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Historical Perspective: WWC World Junior Heavyweight Title 1993- 2005

February 19, 2006 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez

To all those who emailed me last week with questions, thanks. I feel really useful when I can help those out there who want to know the Puerto Rican Product better. Now on with Part II!

This history is really shaky. I don’t know how or why, and believe me, I tried looking all over the net, the WWC Junior Heavyweight Title ended up in Japan for the W*NG promotion. If I am not mistaken, several WWC guys did tours of Japan for W*NG around this time, including Miguelito Perez, Ricky Santana and Rey Gonzales. Maybe one of them dropped the title in Japan or something, but Masayoshi Motegi is listed as winning the title in Tokyo, Japan on January 7 1993.

The title toured Japan for one full year. Hiroshi Itakura defeated Motegi on February 5 in Tokyo, but Motegi won it back on March 22 in Osaka. Mexican wrestler El Texano defeated Motegi on May 9 in Saitama. Motegi won it for the third time on October 9 in Tokyo, before dropping it to Shinichi Nakano on December 16 in Kawasaki. Finally, Motegi won it for the 4th time in Toda on January 14 1994. After that, the title left Japan. If any Puro fan has any additional information regarding the title’s existence in Japan, please contact me and I will make sure to go more in depth on the subject and make any necessary corrections.

The title returned to WWC at some point in 1995(exact dates are unknown) around the waist of Ken Wayne, billed champion upon arrival, having “won” the title in “Japan”. The belt existed only for a short feud between Wayne and Gonzales, with Rey winning his second title and then dropping it right back to Wayne, who vanished along with the title. The belt once again appeared briefly in March of 1996 around the waist of Tiger Mike Anthony(RIP) and once again was vacated when he left.

But a second coming of the glory years would finally arrive, beginning with “Lightning Kid” Steve Corino defeating “mexican luchadore” Halcon in a tournament final on October 29 1997. Corino was apparently under contract with the WWF to play “fake 1-2-3 Kid” along “Fake Razor and Fake Diesel”, but that never came to pass and that is how he ended up with the gimmnick in Puerto Rico.

Corino would go back to the states, but not before dropping the title to mexican wrestler Jerry Estrada on November 16 1997 in my hometown of Cabo Rojo. Estrada came along Villano III and Pierroth Jr to “invade” WWC from AAA in Mexico. Estrada feuded for much of his stay with La Ley, a local police officer/wrestler who portrayed a policeman. Ley would win the title on December 13 1997(the only singles title in the underrated wrestler’s career) and loose it right back to Estrada on January 6 1998 during the Three Kings Day Tour. In came El Rockero, one of the local wrestlers from the defunct AWF promotion and one of the few who had not worked for WWC before that was actually hired and pushed by WWC, to challenge Estrada for the title. Rockero won the title on August 15 1998 during the final night of the Mexican Invasion and he would become one of the two “cornerstones” of the division for the next few years.

Rockero’s next feud would be with “Sexy” Sean Hill, who played the character of a model, taking bits from Rick Martel (Like perfume) and also carrying a mirror and some other stuff. Hill defeated Rockero on February 20 1999.

Rockero won the belt back on May 22 before dropping the belt to Maelo Huertas, Invader #1’s younger brother who used to work as Invader #4 in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Maelo was a heel managed by Chicky Starr and was involved in the Invader #1/Starr feud as Starr managed to convince Maelo that Invader had forgotten about him and was hogging the spotlight while Maelo was forced to look for work in second rate promotions(Maelo was among the ones who jumped to the AWF in the mid 90’s). Maelo won the belt on July 3 of 1999 to become a two time champ with the help of Chicky Starr.

Huertas lost the title to Black Boy, the second cornerstone of the division on August 14 1999, a couple of weeks before turning face. Black Boy had been nothing but a face jobber during his career and this would be the title that began his rise to fame. He would become El Diamante in several years. Boy and Rockero would begin a jealously feud between two babyfaces in which both of them showed shades of grey, but did not really turn. Rockero became a three time champion on September 11 1999, before losing it back to Black Boy on October 2. One week later, the returning “Sexy” Sean Hill would defeat Black Boy on October 9 to become a two time champion.

