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411’s WWA Eruption Coverage *** AJ Styles Vs, Nova

April 14, 2002 | Posted by Widro

A black limo is pulling up.

Andrew McManus greets Jeff Jarrett, and he is barred from the building by Sid! He has a message for Sid and hits McManus, and says the Chosen One will be back. He damn well better be.

The Tantric Revolution song plays, and it’s the WWA intro.

There is a giant volcano in the entrance. Lots of pyro as the announcers blather on and on.

Another car pulls up, and Sid is here with a cane.

The ring announcer is very fat. He botches most of the welcome message. What an idiot. Disco Infermo!

Nova vs. AJ Styles
Nova is from Toms River NJ? Hey that’s close to me. Anyway. The announcer’s audio is not working. Borash says Nova is called the Innovator of Offense. Isn’t that Kanyon? Styles kicks Nova’s handshake attempt, so we know Styles is the heel. Borash notes that these guys were the final two in last PPV’s 6-way match. Wow some booking sense! Some back and forth stuff to start. Wow awesome face first powerbomb by Nova. Nova steps up on a kneeling Styles and hits a stiff kick to the back of the head for 2. Nova with a half crab called a “twisted sister” but lets it go. Nova in control. Styles moves for an attempted top rope senton, and goes for a piledriver. Then hits a “Styles clash” which was a cool pancake type move. That gets the pin.
Winner: Styles

That advances Styles in the tournament for a new cruiser champ.


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