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Ask 411 4.30.01: Jarrett, Sting, Mr. Wrestling III, Diesel, Battle Cat

April 30, 2001 | Posted by Craig Letawsky

I just realized that with WWF owning WCW it should be fairly easy for WCW wrestlers (past and present) to appear in the new video games. That would be too cool. Anywho, let’s just cut the chit chat and get to the old bidness.

XTC2874 was the first one to mention who Demolition’s first manager was instead of the Baron: If memory serves me correct, Demolition was first managed by Luscious Johnny Valiant before Mr. Fuji became their manager. Kurtis Osterlund also wrote in with Demo’s original manager and Douglas Smith mentions this Demolition’s original manager was Johnny Valiant. I remember him claiming he found them by placing an ad in USA Today. and also this funny bit Skip Young, as Sweet Brown Sugar, had arguably one of the worst looking masks ever. It looked like it was made from a pair of underware.

The Grey Crane has more on Dutch Savage: Dutch now makes residence in Battle Ground, WA. Still working as a real estate agent for Prudential’s Battle Ground branch. Just thought I’d update you a little bit after reading your latest Ask 411, and I just ran into Dutch at the Coffee shop the other day.
Cool. I’ll tell you some day about my elevator ride with the Godfather in the W Hotel in Manhattan. That’s my brush with greatness…and nearly the end of my life.

MVIEGUY dropped me a line: you have greg valintie mistaken for anto anoki. valentine never won the belt. he was intercontanaltl and tag team champ but never the hevy weight. anoki beat backland in japan but only held it for a brief time.

Valentine was never credited with holding the title as it was immediately vacated when the ref gave it to the wrong man. You are correct though about Antonio Inoki. Kurtis Osterlund brought up the similar Backlund/Inoki angle: Backlund also lost the WWF title to Antonio Innoki in 82 or 83, I’m not sure about the date, but it is not recognized by the WWF as it happened in Japan and Backlund won the title back days later. It is listed in the PWI almanac for those who care.

Mitchell Smallman has more detail on Shawn Michael’s finishers: Just to let you know, Micheals finishers were a bit more varied than the suplex and the chin music. The Micheals back suplex was a variation in that he grabbed the opponent around one thighand dropped him back. I personally thought it was cool because he got the opponent ALOT higher than a back suplex, but Vince still was forced to use the “he dropped him right on his head!” phrase to get it over like he had to for Goldusts/Roadies reverse suplex. AFter Micheals realized what a stretch it was for the suplex to be a finisher, he switched to a basic piledriver. He only started using the Chin Music as a finisher when he was fueding with Diesel, as he had cost him his match with Razor Ramon with it, and eliminated him from the Royal Rumble with it, so he stated in an interview that it was Nash’s “achilles heel.” Once he could take out Nash with it, he could take out anyone. The piledriver is interesting because his archnemesis Bret Hart used it for a finish for awhile as well! Keep up the good work!

Since we’re on the Rocker portion of our program Michael Hale chips in Marty Jannety lives and works out here in Columbus, GA!!!!! He is a whole lot bigger in person. Good column, once again.

Also Colin Steel: Nice column, I enjoy it every week. One correction — The Rockers used a finishing move in which they’d both land a flying fist from the top rope (I don’t remember what it was called). The move you called the Rockerplex was used by Power & Glory (Hercules and Paul Roma).

Actually Colin in the two matches that I described they used the Rockerplex and the dropkick modification but I’m sure they did use the fistdrop or variations as a finisher. Tom Galen mentioned the fist drop thingy too.

Here’s a great story from Cory Carlson: Love the column, keep up the good work. I have a little more information for you on the good Baron. After the AWA flamed out, the Baron was a substitute teacher in his hometown of Prior Lake, MN. The strange part was hearing him talk so normally (in a deep, soft, and quiet voice). At the very least he was very intimidating and nobody challenged him (he also never stated that, “that was all the people need to know” in history class).

Dracotis has some musings on me mocking Daving17’s use of the word “Promulgate”:don’t listen to the querimonious masses! you are the extirpator of knowledge and ubiquity! did macho man suffer from tic-dourouleux or was it just an act?

Ultimate Warrior? Is that you?

Hey, don’t feel you have to just correct my wrestling either …I have a world of knowledge that isn’t quite right. Matt agrees: It was actually a guy by the name of Nicola Tesla who invented radio… Marconi was an intellectual thief who stole Tesla’s work and passed it off as his own. There was actually a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that determined that radio was Tesla’s. (And yes, this is where the hard-rock band got their name…) Tesla’s other contributions to modern life are the appropriately named Tesla Coil (still used today) and the concept of Alternating Current. There are actually a few good websites devoted to Tesla, one of which can be found by heading over to… http://www.neuronet.pitt.edu/~bogdan/tesla/ Sorry, it’s just that the Marconi thing is a pet peeve of mine. Irrational, isn’t it? Keep up the great work!

