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High Road/Low Road 07.09.10: Drew McIntyre/Teddy Long Visa Storyline

July 9, 2010 | Posted by Sat

Welcome back to the High Road/Low Road!

A brief explanation of the column: Sat takes the High Road (positive view) on angles, gimmicks, and other wrestling related “stuff” while Chad Nevett takes the Low Road (negative view).


High Road:

I think there is something that needs to be mentioned. I think the WWE found out about the visa situation right after RAW, but before the SmackDown taping. I think that is why we saw Drew McIntyre written out with an indefinite time frame on when he would be back, while Wade Barrett was only given a temporary storyline departure because by the next RAW, the WWE knew the situation would be solved in a few days.

Low Road:

None of that makes this story any better or worse. The deportation idea still comes off as goofy and stupid. While McIntyre is, apparently, dumb enough to not renew his visa, this is definitely a case where reality doesn’t work in fiction since it just didn’t come off as believable.

High Road:

Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre were stuck in the same situation and I would say that at the end of the day Drew McIntyre will benefit more from it. Wade Barrett’s punishment for going to WWE headquarters came across as lame just because of the fact that we saw Orton punt McMahon in the head a few years back and Orton never went to WWE headquarters. Also, I don’t think that the aftermath of the visit to WWE headquarters will be all that convincing. I think Drew McIntyre having the visa problem worked well with his storyline and some bit of truth in the storyline helps the angle. That could be the case for this angle with Drew McIntyre and Teddy Long.

Low Road:

McIntyre looks like an idiot. It’s one thing for the IWC to know about the situation, but to have it exposed to the entire audience seems more like punishment for letting this happen. It’s a public embarrassment of McIntyre and isn’t entertaining.

High Road:

This whole situation with Teddy Long & Drew McIntyre has helped Drew McIntyre greatly. Before this situation started, the general feeling on Drew McIntyre was that the crowd could not care less about the guy. As the angle has progressed, it seems like the crowd has started to hate the guy, which is definitely an improvement over not caring. The crowd reaction to when Teddy Long announced that his visa was expired really showed that the crowd has began to hate Drew McIntyre which is what you need to have happen if you are to be a great heel.

Low Road:

While it’s made McIntyre a little more hated, it’s also made him look like a joke in the ring with his string of losses and having Vince write little notes bailing him out. While that draws heat, it’s not lasting and has only undercut McIntyre’s potential as a longterm performer. It’s difficult to take him too seriously.

High Road:

With this angle, Drew McIntyre had been the one that was winning against Teddy Long. Teddy Long had like two victories and the rest had been won by McIntyre. For this angle to work, you needed Teddy Long to get the advantage and he did that when he got him deported.

Low Road:

He got a victory with McMahon out injured and he brought back Matt Hardy. The deportation angle was unnecessary. They could have simply added a bit at the end of the match where Long decided to bring back McIntyre’s suspension that McMahon had lifted, giving the whole thing a complete reversal and showing how much McIntyre depends on McMahon. That would have made more sense and fit the story better.

High Road:

I’m looking forward to seeing how the WWE gets Drew McIntyre back on TV. The logical choice to get him back would be to have Vince do something, but that can’t happen because Vince should have other things to worry about. The other reason for me being interested in seeing how they get him back on TV is that I have no idea how they will get him back on TV. When you have no idea how something is going to happen, that is when you are the most shocked.

Low Road:

Or he’ll just come back because his visa problem has been worked out. There’s no shocking return with this sort of problem. He just fixes it and comes back to work. I fail to see the opportunity for surprise.

High Road:

The feud has been between Teddy Long and Drew McIntyre and it has allowed for McIntyre to feud with multiple wrestlers at the same time. Since this feud began we have seen McIntyre feud with Matt Hardy and Kofi Kingston. The fact that the Teddy Long/Drew McIntyre angle has allowed for McIntyre to feud with multiple wrestlers is definitely a good thing.

Low Road:

Since the feud is with Long, McIntyre hasn’t fared well against either Hardy or Kingston. In fact, aside from attacking Hardy outside of matches, McIntyre has barely looked like a threat. In feuding with Teddy Long, McIntyre hasn’t used his wrestling skills to gain the upper hand once, it’s all been politics, while he’s looked like a joke in the ring.

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Results for Kane Seeking Retribution For The Undertaker’s Demise:

High Road: 52%
Low Road: 29%
Both Roads: 19%

Sat: I think the storyline is a high road. The main problem I would have is if Kane is responsible for the attack.

Chad Nevett: I’m a fan of Kane and like that he has something to do. While I hope that he isn’t the Undertaker’s attacker, I wouldn’t mind another big Undertaker/Kane feud before both men retire. Hell, I want both men to have their final match at WrestleMania (whether that’s this one or the next or the next…). That would be pretty cool. But, yeah, this storyline is good.


These are all of the e-mails that we received this week. We do not respond to the actual e-mail, but the reply to your e-mail will be below.

John Bateman Writes:

I gotta go with High Road especially if this leads to a Taker/Kane reunion they were always so epic together and now their dealing with our hero, the Straight Edge Savior, the true people’s champion, j/k.

