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411’s PPV Roundtable Preview: TNA Slammiversary VIII

June 11, 2010 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Welcome, 411 wrestling readers, to 411Mania’s TNA Pay-Per-View Roundtable for June! Last month the name of the game was Sacrifice, and in the main event Rob Van Dam retained his TNA World Heavyweight Title against the man he beat for the belt in AJ Styles. The Band retained their Tag Team Titles against Ink Inc., Madison Rayne sent Tara packing from TNA in a title vs. career match for the Knockouts Title and Douglas Williams regained the X-Division Title he never really lost by defeating Kazarian. Orlando Jordon failed to take the Global Title away from Rob Terry, the Motor City Machine Guns won a shot at the tag team titles, and Jeff Hardy beat Mr. Anderson while Sting took down Jeff Jarrett. And Abyss won Chelsea and retained his Hall of Fame ring by defeating Desmond Wolfe.

This month is one of TNA’s flagship Pay-Per-View events. Slammiversary celebrates its seventh year and in the main event we have Rob Van Dam defending his World Title against the Icon himself, Sting! Madison Rayne has a new challenger to the Knockouts Title to fight off in the returning Roxxi, while Douglas Williams and Brian Kendrick will face off for the X-Division strap. Opponents last month, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson have teamed up to take on Beer Money while Abyss and Desmond Wolfe will do battle in Monster’s Ball. Former tag team partners collide as Matt Morgan faces Hernandez, Jesse Neal will battle Brother Ray, The Phenomenal AJ Styles locks up with Jay Lethal and Kurt Angle begins his path up the top ten by taking on Kazarian. Let’s check out what the 411 Staff has to say, shall we?

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Joining the Roundtable this month are:

Chad Nevett of “High Road/Low Road” and the Impact R’s!
The man behind “Buy or Sell,” the Wrestling Top 5 and the NXT R’s, Michael Bauer!
Michael Weyer of “Shining a Spotlight” fame!
Our very own Raw and Impact recapper, Ronnie LaFianza!
And of course, yours truly Jeremy Thomas!


Definitely not one of my favorites. Their “Before the Bell” actually presented this properly as an epic event.

TNA Slammiversary VII


Kurt Angle vs. Kaz

Chad Nevett: I love the new Kurt Angle program — it’s the only good use of the rankings system yet. I’m less high on Kazarian trying to become the latest Ric Flair protégé. Both of those stories meet here, making this a match that both men need to win. But, Kazarian will survive a loss and Kurt Angle has nine more opponents to get through.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Michael Bauer: I actually kind of like this concept of Kurt Angle wanting to fight his back to the top. It’s not something you see at all… ever… and it looks like that even with winning, he will be putting a lot of people over along the way.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Michael Weyer: The idea of Angle working his way back up the rankings is a good one and if it’s handled well, TNA’s got a winning gimmick. The bout should be good as Angle gets the first win here to kick this off.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Ronnie LaFianza: This should be a great match, and I’m definitely looking forward to it. Angle going through the Top Ten is a very interesting storyline, but I’m curious as to how long it can last. I mean, doesn’t TNA have to update the rankings at some point. If they don’t, then I’m guessing this whole Angle thing will end where Angle beats Sting at No Surrender, and then challenges Van Dam at Bound for Glory for the belt. As for this match, it should be good, but the winner is obvious.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Jeremy Thomas: Count me among my fellows in liking the way they’re booking Angle here. Once he works his way through the top contenders, he’s going to be on a huge roll of momentum and the crowd will be more than ready to see him fight for the World Title. Kaz and Angle have impressed together before and this should be no different, but Angle is the clear winner here and he’ll move onto #9.

Winner: Kurt Angle

411Mania Roundtable Consensus: Kurt Angle (5-0)

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal

Chad Nevett: This could be a pretty good match. The part of the Kaz/Flair angle I’m not liking is AJ’s place, but if it means he turns face again, it will be worth it. The only way for that to happen is for Flair to get involved here and cost AJ the match when things go wrong.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Michael Bauer: Wow, from World Champ to this? I can’t see AJ losing here as he is still light years further up the chain than Lethal could ever dream of being.

Winner: AJ Styles

Michael Weyer: Ah, AJ. A couple of months ago, world champion, now fighting the Randy Savage knock-off. The bout should be a fair one but hard to see it really helping AJ for the near future.

