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Second WWE House Show Report From 12.26.12 in Detroit

December 27, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Credit: Sam Wildt and prowrestling.net

Vickie Guerrero came out at the beginning with her usual excuse me routine. She announced the main event cage match of Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena.

1. Daniel Bryan, Kane and Ryback defeated The Shield via DQ. Solid opening match. The small crowd was really into Ryback. The Shield came out of the crowd. The Shield faction is a good angle and I hope WWE continues with it. The Shield looked really good can’t wait to see more from these guys and where they go with this group.

2. Brodus Clay defeated JTG. Clay won with his finisher. After the match, Jack Swagger came out. I forgot about him since he hasn’t been on TV for so long. Swagger talked some rubbish and demanded a match agains Clay, so we had an impromptu match.

3. Brodus Clay defeated Jack Swagger. . Clay won the impromptu match in 90 seconds.

4. Eve defeated Kaitlyn to retain the WWE Divas Championship. A pretty decent match.

5. The New Age Outlaws defeated Rhode Scholars. Cody Rhodes came out and talked. Of course, the Cody’s Mustashe chant started, too funny with that. The crowd was completely surprised with the New Age Outlaws coming down. Pretty good match. A “you still got it” chant broke out from the crowd for Road Dogg and Billy.

6. The Uso’s defeated The Prime Time Players. Pretty good match. It was a pretty split crowd, some people are like the Prime Time Players. The Uso’s won the match, I wish they would do more with them on the main shows.

7. Zack Ryder beat Tensai. Of course, the Albert chants broke out during the match. The stipulation in the match set up earlier in the night was that people could vote that the loser had to sing either Jingle Bells or Rudolph, so Tensai was forced to sing Rudolph, which he sang pretty well. The crowd gave him an ovation for it. Funny how he came back so strong and now he is just a jobber.

8. Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz to retain the U.S. Championship. This crowd was really into the Miz, My son was at the live Raw event in Detroit earlier in the year and he said even then when Miz was a heel, he still got a great reaction. Pretty solid match.

9. John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler in a Street Fight. The crew spent like 20 minutes trying the put up the cage. They had it half done and couldn’t get the rest of it together. The crowd booed. Vickie came down and said the match had been changed to a Street Fight. Also, Big E and AJ where banned from ringside. They still came out later to try to interfere to no avail. A good back and forth match. Ziggler is pretty darn good. I hope he becomes World Champion soon. Cena won the match with an AA to send the crowd home happy.

Most Heat
1. Vickie Guerrero
2. The Shield
3. Dolph Ziggler
4. Antonio Cesaro

Top Pops
1. John Cena
2. The Miz
3. New Age Outlaws

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