available for personalized autographed polaroids for one hour prior to belltime ($10 each).
– Card subject to change.

Tickets: $25 Front Row, $15 2nd-5th row, $10 General admission. Free admission in combination with a valid proof of admission for the 2010 Chicago Comic Con.

Main event: Ophidian and Dragon Kid vs. Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino

In the main event of Overture, the Speed Muscle team of Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino showed everybody that their reputation was well-earned as they overcame the American veteran team of Jerry Lynn and Mike Quackenbush. Now we have a new pair of challengers lined up for them. Ophidian managed to score an upset victory over Dragon Kid on the inaugural PWS show, and he earned the high flyer’s respect. Now the new team is set to take on Speed Muscle. Will they just be another bump in the road for the Dragon Gate challengers, or will Ophidian score his second upset in two shows?

Lego Deathmatch: Jerry Lynn vs. Jon Moxley

Jerry Lynn was the other victim of the unlikely alliance between Jon Moxley and TJP. As Moxley explained afterwards: “The fact that a hardcore legend like Jerry Lynn is complacent with a role as a sideshow act in a comedy promotion is ludicrous. I’ll beat the hardcore back into Lynn if I have to kill myself doing it. Any time, anywhere, I will face Lynn in any type of hardcore match.”

While PWS management doesn’t consider its promotion a place for hardcore matches of any kind, we were surprised to find that Lynn all but demanded a chance to shut Moxley up: “Moxley needs to realize that the wrestling world has moved on from ECW. I’ve seen his work, and he seems to think that to wrestle means breaking plates over each other’s head. However, if this is what it takes to shut him up, then yes, he will get Jerry Lynn in a hardcore match.”

While PWS’ stance on hardcore matches hasn’t changed, we also realize that any match between these two will probably break down regardless. This is why PWS has secured no less than 10.000 bricks for the Lego Deathmatch between Jon Moxley and Jerry Lynn.

Player Uno, LuFisto and The Hurricane vs. Amasis, Izzie Deadyet and Zombified

Player Uno was devastated by the loss of Stupified at Overture. Fortunately for him, there’s a new superhero duo on the scene ready to strike back at the evil mastermind Amasis. With not one but two undead minions at his side, the Funky Pharaoh will be more than ready to face the wrath of the makeshift team of The Hurricane, LuFisto and Player Uno.

Mike Quackenbush vs. TJP

After a spectacular main event, TJP and Jon Moxley attacked the team of Mike Quackenbush and Jerry Lynn. As TJP explained later, the reason he jumped on Quackenbush was because he feels that the Master of a Thousand Holds is responsible for hiding dozens of talented wrestlers behind masks. TJP is on a crusade against masked wrestlers, and Quackenbush is on the top of his list of targets.

B-Boy vs. Metal Master

B-Boy started off his PWS career by earning a hard-fought win over a reluctant Jon Moxley. Metal Master was less successful in his first match, as his mask ended up costing him his match against TJP. Now he’s being given a second chance, and while B-Boy certainly won’t be an easy opponent for the Metal Master, we can be sure that it will at least be a fair matchup.

Pro Wrestling 3.0 (PW3) presents
“Professional Wrestling: Restarted”

RESULTS (sent to us by reader Spleen of J)

Pre Show Thoughts: While this company’s predecessor had a steel cage structure idea that was dropped this time around, thankfully the practice of having hot women filling in all the side jobs like running the concession stand, filming and such remained. Well done PW3! Also, the PW3 Prize Pack given away to ringside and available for limited purchase were great, not just the ads I was expecting. A sweet TPWW calendar, a discount for your next PW3 show Tickets, a bonus disc coupon if you bought the DVD for the show, a poster of Burchill and Nikita/Colt Cabana and some other odds and ends (and some ads), pretty cool.

Opening Segment: CO/COO (Apparently pronounced like “CoCo”, so half the net was wrong on that) Maria came to the ring, the PW3 World Title belt over her shoulder. She ran through some cheap pop statements, and then some mindless hype stuff (“PW3 will change the industry, partners
with TPWW, so on and so forth”) and then she called out Colt Cabana and Paul Burchill. Burchill had Nikita with him (looking damm fine), and they clarified that they were just “Close, Personal Friends”, not
related. So there.