I was actually hoping to get both of your takes on a dream match. I thought this up as a 2 out of 3 falls match, between the WCW era Diamond Dallas Page and Randy Orton. now this would be a great match because you would literally not see the finish coming, both of these guys made a name for themselves in hitting their respective finishers the Diamond Cutter and the RKO, out of nowhere and now they’d be pit against someone who can do what they can, even though Orton has surpassed DDP’s creativity hitting the move out of the Chokeslam, the Attitude Adjustment and even as counters to the Pedigree and Spear. I figured since no one I know can give me a clear answer I figured perhaps 1 person is not suited to pick a winner so I went to the best tandem on 411 to see who will pick who. perhaps even you’ll explain why you picked who you did.

Sat: This is a tough question. I think I would go with DDP in this match. The man wrestled a long time with broken ribs and since he is the originator of the move, he probably knows it a little better.

Chad Nevett: My dream match? I’ll stick to what’s actually possible (unlike yours, not that there’s anything wrong with your idea) and go with a triple threat match between Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and Brian Danielson, all right where they are right now. Maybe make it a triple threat one-hour iron man match for good measure. That would be good.

Niklas Johansson Writes:

Hmm…Rey as champ..?
He´s a great performer, no doubt, but he lacks greatly on the mic and I also feel that his character is really uninteresting.
These superstars characters works for the kids, but I think that´’s been one of WWE biggest problems as of late, they are turning in to some disney org. None of the feuds seems “real” anymore, it´s way to plain. Thats why I like the NXT invasion, they are trying to build some true emotions that you can feel through the screen at home.
Rey can’t represent that as a champ, CM Punk would make a great champion, his character is good and he makes it awsome! I don’t like big show as a face either, if they are gonna have him as a face, they should have him as a bad ass face who just runs people over but the fans still love him, whipe the smile off of the big show and he could become a great bad ass face!
But then again, thats problem with WWE today, they are doing stuff too “cute” if you will.

Sat: An email about a topic from a few weeks ago. Anyways, I think Rey Mysterio is okay, his promo ability is weak, but the fans seems to respond to it.

Chad Nevett: I’m unimpressed with his two weeks as champ so far.


Below are the comments for last week’s columns and our responses. Every comment will not be included because it makes our lives a lot easier. The comments section was last looked at on Monday Morning Pacific Time.

PK Writes:

High Road – I was pretty much middle of the road on this going into the article but the points about turning the Undertaker’s injury into a positive and giving Kane something to do (other than fathering a child with Lita) are pretty convincing points. I’m not sold on the whole angle and kind of feel like it’s floundering a bit but I would rather see it flounde now and have a strong finish than see the writers pull the trigger too soon on it.

Sat: It will be interesting to see where it goes now that CM Punk is no longer a suspect.

Chad Nevett: I love it when I manage to sway people with my amazing argumentative skills. Take that, Sat!

ROH Commish Writes:

Both Roads.

Kane had nothing going on for months if not years. WWE totally blew that storyline with Kane taking Mysterio’s mask and claiming to have rid the WWE of him. WWE had an opportunity to put Kane back in his mask. Since that fell apart, Kane has had short angles that have been quickly dropped. Remember Orton as Kelly Kelly’s secret lover bullshit.

The “vegetative state” description bothers me. It is so hokey and off-putting. Doesn’t help that WWE couldn’t shoot an angle where the audience could see Taker laid out and stretchered off. Nevertheless, it has been relatively entertaining. But the payoff is what matters. Kane will probably be pushed aside and Taker will take on his attacker at Summerslam. Then where does this leave Kane? Thus, the attacker needs to be Punk or his mystery member. So Luke Gallows v Kane and Taker v Punk at Summerslam.

Sat: I think the suspect is going to be Kane no matter what.

Chad Nevett: I like that we didn’t see the Undertaker injured. This maintains his mystique while accomplishing the same thing.

The Hitcher Writes:

Wouldn’t it make sense to have Nexus be the one’s who took out ‘Taker?

Sat: It would make sense, but they would all get squashed in a 7 on 1 match.

Chad Nevett: Since they’re Raw-only right now, it wouldn’t make much sense. As well, they’re not exactly shy about attacking people.

Lord of the French Fries Writes:

High Road

If only for the slim possibility that Nexus was actually responsible for Taker’s ‘attack’ and suckered Kane into thinking it was Punk. Hell since Young was Punk’s rookie, they could have told Kane that the SES was planning to take down Taker for taking Punk’s title last year.

Plus it’s high time the Nexus put the hurt on some Smackdown guys…

Sat: I’m surprised with the amount of people who think that it is Nexus who did this. I have them only at a slim possibility.

Chad Nevett: I think there’s no chance it was Nexus. It wouldn’t make sense. Then again, that isn’t a good enough reason, I know.

no Writes:

no, i don’t wanna see TAKER V KANE for the 100th time. i would like Kane to feud with every faction after SES in search of takers attacker. Even when taker returns, taker doens’t know who attacked him from behind, so taker and kane go on a rampage having feuds with every SD faction until a blow-off at WM when they find out who really did it… maybe NXT or someone who needs the rub.