Hill wound up dropping the title to Maelo Huertas on November 13 1999. Maelo was back as a face and became a three time champion. One week later, a four corners match between Huertas, Rockero, Hill and Black Boy saw Rockero, once again on a jealousy “tweener” trip, capture his 4th Junior Heavyweight Title on November 20 1999 in Cayey.

El Exotico, who later on became El Paparazzi in IWA, would return to WWC and begin Rockero’s longest feud as the champion. Exotico won the belt on December 11 1999 thanks to a set of brass knuckles. Rockero would win his fifth title on February 5 2000 in Caguas. After several weeks of battles, Exotico won his second title on March 4 in Guaynabo by using the tights during a roll-up. Finally, Rockero won the belt and put an end to the feud on June 10 2000 in Las Piedras by winning the title in a two out of three falls match.

But the on going jealousy between Rockero and Black Boy surfaced again. They decided to put an end to their hostilities in a final match between them. On September 16 2000, the battle took place and was interrupted by a recently heel turned Richie Santiango(who was nothing short of a jobber getting a break) and the title was held up. A Three Way Dance was scheduled and Black Boy pinned Santiago to win his third title.

But that did not put closure to Boy and Rockero. Trailer Park Trash(with 100 less pounds than he weights now) won the belt from Black Boy on November 25 2000. However, he no showed his scheduled title defense against Rockero. The belt was held up.

To crown a new champion, WWC made a 5 Man Tornado Match between three men who had been feuding for a long time, Richie Santiago, Black Boy and Rockero, and two men who where feuding by themselves, Damien Steele and the youngest in the Colon dynasty, Eddie Colon. The match ended with Steele winning the title on January 6 2001 by cheating.

This began the next era in the title’s history….The Eddie Colon era. Eddie was light as one can get, barely pushing 160 pounds, but the fans where in love with him and believed in him. He won the title on February 10 2001 for his first taste of WWC gold. He would drop the belt back to Steele on February 17 and put an end to the feud by winning his second title on March 10 2001.

Eddie had three way matches with Rockero and Black Boy, feuded with Richie Santiago and a fully heel turned Rockero and still did not loose that belt. In came Barrabas Jr, son of the legendary manager who did battle with Carlos Colon for a long time and he took that belt from Eddie on August 25 2001 in what became WWC’s battle with Rey Gonzales and Barrabas Sr’s Milenium Family. Eddie put an end to the feud between him and Barrabas Jr by winning his third title on October 13.

Eddie would loose the belt to Justin Sane on October 27 and won it back on November 24 to put an end to that feud. Eddie and Sane had some of the most memorable matches in the division for their great spots.

Near the end of the Eddie Colon era, Eddie lost the title to Rey Mysterio Jr on January 6 2002 at the Three Kings Day Tour. Rey rarely defended the belt and only came back to drop it back to Eddie on April 6 for Eddie’s 5th and last Junior Title. Both matches between them where fantastic, Rey was impressed with the young kid’s skill and both men showcased natural chemistry. Soon after Rey went to the WWE and it’s a shame we never got to see more matches between them.

The Eddie era came to an end aganist “XWF Cruiserweight Champion” Kid Kash when the match ended on a double pinfall and the belt was held up. Eddie decided to move over to the heavyweights and the belt was left vacated.

On December 14 2002, a tournament was organized to crown a new champion, with Tommy Diablo defeated Brent Dail to win the belt. Diablo could have ushered a new era, but his short stay in WWC cut that short. He dropped the belt to Alex Montalvo on January 18 2003, a man who became a cornerstone of the next era. Montalvo never pinned Diablo, pinning Brent Dail instead since this was a three way match. That was reason enough for an eventual rematch with the former champion and Diablo won his second and final WWC Junior Heavyweight Title on January 25 2003. He never showed up for his title defense aganist Brent Dail, jumping to IWA instead, and Dail was awarded the belt by forfeit. Dail would be important later on, but right now he was a place holder.

He dropped that title to Livewire on March 22 2003 and he began feuding with Alex Montalvo, who like I mentioned, became the cornerstone of this era. He won the belt from Livewire on April 19 2003. Montalvo lost it to NY Hit Squad #2 on May 18 2003. However, Montalvo would defeat Hit Squad #2 and Pablo Marquez on May 31 2003 in a Three Way Dance for his Third Title.