Anyway, Colt cracked a few jokes while Burchill just stared at the title belt, before Maria declared that the two men were the most deserving, and would be in the Main Event.

The Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple’s music hit, and Ultramantis Black and Crossbones walked out. UMB began to talk in his flowerily speech,talking about “Grand Prophecy” this and “Devine Order” that. Colt, who seemed to find him very amusing, managed to shut him up by simplifying his speech to “The Giant Cricket wants in the main event”. Maria pointed out the Order was in the tag tournament, but UMB said he had a replacement. Colt asked for UMB to be added, just for laughs. Maria reluctantly agreed, and then Burchill spoke up. He calmly said, if they were adding people, he knew CIMA was in the building and wasn’t booked, so add him as well. Maria liked this, and made it a 4 way elimination match, Colt V Burchill V Ultramantis V CIMA for the title.

Match 1: Susumu Yokosuka beat Jerelle Clark after Clark missed the 630 and Yokosuka hit the Yokosuka Cutter. Good opener, with Clark being his usual self and Yokosuka being a total dick, acting superior,
pulling Clark up on pinfalls, using the ropes, just full bore asshole mode. I loved it.

Match 2: MurderDeathKill (Younger/Prohibition) beat Team NRG(Conway/Dinsmore) when they pinned Conway with the Grave Filler (SpikeDeath Valley Bomb). Conway and Dinsmore did work well together, but MDK just, well, murdered them. A brutal squash as they just ran right over the more experienced team. After they got the pinfall, they proceeded to lay in a beating, using a steel chair and a kendo stick
on Conway and Dinsmore, just furthering the beatdown before leaving them in the ring, bleeding. Guess you can take the guys out of the UltraViolence, but not take the UltraViolence out of the ring.

Match 3: 3.0 (Parker/Matthews) beat The Order of Neo-Solar Temple (Crossbones/FRIGHTMARE w/UMB) with Matthews sunset flipping Frightmare. Frightmare was the replacement for UMB, decked out in Neo Order gear. No explanation was given as to why Frightmare has joined them, but 3.0 still won with a sunset flip, although Black was quick to blame Crossbones for not breaking up the cover, so it looks like Crossbones is still the butt of UMB’s anger.

Match 4: Tara defeated Alexis Laree with the Widow’s Peak after Daizee Haze ran in and nailed Laree with the Mind Trip onto a chair. Tara, unsurprisingly, got a big pop for her entrance, but she quickly turned on the fans, grabbing the mic and complaining that she had to Qualify for the title match while MsChif just got free entry? With some more complaining about how everyone was against her and conspiracies and such, I was never happier to hear Laree’s music in my life (even if she was singing it). Tara attacked first, but Laree controlled for most of the match, until Tara ‘accidentally’ nailed the ref. She got for a chair, swung, missed, Laree went for a DDT, Haze appeared out of nowhere, nailed the Mind Trip onto the chair and then ran off, Tara picking up the scraps. Not sure if Haze and Tara are aligned or if Haze just hates Laree, guess I’ll have to go see TPWW to find out.

Match 5: Petey Williams defeated Tyson Dux and Hade Vansen to win the PW3 Californian Title with the Canadian Destroyer on Dux. Simple, clear match, but good. Petey was heroic babyface, Dux was a selfish
coward and Hade was there to run interference. Not as long as I hoped (but then there were a lot of matches to get through), and in the end, Petey got the Destroyer and pinned Dux. Hade shook his hand afterwards, while Dux had a hissy fit.

Match 6: MurderDeathKill beat 3.0 to win the PW3 Tag Team Championship with a Grave Filler on the floor. This beatdown was just as bad as NRG, as 3.0 got practically nothing, Prohibition and Younger just
brutalising them. Sick, but enjoyable, watching MDK just brutally beat down opponents. After they won the match, they AGAIN attacked their opponents and left them bloody, this time using the PW3 Tag Title
Belts as the weapons.

Match 7: Sara Del Rey beat Mercedes Martinez to advance to the TPWW Championship match with the Royal Butterfly. MsChif’s gonna have her work cut out for her, as Del Rey was another total bitch to advance, countering the Bull Run into the Butterfly in a way I can’t really explain (her arms seemed to dislocate…). Probably the worst match of the night, but then on any other show, this would be one of the best, which should tell you how good the matches were.