Winner: The Phenomenal One

Ronnie LaFianza: Another match that should be great, although this taking place on PPV is kind of weird. Lethal doesn’t really seem to be in AJ’s league, but even at that, I’m still thinking Lethal may pull out the victory. I’m guessing that Flair will interfere and distract AJ, allowing Lethal to pick up the shocking win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Jeremy Thomas: This one could really go either way. AJ’s obviously the higher guy in terms of the card, but they seem to want to put Lethal over too so I could see either of them winning. Ultimately though I don’t see Lethal being too hurt by the loss and AJ needs the win more, so this should end up with Styles going over in what should be a decent match.

Winner: AJ Styles

411Mania Roundtable Consensus: AJ Styles (3-2)

Jesse Neal vs. Brother Ray

Chad Nevett: This has been okay, but I don’t totally buy the story. Brother Ray is too experienced to be put out by a student stepping out on his own. It doesn’t ring true entirely. Plus, friction between Team 3D? Why would you bother? Is anyone interested in seeing Team 3D break up? Neal needs to go over to establish himself.

Winner: Jesse Neal

Michael Bauer: This match just screams “Keep it short and keep it painless for my eyes!” Seriously, Jesse Neal has never done anything to make me believe he is worth my time. Brother Ray is kind of the same, except when he has Devon with him. Still, who knows, maybe I will eat those words on Monday Morning. Kinda doubt it though.

Winner: Brother Ray

Michael Weyer: The whole “being pushed out by your student” thing is good but just doesn’t work for Team 3D. This is the test for the angle to see if these guys are going to be able to work the whole thing out but I don’t see it being anymore more than a rough time and hopefully short.

Winner: Neal

Ronnie LaFianza: Why this match is on the PPV I have no idea. It seems like this would turn more buyers away other than bring them in. The match could be alright, but it just reeks of a screw job finish, probably from Neal’s and Moore’s unknown attacker.

Winner: Brother Ray

Jeremy Thomas: I don’t really dig this storyline. The concept is good but for whatever reason it’s just not clicking with me. I don’t expect this to be a great match but I doubt it will suck either; Neal has been improving and Ray can still go from time to time. I think that Neal takes the win here and that will help him quite a bit.

Winner: Jesse Neal

411Mania Roundtable Consensus: Jesse Neal (3-2)

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

Chad Nevett: Well, no Band for us, which is only good. These two should have a decent match. Lots of emotion and passion. I can’t see Morgan walking away the winner with Hernandez just back for revenge and Hogan putting him over so much on Impact.

Winner: Hernandez

Michael Bauer: This was a needed switch from the tag team title match. The Band is as reliable as a watch missing the minute hand and hasn’t worked a good match since WCW. Yet, Morgan vs. Hernandez is a huge story for both guys and a match that has had more than enough build to be a quality encounter. Their match on Impact was a really good big man match and I don’t see why it can’t be topped. But come Hogan, you should know that Shawn Michaels has backstabbed much more than Morgan.

Winner: Hernandez

Michael Weyer: Thank God, no tag title match with the Band. This is a more than worthy substitute as both guys are proven great in the ring and should be able to click together in this battle. Expect a great fast-paced match and given the rub from Hogan, Hernandez should get the win here

Winner: Hernandez

Ronnie LaFianza: Thank God this match was added over the original tag title match. (Speaking of tag title matches, are the Guns ever going to get their shot, or even just appear on Impact again?) This match should be alright, and definitely just the beginning to a really long rivalry between these two that will probably last the entire summer. Since this rivalry most likely will continue, I’m saying Hernandez will win by countout.

Winner: Hernandez

Jeremy Thomas: We knew this feud would happen upon Hernandez’s return, and here you have it. Both men have talent and both man have the ability to let that talent down if the mood strikes them, so this match could be range from great to boring. In terms of the winner, you can’t just have Hernandez lose right out of the gate especially considering the circumstances and I think he beats Morgan here.

Winner: Hernandez

411Mania Roundtable Consensus: Hernandez (5-0)

Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss

Chad Nevett: Why is this match happening? Maybe Wolfe will get a win back. I suspect something will happen that will make Chelsea turn on Wolfe, though, and cost him the match with her becoming Abyss’s valet permanently.

Winner: Abyss

Michael Bauer: This is Abyss’ specialty right here, but don’t underestimate Wolfe in this match. Desmond can brawl with the best of them, but still, I’m not sure how effective his lariats will be in this match. Also, for as much as he brawls, I really haven’t seen Desmond in any type of true hardcore match. So Abyss has the huge edge here and I can’t see how he doesn’t win.