But knowing WWE, it’s probably going to be KANE who attacked TAKER and it will set them up for KANE to retire TAKER at next year’s WM

Sat: The WWE is not going to have Kane retire the Undertaker. If they did, then TNA would actually have a chance to overtake the WWE.

Chad Nevett: I think they should retire together. The Undertaker should win, but it should be one of those final battles, third time at WrestleMania sort of things. Both men leave at the same time. That would work for me.

JWestmoreland Writes:


Kane is horrible, anything he is in is immediately ruined by his horrible acting and limited ring skills. Plus we all know this will lead to Taker/Kane part 5179. The only way this angle could be saved is if, when Kane loses, he is gone for good. But that won’t happen….

Sat: Kane is nowhere near what he used to be, but I don’t understand the hate for him.

Chad Nevett: Neither do I. I think he has a good role as that pseudo main eventer that’s there to make young midcarders look good when they beat him. He doesn’t put on a lot of four-star matches, but he also brings a baseline level of skill and quality to his matches. He’s a solid worker that can be slotted in almost anywhere.

Jason Paul Writes:

Frankly, I think the best choice for the guy that took out the Undertaker would be Triple H, with the retirement of Shawn as motivation.

But I’m going High Road. At worst it leads to a Kane-Undertaker feud which means the Undertaker doesn’t kill another up-and-comer’s main event push.

Sat: It would be interesting if it was Triple H, but Triple H ain’t coming to SmackDown.

Chad Nevett: If Triple H was going to attack someone, it would be Sheamus. Or, he would have attacked the Undertaker right after WrestleMania. The timing makes no sense.

Gelara Writes:

Both roads. I think that this could lead to some interesting feuds that won’t hurt any of those currently involved (SES, Swagger etc) because Kane and his monster gimmick has been used before with stars that are over, Austin shortly after Kane’s unmasking for example. However, I fear that the WWE will just use this angle as an excuse to redo Taker v Kane for the umpteenth time so I remain skeptical.

Sat: Seems like people are voting both roads just because it will lead to Kane versus the Undertaker.

Chad Nevett: Kane vs. the Undertaker is going to happen again. There’s no way, short of an accidental career-ending injury, that it won’t happen before both men retire. Then again, I thought the same thing about one more Shawn Michaels/Triple H feud, so I have been wrong in the past…

Shade Writes:

High road because there are many different ways that this story can go. With the recent Punk alibi (which I thought was genius) there’s a few different things that may be able to be taken from it. Kane could be mad that he was wrong or possibly angry that his cover up has now proven himself innocent. What about a double switch where Undertaker turns heel and played Kane for a fool? There’s also The Nexus, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, etc.

Sat: I can’t see the Undertaker turning heel. Kane has switched so many times, it does not matter when he turns.

Chad Nevett: Kane is above face/heel turns. When he fights a face, he’s a heel; when he fights a heel, he’s a face. It’s one of the reasons I like him.

Guest#0999 Writes:

High Road, im pretty sure that this means that Undertaker returns at Summerslam and Brothers of Destruction are reunited.

And in Wrestlemania we will see Kane vs Undertaker in a Casket Match where Undertaker lose and retire.

Sat: I’m surprised a second person has suggested that Kane should retire the Undertaker.

Chad Nevett: I wouldn’t mind seeing Kane end the Streak, but think it’s more likely that the Undertaker would win a WrestleMania match and retire undefeated.

TC Writes:

Taker comes back as a member of SES, totally brainwashed by Punk, totally humiliated as Punk’s bitch, helping Punk win the title. Kane spends the next few months trying to save Taker only for SES to keep him at bay. Big payoff at ‘Mania when Taker “wakes up” and decimates Punk for the title.

Sat: This ain’t happening.

Chad Nevett: Um, no.

JamesDaBear Writes:

I have no problem with another Taker vs Kane feud, especially if they actually elevate Kane to a threat to Taker, rather than a more-sadistic, mentally-unstable inferior copycat.

They still haven’t had a Hell in the Cell match… nor a Casket Match (that I can remember). I also would want to see them dust off the Inferno Match one more time.

After these matches, make sure Taker is done and everyone knows Kane finally did it and got over being second fiddle to his brother. Kane can then have much more credibility for the later stages of his career, getting his own accolades and finally legitimizing the next set of Hall of Fame big men.

I’ll say this again… I’d advise WWE not to pull the trigger on this until Taker is ready to hang them up.

(BTW… we all want to see Taker vs Michaels one more time, right? Wouldn’t that be the best way to go until Kane finally admits it was him and he set up Michaels?)

Sat: I do think that Taker/Kane will have a Hell in a Cell match this year.

Chad Nevett: How about a Hell in a Cell Casket Match at WrestleMania? That would be suitably ‘epic,’ wouldn’t it? (I’m, like, half joking and half marking out at the idea…)



Your reasons for taking the High Road, Low Road, or Both Roads and suggestions for future High Road/Low Road are welcome at [email protected] or in the comment section. Your reply will be included in next week’s column.


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