Montalvo dropped the title to Jose Rivera Jr on July 19 2003. But Rivera was stripped of the title for being over the weight limit(he was FAT and it was clear he was over the limit, call it WWC stupid angle #408686868) and a new champion needed to be crowned.

Diabolico, a guy who was jobbing for IWA and came in to receive a huge push, pinned Alex Montalvo on August 16 2003 to win the title in another 5 Man Tornado Match who also featured Brent Dail, Pablo Marquez and Justin Sane. Diabolico dropped the title to Pablo Marquez on September 6, Alex Montalvo won it by beating Marquez and Diabolico in a Three Way Dance on October 17 2003 for his 4th title, then lost it to Diabolico on December 20 2003.

But like half the roster, Diabolico left for IWA after his name WAS MADE by WWC. He was nothing short of a comedy jobber when he came in and left a bad ass heel. Some sort of multi-person match was organized on January 6 at the Three Kings Day Tour, likely another Tornado Match, but I did not find any more info, and Pablo Marquez emerged the winner for his second title. He ended up making an open challenge and losing it to a returning Rockero on March 27 2004. Rockero lost it to The Maniac in another multi person match involving Alex Montalvo and Pablo Marquez during the summer. Maniac lost it to Kid Kash on August 21 2004 and with this change, the division became more stable. No more random champions, the division took direction. They built up a great feud with Alex Montalvo that ended with Montalvo’s 5th Title on September 25 2004. Then Brent Dail turned heel and became “The American Athlete”, getting people to hate him. He won his second title from Montalvo on October 9. The feud was far from over and Montalvo won the belt back on October 26. The feud took an unexpected turn when Juventud Guerrera defeated Montalvo on November 25. The result was a Three Way Dance between Juventud, Dail and Montalvo, with Montalvo pinning the champ for his 7th title on December 10 2004.

One night later, Dail won his 3rd title on December 11 by using his american flag pole to knock out Montalvo. Montalvo won his 8th and final title(until present day) over Dail in a “Capture the Flag” match on December 19 2004. The idea of the match was this: Two flags, american and puerto rican. To win the match, one man most recover the flag from top of his flag pole, lower the opponent’s flag and then rise their flag to the top of their opponents flag pole. Weird concept, but it worked, providing some nice spots and the crowd was into it.

Brent Dail won his 4th title on January 6 at the Three Kings Day Tour and another era of decay began. Montalvo jumped to IWA soon after(as short lived as that was) and Dail feuded with Montalvo’s former partner Chris Joel. This was the last great feud, with Joel winning the title on March 26. After that….chaos. Joel lost the belt to Jumpin’ Jeff Jeffry in a multi person match also involving AJ Marley and Brent Dail on April 30 2005. The belt was rarely defended and finally was awarded by forfeit to Superstar Romeo when Jeffry jumped to IWA. In something that captured the fans attention and could have saved the division, Stefano won the belt from Romeo at the Anniversary Show on November 5 2005 representing the NWS. With the many great young talents in the NWS, with veterans like Maniac and Stefano, and what was left of WWC’s Juniors, the division could have seen another golden era. But that was not the case. Stefano lost it to The Maniac in an NWS event on December 5 2005 and then Maniac lost it to Eli Rodriguez, a hated Dominican Wrestler and manager who has a ton of skill and is over with the fans on December 10 2005. But since that day, the belt has been missing in action.

Why? Let’s break down my dream division:

WWC has Alex Montalvo back, Chris Joel, Eli Rodriguez, Superstar Romeo, El Puma Jr and The D’Jour Twins. NWS can add(or could after the roster cuts hurt the division)Erick Scorpio, Hammet, Prince Kareem, Onix, William De La Vega, The Canadian Daggers, Vertigo, Stefano, The Maniac and Disiple. That is one hell of a division there! But no…the belt is simply unused at this point. Too bad and I hope WWC does something with it and fast!

This is it for WWC’s Junior Heavyweight Title History. Until next time where we take a look at some other belt from either, WWC or IWA. Email me which belt would you like to see next and I the one with the most votes will get done. Take care and check out all the great columns that 411mania has to offer!


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