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Interview Highlights With Paul London

August 4, 2003 | Posted by Widro

This past week Paul London joined the No Holds Barred radio show to talk about his recent signing with the WWE, his time with NWA TNA, ROH and MLW, His Shooting Star Press and a whole lot more. We at NHB have relaunched our website www.noholdsbarredwrestling.com with a brand new look and better access to our audio library and from now on our audio content will be available only on our website free of charge. If you’d like to hear NHB in your area you can help by logging on to www.noholdsbarredwrestling.com and filling out the petition on the lower left side of our main page. Now that the business stuff is out of the way, let’s move on to the highlights from our interview with Paul London.

Paul started by talking about his recent decision to sign with the WWE. He said it hasn’t sunk in yet because he hasn’t worked on one of the two TV programs yet but once he does he’s sure it will really hit him. He said the couple of times that he’s had the chance to work dark matches for the WWE have been very rewarding for him and he had dreamed about making it to the company ever since he was 11 years old and is glad to finally have his chance.

He said he never felt like he was saying goodbye to the fans and the boys at the last Ring of Honor show in NJ. Instead he said he felt like he was just taking everyone along for the ride into the next chapter of his career. He added that it was an emotional night for him and views himself as an extension to all those who have supported him along the way.

Paul said he was contacted by NWA TNA after the Ring of Honor 1 year anniversary show in Queens where he was told that Bob Ryder had an interest in bringing him to the company so they could see him perform up close and personal and decide if they wanted to use him in the future or not. He said he went to TNA and for some reason was very nervous and had a string of bad matches. He said everyone backstage was really cool but for whatever reason he never really felt comfortable in the company until towards the end of his stint. He added that when he got to TNA he viewed it as a stepping stone and he knew that it wasn’t where he wanted to be long term. He said many superstars are happy being there and view it as doing well enough to remain happy but for him he wanted to move on to a bigger level and TNA was not it.

Paul talked about his time working for MLW and said Court Bauer is a very good guy and he enjoyed working for the company but feels they need to work more on being original. He says the company is great for talents who want to have a chance working overseas in Japan but thinks for them to have more mainstream success the creativity must be enhanced.

He said the WWE’s improvements with their cruiserweight division had little to do with his signing with the company as it was more based on wanting to work for Vince McMahon and company for his whole life. He said he has heard a lot of people speak negatively about his signing where they have stated that he won’t be used correctly by the WWE and they will destroy his character and he feels that it’s too early to say something like that because he has a lot to prove. He stated that he’s not in a position to say “no” to storyline ideas yet and is open minded to dofferent things because he feels once he is given the chance to show what he can do, the company will find a way to make good decisions for his character.

Paul mentioned that he’s still waiting for the WWE to assign him to Ohio Valley Wrestling and he expects to report there within the next 2 weeks once some final paperwork is completed. He said some ideas for his character development have been tossed around but there’s nothing he can officially confirm or deny at this point.

He talked about the areas he feels he needs to improve on the most and said that they are his mic skills and his character work. He said he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to talk on the mic because he’s worked mostly on the independents but he added that he did have a chance in Zero One and really enjoyed it. He added that having Jim Cornette to guide him in OVW is a huge plus and he can’t wait to get started learning from him. We talked about his plans for using his version of the Shooting Star Press aka the London Calling. He said he feels there will be a request given to him at some point to drop the move unless Billy Kidman drops the move or they decide to use him in an angle as Kidman’s protege or brother. He said he has a lot of respect for Kidman and heard that Kidman wasn’t happy with Brock Lesnar using the move at WrestleMania and he can understand why he feels that way and if asked to he would drop the move. He did however state that he hopes that they allow him to continue using the move because he feels he does it differently and thinks they could really put together a good program between the 2 of them if they choose to go that direction in the future.

He said that when it comes to the topic of biggest influence nobody had more of an impact on his career inside and outside the ring then Owen Hart. As far as future talents he hopes to work with once he lands on WWE TV he said he would like to work with Spanky, Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam. He feels that he and RVD could have some tremendous matches together but isn’t sure it will happen because he believes he will be placed on the Smackdown program rather then RAW.

Paul ended the interview by talking about training under the watchful eye of Ivan Putski. He said he started learning from Ivan after he had already been retired from the business and he himself was not very familiar with Ivan’s career other then the fact that he knew that he had worked everywhere around the world and figured he could learn a lot from him. Paul said that Ivan was very physical and would work very stiff and it helped him learn when to take a chance and lay in a stiff shot and when not to. He said sometimes you have to do it in order to make things look better and Ivan’s experience helped him tremendously.

To hear the interview with Paul London log on to www.noholdsbarredwrestling.com. The No Holds Barred radio show is hosted by Jason Barrett and George “The Animal” Farmer and airs every Sunday night on 101.5 WPDH in parts of NY, NJ, CT and PA.


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