Yeesh. What was Tesla your uncle? Just kidding…thanks for the clarification. Now on to the all new questions here at Ask411.

Rcp4life99 Q: hey great new column i find out new stuff all the time ok here thes q? i read the jeff jarrett profile nothing was in there about the von erichs i could have sworn that in another organization he was a baby face long haired wrestler that was wrestling with if not mistaken kerry or one of them am i right or no but i swear he did well thx for the cloumn and let me know thx

A: You are absolutely correct – Jarrett did wrestling with the Von Erichs and became somewhat of a tag team specialist in 1989 (read: Not strong enough to be a singles star). He held the World Class Tag Titles in Texas with 3 different partners, Kerry Von Erich, Mil Mascaras and Matt Borne. When the World Class belts were renamed the USWA World Tag Titles, Borne and Jarrett beat Scott Braddock and Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) to claim them.

Thomas Diab Q:Okay, my question is, back in the day of Diesal, not too long before he left WWF, he was involved with a feud with Undertaker. Now, at one point, I remember seeing on a TV taping that UT or his “creatures of the night” brought down a casket, and when Big Daddy Cool looked in that casket, he saw himself. Now, my question is, was that special effects, or some other wrestler that looked like him? I swear that dude looked exactly like him and with the camera’s and crowd right there watching, i’m not thinking they did special effects.

A: I believe it was simply a very good mold of Nash’s head. I seem to remember the casket Nash being pretty waxy looking. For many years, Hollywood has been able to create life-like looking dummy’s. Thing is the dummy probably had a better workrate than Nash in his final few WCW years.

Chuck Wemyss Q:Let me first say that I tremendously enjoy your excellent column. I am an old Mid-South wrestling fan, and I recall when Mid-South changed to a different organization in the mid-1980’s. Right around the time of the change, I believe that Sting debuted as part of a tag team with another wrestler. Could you provide the name of the team and the indentity of Sting’s partner at that time? Also, before the organizational change, Mr. Wrestling II had a protege – a giant guy that I believe went by the name of Mr. Wrestling III. Who was he? Keep up the good work.

A; Sting and his partner debuted under the name the Bladerunners in UWF. His partner was a muscled freak that had tagged with Sting in Power Team, The Freedom Fighters and finally the Bladerunners. The guys name was Jim Hellwig and after their split he went on to become the Dingo Warrior in World Class and finally hit major stardom in the WWF as the Ultimate Warrior. Sting would go on to become Tag champ with Eddie Gilbert and Rick Steiner before becoming a major force in the NWA and then WCW.

Magnum TA fended off his former mentor Mr. Wrestling II in a series of matches and II brought in a monstorous masked man as his new protege. This guy turned out to be Hercules Hernandez. On an interesting side note, in May of 1984 the Midnight Express were to face three challengers that night. The third challengers were Mr. Wrestling II and his protege Mr. Wrestling III but it was very apparent that it was the Rock and Roll Express under the masks and the Express won their first Mid-South Tag Titles.

ABog316 Q:Hi, you have a great column. One of my favorites. Here is my question. A few years back when Superstars was on network tv, I remember seeing this masked wrestler by the name of Battle Kat. He was similar to the Blue Blazer. So my question is do you know who was under the mask? My guess was would be Owen Hart since I believe it was after the Blue Blazer but before Owen started wrestling as himself. Any answer would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

A: Battle Cat was played by a talented wrestler named Brady Boone. Boone was actually named Dean Peters. Peters, although a talented amatuer wrestler, was condsidered too small to be a professional wrestler. He would overcome the odds and wrestle all over the world including stints in WWF and WCW. Boone was fired out of the Battle Cat gimmick and Bob Bradley took over in the WWF but it was Boone that patented the acrobatic style. Boone also wrestled as Firecat and was used as a referree in WCW. He died in a car accident, December 1998, while driving to his home in Tampa after appearing at WCW tapings in Orlando. Rob Van Dam recently stated that he was inspired by smaller athletic wrestlers like Boone instead of the lumbering musclemen in the 80’s WWF.

Matt Hoge Q:Actually, I was hoping if you had some time, if you could go over the Von Erich story…what is going on with the remaining members of the family, and what role these guys played in the various major federations (NWA/WWF). It’s been a while since you have heard about their story and I was kinda hoping to get refreshed on all the details.

A: In the archives for Ask411 2.12.01 I go into fairly decent detail on both the Adkisson family and Kerry Von Erich. It is a very tragic story please check the archived column.

Cactusdjt Q: i got one for my freind and i were watching nitro when it was watchable a few years and and there was this jobber named el diablo negro (the black devel) who is he and what happened to this superstar.

A: I have some trouble remembering this guy. There was a guy who wrestled in the indies under the name El Diablo (No negro though). Taz destroyed him on an ECW TV taping in 1999. This may have been the guy that had the shot on Nitro. There’s also a personality in WCW Mayhem the video game called Diablo. So what right? My apologies on not having more for you.

Well, on that note I am outta here. Send me something at [email protected]



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