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Full Transcript Of Stephanie McMahon’s MSN.com Chat

November 15, 2002 | Posted by Ashish

Below is the full transcript of Stephanie McMahon’s chat on MSN.com:

Stephanie McMahon Thurs., Nov. 14 at 4pm PT, 5pm MTN, 6pm CT, 7pm ET Find out more about Stephanie McMahon from SmackDown http://g.msn.com/1CHENUS/1_1153332_03

DishDiva says: Wow! There are a LOT of questions for WWE’s Stephanie McMahon!

DishDiva says: In just a few moments we will be talking with WWE’s Stephanie McMahon.

DishDiva says: Welcome to MSN Live! This afternoon we are pleased to welcome Stepahnie McMahon to MSN LIve!

Stephanie_McMahon says: Thank you all for joining me tonight. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to as many questions as I have time for.

StephNumber1FanSheena in Onstage4 asks: I LOVE U SOOOOO MUCH I AM SHAKING!!!!!!! AND CRYING!!! OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!


Stephanie_McMahon says: Hello and thank you very much. It feels very good to be so appreciated.

Mjc052 in Onstage7 asks: Hi Stephanie. Do you have any big plans for the future of SmackDown!?

Stephanie_McMahon says: Yes I do, and you’re going to have to wait and see because I’m FULL of surprises.

DishDiva says: Oh, you tease!

Stephanie_McMahon says: (laughs)

Evelyn3354 in Onstage1 asks: Do you still fight with your brother?

Stephanie_McMahon says: Absolutely!

Stephanie_McMahon says: (laughs)

HoT_cHeErLeAdEr_FoR_yOu in Onstage6 asks: Whats it like being the Smackdown General Manger? Is it really hard for you to make descions on what your going to do?

Stephanie_McMahon says: Yes it’s difficult, it’s incredibly challenging but I love being the boss of all those guys.

x_all_GrOwN_up_NoW_x in Onstage6 asks: Stephanie, I could just cry right now. You’re such an inspiration to me. Stephanie, you’re obviously very familiar with the business, what advice would you give to someone, a females in particular, who has hopes of becoming a professional wrestler?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I would say first of all stay in school, get your education, then get some wrestling training, and then come to one of our try outs and go from there.

lwejr316 in Onstage4 asks: Hey Steph, any comments on the kiss with Bischoff during the Halloween show?

Stephanie_McMahon says: No comment.

Trishaholic_4Life in Onstage4 asks: Are you considering on taking Tazz’s suggestion and bring Trish to Smackdown?

RealDealNWF in Onstage1 asks: Stephanie, what are some of the ood points and bad points about growing up in the business.

Stephanie_McMahon says: I would love to bring Trish to Smackdown but she has her sights set on the Women’s Title and unfortunately that title is exclusive to RAW.

Stephanie_McMahon says: I don’t know that there are bad points, maybe odd, but this business has been my life and I love it.

dead_man_walking14 in Onstage5 asks: Is Shane coming back into the WWE?

Stephanie_McMahon says: You can never tell what my brother is going to do. (laughs) But if Shane does show up, I can guarantee it will be exciting.

CoolestDog7 in Onstage4 asks: How did you go about getting your new theme and who sings it?

Stephanie_McMahon says: My theme was actually recorded by an unknown singer, I’m not even sure of her name but she did a GREAT job and I really enjoy coming out to her music. Which is available on our “Anthology” CD.

ErIc-43 in Onstage1 asks: how is it like growing up with Vince McMahon as your father?

Stephanie_McMahon says: (laughs) It was never boring. But my dad really is a wonderful, loving father and I really had a wonderful childhood growing up as Vince’s daughter.

Buzzsaw4298 in Onstage3 asks: Will there ever be a match with Brock Lesnar and Bautista

Stephanie_McMahon says: Anything is possible in the WWE.

nekatla in Onstage6 asks: Hello Ms. McMahon. I was curioous about your reaction to Howard Stern’s Plan to tickle your feet.

Stephanie_McMahon says: (laughs) Well when I was on Howard’s show, he never tried, so I don’t know how I would have responded.

Guest_null in Onstage7 asks: steph, will you ever pose for playboy?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I don’t know, at this point in my life, probably not. But who knows in the future.

la_de_frakin_da13 in Onstage1 asks: What do u like better managing a superstar or being ht eboss of them?

Stephanie_McMahon says: It’s always better to be the boss.

Tkfireball3 in Onstage4 asks: Would you ever marry kurt angle?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I don’t know. Maybe if he asked me.

WWE_WRESTLING_FAN in Onstage1 asks: What do you think about Rey Mysterio and Edge as the tag team champions?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I think it’s great. The tag team division is very important to Smackdown’s success and I look forward to seeing if Edge and Rey can hang on to those titles this Sunday on “Survivor Series.”

Francisco-C in Onstage1 asks: Would you like your future children to be in charge of such a GREAT company which is of course the WWE

Stephanie_McMahon says: I’d love for my future children to be involved with WWE but I won’t force it on them.

Fictmich1 in Onstage6 asks: What was the hardest decision you’ve had to make as a General Manager?

Stephanie_McMahon says: That hardest decision was who to trade for the Big Show.