Main Event: CIMA defeated Ultramantis Black, Colt Cabana and Paul Burchill to win the PW3 Championship. UMB tried to bring Crossbones and Frightmare with him, but the ref ordered them to the back, while Nikita gave Burchill a good luck kiss then walked to the back. Asuperb match, with UMB the first eliminated as he ate a Colt 45 and was pinned. Crossbones and Frightmare had to come out and drag him to the back as he kicked and screamed revenge on Colt. Burchill then soon after pinned Colt with the C4, the two having a breathtaking display of European Wrestling. So it was down to CIMA/Burchill. Burchill was getting quite the response, while CIMA had done very little during the
match, playing keep away and flat out running. But as Burchill began to beat him down, CIMA began to bend the rules, then flat out cheat, using the ropes for leverage, thumbs to the eyes, a low blow or 3,
trying like hell to stop Burchill, but he might as well have been spitting at the ocean. But as Burchill hit the C4 on CIMA, The Pink Ladies (Madison Eagles and Jessie McKay) from TPWW ran out and
distracted the ref, allowing Yokosuka to come out and nail Burchill with a steel chair. CIMA covered as the group left… And got 2. The Ladies again tried to distract the ref, but then Nikita and Maria came
out and got into an argument with them and the ref. Unfortunately, that allowed CIMA and Yokosuka free reign with Burchill in the ring, as they pinballed him between the two of them with chair shot after
chair shot, Burchill taking nearly a dozen before he went down. CIMA then nailed the Egoist Schwein onto the PW3 Title belt, covered with feet on the ropes AND Yokosuka holding down Burchill’s legs, and
Burchill STILL kicked out, but after the 3 count. CIMA, Yokosuka and the Pink Ladies then hightailed it, as Burchill got up and looked REALLY pissed to end the show.

Pro Wrestling 3.0 (PW3) presents
“Professional Wrestling: Aftermath”

July 30th, 2010

8:00 PM belltime.

18+ Only.
Tickets: $30 Front Row, $20 Seating, $10 Gen Admission. All Front Row seats sold will receive free of charge a PW3 Prize Pack, including TPWW 18 Month Calendar, Discount Voucher for later PW3 show, and much more!

No sooner had the bell run, crowning CIMA as the new PW3 Champion, than CO/COO Maria’s office was inundated with demands, requests, and questions. Why has Frightmare joined the Neo Solar Temple? Can MurderDeathKill be stopped? And just what is going on with CIMA, Yokosuka and the Pink Ladies? Hopefully, some answers will be given, and some payback received as Pro Wrestling 3.0 presents “Aftermath”.

The main event of the evening will be a tag match as CIMA and Susumu Yokosuka will be forced to face the man they screwed out of the PW3 Title, Paul Burchill in tag team wrestling. CIMA and Yokosuka, with the help of Madison Eagles and Jessie McKay stole the PW3 title with a multitude of chair shots and the title belt itself. CO/COO Maria was set to have CIMA defend the title against Burchill one-on-one, but Eagles, as CIMA’s new “Manager, Valet and Significant Other” enforced the 30 day rule, saying CIMA did not have to defend his title for 30 days. Thusly, to give Burchill, the official #1 Contender for the
title, some chance at retribution, he is been given a chance to get his hands on both CIMA and Yokosuka. Standing alongside him, as well as Nikita, is a surprising name, Hade Vansen. Hade volunteered himself, looking to prove himself to the fans and to his countryman Burchill. The Ripper has accepted him, and so the battle lines have been drawn.

Less clear cut is the issue between The Pink Ladies and Nikita and CO/COO Maria. The Pink Ladies issued a challenge for the two women, to have their own tag match. But Maria refused, stating that she is not a
wrestler any more, she’s a businesswoman. But regardless of what matches are to take place, all 4 women will be in the building, and are set to collide in the ring, if not in a match.

Another issue stemming from the World Title match was Colt Cabana and Ultramantis Black. Ultramantis was irate at being eliminated from the match by Colt, and had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, from the ring. He has accused Colt of ‘stealing his destiny’, and has issued a challenge for a 6 man tag match, with all 3 members of The Order of the Neo Solar Temple, Ultramantis Black, Crossbones and their new member Frightmare, teaming for the first time as a unit. Colt quickly agreed, and got back up in the form of Team N.R.G, Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore. This match will hopefully settle this issue, but chances are it will only make things worse, before they get better.

