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Kayfabe! – Being a Horseman

February 27, 2012 | Posted by Mike Campbell
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Kayfabe! – Being a Horseman  


This is as close to a straight up shoot interview as I’ve seen out of Kayfabe Commentaries. Sean sits down with JJ Dillon and asks him various questions. The subject is one week in the life of the Four Horsemen. But it’s not a hypothetical week with JJ telling stories about things that would have likely happened, this is the last week of February into the first week of March of 1987. Much like Jim Cornette, Dillon kept meticulous notes throughout his career, and they get put to good use here. We’re shown dates, arenas, and the lineup of the Horsemen’s matches. During this time period the group actually had five members: Flair, Tully, Arn, Ole, and young associate Lex Luger.

But,while this is as close as I’ve seen KC get to doing a simple shoot interview, it’s still not quite there. KC is known for their great production values and they put it to use here. The room that Sean and JJ are has been helpfully decorated with photos of the Horsemen, and there are nice little sound effects added throughout, such as when JJ talks about being in the locker room, you hear the booming echoed voices typical of a locker room. Each new day starts with the sound of an alarm clock, and there are nice cutaways to show the various arenas where they’re working that particular night.

The first couple of days are local stops in the Carolinas, and all the boys lived in Charlotte, so they drove to the shows and then hit their favorite “watering hole” (as Sean describes) them, and then drove back home. Then it’s time to hit the road, Minneapolis, MN, Hammond, IN, and then Pittsburgh, PA. There’s some funny discussion when Sean asks about Hammond and what exactly there is to do there, and JJ has no earthly idea. But, his notes indicate that Hammond was their best payday that week, so he can’t really say anything bad about the people of Hammond.

There are a few times they get sidetracked talking about other things, but it’s still good discussion. When they talk about Ole’s departure, Dillon laments that it was mostly all legit, and they did their best to make it seem as legit as possible. Ole was taking time off to spend with his kid, and he was getting older and had given so many years to the business. Tully was known as the loudmouth of the group, so he was the one to make the comment about Ole not taking care of business, and JJ was a sort of sniveling weasel manager, so when he attempted to smooth things over he only made them worse. They also talk about Luger as a Horseman, and how he was still very green and not that great on the microphone, so he didn’t seem like a natural fit for the group. Dillon has no idea how it actually came about, but notes that Luger did improve a lot during his time with the group. How’s this for an obscure fact, David Crockett had a very brief wrestling career, his mother didn’t want him to wrestle and didn’t think his late father would have approved. His ring name? David Finlay (although I don’t think this version of Finlay loved to fight).

It’s not a Horsemen related interview without stories from the watering holes. Dillon note that Flair would usually have the waitress bring a tray of Kamikazes, Tully and Arn would be drinking beer, and Lex would have a glass, but doesn’t know what was actually in it. He suspects water since Lex wasn’t a partier. One night they caused a bar to run out of Dom Pérignon, and Tom Selleck of all people happened to go there wanting a bottle, so the had him pull up a seat and join them for a few drinks. Sean also asks about fans in bars and if they’d try to test them, like you always hear about in the crazy stories from Mid South, but not in this case, they just wanted to party with the Horsemen. He talks briefly about Flair infamous habit of putting on the robe with nothing underneath while on the planes. If Dillon did that, he’d have Federal Marshalls read to cuff him, but when it was Flair everyone thought it was hilarious.

The 411: Just when you think KC can't possibly top themselves, they do. This is an original concept with the perfect guest, and the production is up to KC's usual high standards.
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Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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