ІєєІ«™†ц®®МйWЎЈ§Шn™»І°°І in Onstage3 asks: How do you come up with all of the excellent matches that you put on SmackDown (which by the way is much better than raw)

Stephanie_McMahon says: It’s easy to come up with great matches when you have amazing superstars.

DishDiva says: Tune into SmackDown! tonight on UPN!

DishDiva says: And tune into the Survivor Series Pay Per View this Sunday at 8pm. More information at http://www.wwe.com

DCupp in Onstage7 asks: What do you see the future holding for Stephanie McMahon?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I’m not sure what the future holds for Stephanie McMahon but I know it will be interesting.

PsionTen in Onstage7 asks: Have you ever given any consideration to acting on the silver screen?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I’d love to give it a try if the opportunity ever arises.

stephsboobsinlavender in Onstage5 asks: As you mentioned on Stern, do you wear thongs on a daily basis?

Stephanie_McMahon says: Yes I do. (laughs)

DishDiva says: I hope you don’t mind this kind of question, Stephanie.

Stephanie_McMahon says: After Stern everything’s easy. (laughs)

Evelyn3354 in Onstage1 asks: Do you think you’ll ever want to retire?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I’m 26 years old so I don’t see retirement in my future.

UnlinkingIcecold in Onstage5 asks: What is your most memorable moment in the business

Stephanie_McMahon says: There’s so much, that’s such a tough question to answer. One of my most memorable moments was also one of the hardest things I ever had to do and that was when I slapped my mom in the middle of the ring.

Tricky_923 in Onstage7 asks: Are you and eric gonna get it on in future episodes?

Stephanie_McMahon says: My initial reaction, “Hell no!”

Cutie3354 in Onstage3 asks: Hey stephanie. I am a big fan of yours and smackdown. Do you enjoy being general manager?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I love to be the boss.

EricLogan96 in Onstage7 asks: What is the best thing about the shows spliting(in your opinion)?

Stephanie_McMahon says: The opportunity for compitition and the opportunity for more of our superstars to have a spotlight.

bravesfan84 in Onstage7 asks: Steph, how would you describe your off-screen relationship with the wrestlers?

Stephanie_McMahon says: Professional and friendly.

SlyCobra1 in Onstage6 asks: What is the easiet way to get in the WWE?

Bischoffs_Love_Slave in Onstage5 asks: Speaking of Stern, how did HHH react to you being so candid about everything?

Stephanie_McMahon says: To have extraordinary talent.

Stephanie_McMahon says: Usually Triple H is very supportive.

madmax24uk in Onstage6 asks: steph when you first walk on to the stage at a event what`s going through your mind ?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I hope I don’t throw up. (laughs)

DishDiva says: Do you still get nervous?

Stephanie_McMahon says: Oh God, I get so nervous.

Stephanie_McMahon says: I hide it I guess. I was told when I first started by an agent, after seeing me nervous, he told me that he hopes I always keep that because if I didn’t feel nervous, I would not care.

CraftyCougar11 in Onstage3 asks: Hey Steph, are you going to come out with a website for your fans?

DishDiva says: You can find more about Stephanie at http://www.wwe.com

SLiMxShAdY331 in Onstage3 asks: Stephanie, why dont you become a diva again and fight Torrie Wilson in a swimsuit match. I think your hot and you could win

Stephanie_McMahon says: I wouldn’t try and compete with Torrie in a bikini because I think I would lose.

DivaStar86 in Onstage6 asks: When you are wrestling in the ring, what is one of the hardest things for you to do?

Stephanie_McMahon says: Catch my breath.

jeffy217 in Onstage1 asks: you have a beuatiful voice. i espescially liked you singing “wind beaneth our ring”. would you ever release a cd or single to treat your fans?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I think that would be a very cruel joke. (laughs)

ErIc-43 in Onstage1 asks: How hard is it to decide what storylines to use and what not when it comes to backstage plotting?

Stephanie_McMahon says: It’s not that difficult because our fans tell us what they want to see.

lonelyguy20_02 in Onstage7 asks: Will the undertaker ever go back to the dark side

Stephanie_McMahon says: I don’t know, he just might. I think it depends on the circumstances.

Francisco-C in Onstage1 asks: Would you like to be the womens champion again in the future?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I think I would be more interested in moving the Women’s Championship to Smackdown, than me actually winning it.

karen21911 in Onstage5 asks: What is your most memorable match?

Stephanie_McMahon says: Yes. All of my matches are very memorable (because there haven’t been that many (laughs)). My most memorable was the match between Trish and I. We tore the house down and had a great story going into the match, her sleeping with my father and all.

Stephanie_McMahon says: I enjoyed kicking her ass.

TERAJATT2 in Onstage4 asks: How does it feel getting into conflicts or slapping your brother on national TV?

Stephanie_McMahon says: I’m a very confrontational person and I greatly enjoy conflict. And who doesn’t want to slap their sibling on national TV??!!

DishDiva says: Stephanie, thanks so much for joining us tonight on MSN Live!

Stephanie_McMahon says: Thank you all very much for watching. Hopefully we will continue to entertain you to the best of our ability.

DishDiva says: Tune into SmackDown! tonight on UPN and check out the Survivor Series Pay Per View this Sunday. Find out more at http://www.wwe.com


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