‘Aftermath’ will also see some firsts in title defences. 3 Titles will be defended at ‘Aftermath’, with the first ever TPWW Championship and TPWW Tag Championship title defences set to take place here in PW3, in a furthering of the union between the two companies.

But there will be a PW3 title defended, as Petey Williams, at his own request, defends against Jerelle Clark. Williams was said to be upset at the disrespect Yokosuka showed Clark in their match at ‘Restarted’, and wanted to give the man a chance at a proper match. The match has been signed, and will go down.

2 more matches signed for ‘Aftermath’ are matches that may not be for the weak of heart. MurderDeathKill made good on their promise to run rampant over the Tag Division, brutalizing both Team N.R.G and 3.0 with ferocious energy and unmatched rage. But 3.0 have vowed not to curl up and die, although they may have bitten off more than they can chew, as they have challenged the members of MDK, Drake Younger and Josh Prohibition to singles matches… With No Disqualification. Both members of MDK have extensive experience with UltraViolence, and were able to brutalize their opponents without using weapons in the Tag Title Tournament. Matthews will face Younger while Parker will take on Prohibition, and without rules to hold them in, these may well be their final matches for PW3, and it might well be said that they signed their own death warrants.

And finally, ‘Aftermath’ will see the PW3 debut of ‘Sweet ‘N’ Sour’ Larry Sweeney. Sweeney, who claims that he’s such a big star no one company can contain him, has issued an open challenge for a mystery
client who he claims he has just signed, at great personal expense, from ‘the other side of the globe, you know, down there!’. Tyson Dux, eager to wipe away the stain of losing the fall in the Californian
Title match, has agreed to what Sweeney has dubbed ‘A Massive Challenge’. Who is this client, and will Dux be able to handle him?

All this and more, at Pro Wrestling 3.0’s ‘Aftermath’!

Card Subject To Change.

Sports Wrestling Extreme: Risqué Business Results

The show opens as advertised with a live performance from Los Luchagors. And holy crap, does Amy Dumas look smoking tonight! Our ring announcer welcomes us and informs us that all matches here in Sports Wrestling Extreme will be contested with no count outs, but there will be disqualifications unless otherwise stated. They we kick right into music for the Embassy.

Bison Smith w/ Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris vs. Balls Mahoney

Bison Smith came out first to allow plenty of time for Prince Nana to do his normal ripping of the fans and dehumanizing of women. Balls came out to a modified version of his song to shut Nana up and lead everyone in singing his song as he walked throughout the crowd with plenty of crotch chops and ball grabbing. This was the typical big man matchup with Balls getting the early fast start, but it took a distraction from Nana for Bison to take control. Bison then held the advantage for most of the match, mostly working the back, with Balls storming towards the end with his normal offense including the famous “Balls” punches. The ending came as Balls tried to go for the Nutcracker Suite, but his back gave out on him. Bison took advantage and drilled Balls with a power bomb for the victory.

Winner: Bison Smith

After the bell, Nana and Ernesto start stomping on Balls, along with Bison, when Balls’ backup finally shows up… and he had some big backup… Big Daddy V in the silk purple pajamas! Bison stands right up to Big Daddy V and slaps him before bailing and throwing Ernesto into his path. V ends up slamming down the lackey and hitting him with a huge splash. Balls and Big Daddy V celebrate as V actually took off my top! Thank god no children were here! Immediately out of the back comes Cassandro El Exotico, who looks thrilled by what he sees in front of him, yet he doesn’t know what to do. Eventually, he goes after V’s pants, which causes V to freak out and leave as Mahoney tries to calm down the big man. Staff members immediately bring out the props as this leads to the next match.