Winner: Abyss

Michael Weyer: I prefer when they save Monster’s Ball for Bound For Glory. It should be a wild match with lots of blood and spots and tempting to say Wolfe. However, this is Abyss’ specialty and hard to see him lose here.

Winner: Abyss

Ronnie LaFianza: Hey, this match is now somewhat interesting with the added stipulation. These two had an average match at Sacrifice, but with the added stipulation of Monster’s Ball, this could easily, and most likely will, be better. I’m just hoping that this is the end of this rivalry though, as it really has been stupid. Wolfe needs a win here as he hasn’t won a PPV match since January.

Winner: Desmond Wolfe

Jeremy Thomas: I’m actually glad to see this feud continue. The storylines around them may have been silly, but I like both men and I think they’ll get creative in Monster’s Ball. This will go back and forth and I have a feeling Chelsea will get involved, costing Abyss the match and giving Desmond a much-needed win.

Winner: Desmond Wolfe

411Mania Roundtable Consensus: Abyss (3-2)

Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson vs. Beer Money

Chad Nevett: Thrown together for no real reason other than to get these four guys on the card. Works for me. This could be good. Beer Money has been eating it lately, but TNA is high on both Hardy and Anderson, so back the favorites.

Winners: The Moron and the Asshole

Michael Bauer: Hardy and Anderson seems like such a weird team and I still have to believe that this will be a swerve with Anderson going back to being heel, which is just so much more his style. Sorry, but it’s true, I have never liked him as a face. Plus, I have Abyss and Styles winning already and you can’t have one side when the two “other” matches with the leader losing his.

Winners: BEER! MONEY!

Michael Weyer: Thrown together like this, it could be either fun or painful. The smart money is on Anderson turning on Jeff and going heel again as I don’t see them as a serious team. So I’ll go with the vets here who need a win to build back the tag division a bit.

Winner: BEER! MONEY!

Ronnie LaFianza: This match could be really fun, and the smart decision here will see Anderson turn on Hardy and finally giving Beer Money a PPV win. Hardy and Anderson can put on some good matches, and having them continue their feud instead of adding them into a tag division that doesn’t need any more teams seems like the right decision.

Winner: Beer Money

Jeremy Thomas: They just turned Anderson and having him turn back would make no sense to me. This match doesn’t have a lot of a story behind it, but all four men should deliver nicely in the ring. Beer Money can take the loss and still be perfectly well over, so I think the singles guys get the win here.

Winner: Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson

411Mania Roundtable Consensus: Beer Money (3-2)

Brian Kendrick vs. Douglas Williams ©

Chad Nevett: Wow, way to build this feud up… this would be a good match given some decent time, but this is one cramped card, so I wouldn’t expect much, sadly. I see no reason to take the belt off of Williams yet.

Winner and STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Douglas Williams

Michael Bauer: With the way they have been booking Kendrick lately, I can’t see how he beats Douglass Williams. Sure, he beat Homicide on Impact, who has been booked worse than him lately. Plus, Williams has the gimmick change ever since the British / International / Whatever group disbanded and taking the title off him now seems like a huge mistake.

Winner: Douglas Williams

Michael Weyer: If it gets enough time, it should be good but worried with the card so crowded. Tempting to think Kendrick wins but they just started the push on Williams so unlikely he’d drop the belt so soon.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Doug Williams

Ronnie LaFianza: I was originally looking forward to this match, and then I got to see Kendrick wrestle on Impact and realized that he may not be the best challenger. I’m a fan of Kendrick, but I’m not sure if I want to pay to see him hit 50 forearms and a kick to the face for a win. Williams is doing damn fine as the X-Division champion (or at least when he appears on Impact once a month) and should definitely retain the belt.

Winner: Doug Williams

Jeremy Thomas: What much else is there to say? Both men will give in their all and this could be a great match if it gets the time, but there’s no reason to take the belt of Douglas right now. He’ll roll on as he should.

Winner: Doug Williams

411Mania Roundtable Consensus: Douglas Williams (5-0)

Roxxi vs. Madison Rayne ©

Chad Nevett: Whatever. The Beautiful People have all the belts. Why change it now?

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne

Michael Bauer: They still have a Knockouts division? I thought with Kong leaving, there would be nothing left, since these girls just don’t have it in the ring. Whatever, TNA needs one new champ it seems.

