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Notes On NWA:TNA Show Including Gimmick Identities And NWA History

June 19, 2002 | Posted by Widro

I got a lot of great feedback to the NWA:TNA report, but here are a couple of reader reports of some omissions from my report and some historical clarification:

Hey Widro, PowerWithChoice writer and Nashville wrestling fan Jingus here
with a few corrections/specifications for your report.

1. The event was held in Huntsville AL, not Nashville.

2. The old couple in the legends ceremony were Corsica Joe and Miss Sarah
Lee, a couple of old Nashville wrestlers. Bullet Bob Armstrong was also

3. Jackie Fargo was basically the previous generation’s Jerry Lawler, and
was a huge star around the whole South. He was the first wrestler to
popularize the “Fargo Strut” which Ric Flair and others have stolen.

4. The Johnsons were the Shane Twins out of Florida.

5. Were those really cap guns that James Storm fired off? Usually, he comes
to the ring with genuine Civil War-era blackpowder pistols, which fire
blanks that sound like cannons going off.

6. Slash was Wolfie D, formerly of the team PG-13.

7. Del Rios was Spellbinder, a Memphis wrestler who once had a short WWF
stint as “Phantasio”.

8. Malice was WCW’s The Wall.

9. Bruce was said to be Alan “KweeWee” Funk, but I’m not certain about that

10. Chris Harris is a legit 6’2″ tall, hardly “very small”.

That’s all I can add, you pretty much covered everything else.

And 411 reader Wes Henry

Loved the report as I do almost everything you write.. just wanted to real quickly share some info with you that you may not have..Jeff Jarrett as u know is the son of Jerry Jarrett (duh) Jerry gained “fame” in the mid-south territory in the 60’s and 70’s, the mid-south (memphis wrestling) was run at that time by a couple of men whose last name just happens to be..(FARGO)…jackie got jerry his first start in mid-south, also being that a majority of the audience tonight was probably “older viewers” from AL, AR, TN and MS.. having Fargo appear with the Jarretts is nothing new in fact it’s almost expected…

you see the promotion that the Fargo’s used to run out of TN was taken over by a company in the 70’s known as Jarrett/Welch promotions.. (the first of course being the elder Jarrret) so its a “family” thing as we say down here…lol (yeah I am from AR grew up watching the old mid-south promotion….) also there is actually a real family connection because an old timer from the territory that ran the promotion in the 80’s named Eddie Marlin is actually the father of Jerry’s wife..he is also a nephew of Jackie Fargo..

So that would make Jackie Fargo Jeff Jarrett’s Great Great Uncle as a matter of fact the one thing that it sounds like was missing from this promotion tonight was Jerry Lawler, since he also credits Jackie Fargo for his start in the biz… o and one last thing… the “trade mark strut” you refer too..

I am sure have seen it before.. only it was being done by Ric Flair or Jerry Lawler.. but it is actually and honestly known as “THE FARGO STRUT”.. first time it was ever done that I know of was in Nashville, TN when Jackie and his brother used to wrestle they were known as “the fabulous ones” and no I dont mean the reincarnation of Steve Kiern and Stan Lane..lol and the “strut” was how they made there way to the ring. Anyway hope I didnt come off the wrong way here..

just thought I would let you know.
O by the way the song Toby Keith sang is actually called “courtesy of the Red White and Blue” not “the angry american”

Thanks for your time.


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