Cirque du Soleil Match: Cassandro El Exotico vs. Beef Wellington

Simply put, this has to be the most unique match you will ever see. There were trampolines and large hoops all over the ring, a trapeze hanging from the ceiling about 15 feet above the ring, and rope ladders draped down all the way to the ring. And that was just the setup. Exotico and Beef both have the most out there gimmick of being completely gay and the hilarity that ensued was priceless. There was no DQ, but the ref nearly threw the match out for both trying to undress each other. Once we finally got the match with actual wrestling, the action was fast and furious with very little in terms of slowing down. Some of the more unusual spots included Exotico using the hula hoops to drag Beef around ringside and crashing him into everything. But there were spins, flips, and moonsaults everywhere and off of everything, including Beef running down the aisle, bouncing off the trampoline, off the top rope, and then going into a shooting star press on Exotico! Yet, that didn’t put him away so he went for the rope ladder and tried a moonsault , but missed badly. This led to the ending as Cassandro quickly assigned the rope ladder and went on the trapeze! He swung quickly then came off, connecting with an insane 810 degree splash! Yes, it was a 450 with a full extra rotation and that ended the match. Both men got a huge standing ovation afterwards.

Winner: Cassandro El Exotico

Justin Credible then comes out to complain about not being drafted by anyone and then not being told his opponent for tonight. This then brings out “The Living Legend” Larry Zbysko of all people, being escorted by The Lovely Lacey, who tells us all that he is in charge of Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Larry noticed a bachelor party in the front row and got the soon-to-be groom to reveal himself. Lacey was sent down to give him a lap dance. She started, but slapped the guy silly after five seconds and walked away in disgust. Larry just shrugged and went back to Justin. He said he asked Justin Credible to come here to show that he still had what it took to be Xtreme and his opponent tonight is just the same… Super Crazy! But that’s for later on and ordered him out of the ring.

Sean “Val Venis” Morley vs. Joey Ryan w/ Jimmy Rave and Prince Nana

Definitely not the greatest match, but not horrible either. Morley was in full porn star mode, giving his towel away to a lovely lady, doing the whole routine, and definitely not leaving out the X-rated parts. Joey Ryan had most of the crew with him for this one, but no Osiris for obvious reasons. Both men were pretty motivated, but it was pretty much ten minutes of Morely trying to gain every advantage he could, but Joey Ryan cutting him off at the pass. Eventually, Morley did get control, but was distracted long enough by Jimmy Rave for Joey Ryan to hit the Mustache Ride for the win.

Winner: Joey Ryan

Nana then grabbed the microphone and called out Romero for his match with Rave. Romero did come out, but he wasn’t alone, as Julius Smokes came out with him as his manager.

Rocky Romero w/ Julius Smokes vs. Jimmy Rave w/ Prince Nana and Joey Ryan

Very fast paced match early, somewhat surprising for a Jimmy Rave match, but it allowed Romero to be in control until Joey Ryan tripped up Romero. The ref didn’t see enough of it, but still sent Joey Ryan to the back. Jimmy Rave then dominated for the next few minutes, working over the back with any hold he could apply, even taking a break to mock Romero’s “Azucar” dance move. Romero tried staging comebacks on several attempts, but kept being knocked back down by Rave. Eventually Rave would try to stop Romero’s momentum with a Yazuka kick in the corner, but Romero ended up lifting him up and dropping him balls first on the ropes. From here, Romero dominated until he looked to put Rave away with the ankle lock, but this brought out Joey Ryan and Bison Smith. The ref the match out, but almost immediately the lights went out in the building. Through the light bulb flashes, you could see The Embassy make a triangle around Romero. When the lights came on, Romero was nowhere to be seen and the Embassy look confused. Smokes was at the entrance and called for a “black out”. The lights went out again and went out quickly for four men, one at each turnbuckle, to fly into the ring, taking out every member of the Embassy. Romero was one of them… the others were Ruckus, Sabian, and Joker… Team BLKOUT! Smokes came back to the ring to chase off Prince Nana and then celebrate with team BLKOUT.

Winner: No contest

We then had an intermission with nothing special happening. Just a chance for everyone to receive complementary drinks from the bar.

Justin Credible vs. Super Crazy

This was a pretty quick match to just the crowd back into the action. Fast paced, plenty of spots, but definitely shorter than it should have been. Super Crazy dominated most of the match, but Credible just hit Crazy with a low blow and finished him with a superkick for the win.

Winner: Justin Credible

Amy Dumas addresses the crowd and thanks them all for showing up. As the band goes to play the next song, we get some Elvis music playing in the background and out comes the Honky Tonk Man! He speaks a bunch of nonsense, pretty much saying that Vegas has no room for Amy’s music, but plenty of room for her at the Gentlemen’s Clubs. Amy then slaps him and the band come to back her up, but get chased off by the guitar. Honky goes to hit Amy, but Bobby Dempsey grabs the guitar and nails Honky Tonk right over the head. He grabs Honky and hits the DVD before removing the straps to a stunning ovation. Amy looks dazed as Bobby walks off and the band gets back into position to start playing “Enter Sandman”.