Winner: Roxxi

Michael Weyer: With Kong and Tara gone, they need to beef up the Knockouts a bit more. Madison has been good as champ but having her lose this would be a hit on the Beautiful People and Roxxi is a Knockouts vet who’s long deserved a run at the top.

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Roxxi

Ronnie LaFianza: I’m a big fan of Roxxi’s, and I honestly think that she should have won the title at BFG 08. Putting that aside, this could be do or die for Roxxi. She’s been in the title picture and then put on the backburner multiple times. If she doesn’t win the belt here, I feel like she never will.

Winner: Roxxi

Jeremy Thomas: There’s more variety with Roxxi as the champion and she can proceed to defend the belts against the entirety of the Beautiful People and whoever else may come along. I enjoy Roxxi as a competitor and she’s done enough for this company, she deserves a run with the belt. Now is probably the time.

Winner: Roxxi

411Mania Roundtable Consensus: Roxxi (4-1)

Sting vs. RVD ©

Chad Nevett: I’m still confused as to how Sting became the number contender, but this feud hasn’t been too bad yet. This is a match where I could see them swerving and putting the belt on Sting — if only to reveal why he’s been doing what he’s doing and the truth about TNA or whatever it was that he was babbling on about last week. I’ve liked RVD’s fighting champion attitude, but would like it more if matches lasted longer than five minutes. Fuck it, put the belt on the Icon!

Winner and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Sting

Michael Bauer: I think this actually falls under the category “Dream Matches I Wish I Could Have Seen Ten Years Ago”. Seriously, both of these guys can still go in the ring and it should be eons better than RVD’s 30 second squashing of Sting when he debuted. So I expect a great match, but this would be so much better had this been a first time match.

Winner: Rob Van Damn

Michael Weyer: I still think getting rid of King of the Mountain was a bad move as the match was a Slammiversary staple. Ten years ago, this would have been an awesome encounter but today, I expect both guys to be average at best. Sting is just going to give RVD the rub of beating an “Icon” to establish himself as a bigger champion and we can hope it’s a fair battle to please the fans.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: RVD

Ronnie LaFianza: Why are we not getting KOTM this year? I don’t understand why, as I always made sure to watch Slammiversary for the match. This year I probably won’t be getting the show. Honestly, having these two guys and throwing in Anderson, Hardy and Styles in KOTM would have sold this show for me. I think one of the main reasons we’re not getting KOTM this year is because RVD’s going to be retaining the belt. This match could be good, but I’m not expecting much. Expect RVD to win and defend the belt against Angle at BFG.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Jeremy Thomas: This match does have potential. Yes, Sting is well up there in age but he and RVD should be able to work a good match and while shenanigans will undoubtedly ensue in an overbooked fashion I will enjoy the ring work. Taking the belt of RVD would be a mistake at this point. Sting doesn’t need it and the fans are digging Van Dam; let him keep it a while longer.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

411Mania Roundtable Consensus: Rob Van Dam (4-1)

There you have it folks. And now for the monthly Roundtable awards…the 411Mania staff’s sure pick of the show and anyone’s game match!

Sure Pick of the Show: Kurt Angle over Kaz, Hernandez over Matt Morgan and Douglas Williams over Brian Kendrick (5-0)
Anyone’s Game: Styles over Lethal, Neal over Ray, Abyss over Wolfe & Beer Money over Anderson/Hardy (3-2)

And now it’s time for the Final standings! Sacrifice was a better PPV for predictions, thanks to no sudden match changes or wacky environmental impacts. Chad went a stellar 8 for 9 while Cook went 7 for 9, leaving Larry and myself at 6 for 9. Not bad at all…so now it’s the final standings for the “year!”

Mathew Sforcina: 21 of 25 (84.00%)
Chad Nevett: 41 of 56 (73.21%)
Julian Bond: 45 of 71 (63.38%)
Jeremy Thomas: 60 of 96 (62.50%)
Steve Cook: 10 for 16 (62.50%)
Larry Csonka: 40 of 65 (61.54%)
Andy Clark: 29 of 47 (61.70%)
Michael Weyer: 51 of 86 (59.30%)

A very strong run by Chad put a challenge up for Sforcina, but it wasn’t enough and Mathew is our winner for 2009 – 2010! The new year starts with Slammiversary, and we’ll see how we all did next month!

And, of course, don’t forget to join us Sunday night for LIVE coverage starting at 7:30 pm!


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