Xtreme Specialty Showcase: The Sandman vs. Sabu

So Sandman came out through the crowd, via the bar in the balcony. Pretty safe to say he had or, or two, or ten before this match started. The crowd got the classic Sandman entrance and the classic Sabu entrance with the lights going out and him appearing in the center of the ring. This match was a straight forward all out street fight. The glory days of ECW were alive and well in these two as they brought out everything from tables, ladders, and chairs to Singapore canes, trash cans, and even a kitchen sink! Both men went through their classic spots and even got a bit innovative by bringing the trampolines from under the ring for some massive momentum on the cane shots. The ending finally came when Sabu threw enough chairs on Sandman in the corner and went coast to coast with a dropkick into the seated Sandman. Both men got standing ovation as their battered and bloody bodies made their way to the back. Safe to say, both men should be back.

Winner: Sabu

The All-Night Express (Rhett Tutus and Kenny King) w/ Austin Aries vs. Up in Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy)

Aries grabs the microphone to simply spew the propaganda about being the greatest in the world and being with the greatest tag team in the world. He stayed out at ringside for this match, which was much more competitive than one would imagine, though it could have maybe done without the three dozen crotch grabs that Titus did. Up in Smoke nearly had the match won on a handful of occasions, but King and Titus would always break up the pinfalls. The ending finally came when Titus hit an inverted atomic drop, but held Cloudy so King could step off Titus’ back for an enziguri, with Titus bridging over for the three count.

Winners: Rhett Titus and Kenny King

Main Event: “A Double” Austin Aries vs. BxB Hulk

With Aries already at ringside, he got to spout off more about his competition being nowhere near his level. BxB Hulk just interrupts him with two dancing girls wearing silver bikinis to match his silver pants. Not sure who the girls were, but I really don’t think it matters here. Both were hot and they could dance like nobody’s business. This was the best non-hardcore match of the night as Aries and Hulk were on their games. Both also fought pretty stiff, with back and forth shots before Aries would take control. He dominated most of the match, Hulk got his rally, but Aries would end up with winning with a brainbuster followed by his 450 splash.

Winner: Austin Aries

Sports Entertainment Xtreme (SEX) Presents: Battle on the Strip

Saturday August 14th, 2010
From the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas
8:00 PM bell time.
21+ Only.
Tickets: $50 First Two Rows, $40 Rows 3 and 4, $30 All Other Floor Seating, $30 Balcony Front Row, $15 General Admission

Sports Entertainment Xtreme Returns on Saturday August 14th, from the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, right on the strip of Las Vegas! Due to the nature of this event and the full availability of various alcohols, we do ask that only those fans over the age of 21 attend. Smoking will be permitted at his event! However, food will not be available for purchase due to Las Vegas laws.

Main Event: “A Double” Austin Aries vs. Rocky Romero

Embassy vs. BLKOUT: Ruckus w/ Julius Smokes vs. Jimmy Rave w/ Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris

Embassy vs. BLKOUT:Sabian w/ Julius Smokes vs. Joey Ryan w/ Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris

Embassy vs. BLKOUT: Joker w/ Julius Smokes vs. Bison Smith w/ Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris

Tag Team Action: The All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King) vs. Sabu and The Sandman

International Affair: BxB Hulk vs. Super Crazy

More Tag Action: Up in Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy) vs. 2 Girls, 1 Cup (Beef Willington and Greg Excellent)

ECW Originals Collide: Balls Mahoney vs. Justin Credible

Cirque du Soleil Returns: Cassanadro El Exotico vs. Bobby Dempsey

Live Music from Los Luchagors
Amy Dumas will lead her band into Las Vegas to perform the theme music for every SEX performer!

Also scheduled to appear: Sean “Val Venis” Morley, Big Daddy V, and MORE!!!

That’s all nine wrestling cards, results and the second show that our players would book! Did you like how it all turned out? Hated something with a passion? Let us know in the comments section below. Our nine players will return one more time for a final post-draft Q&A round table with their own thoughts and opinions about how this year’s draft turned out. We’ll see you then!


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