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The Top Ten 7.11.06: Bloodiest Matches

July 11, 2006 | Posted by Julian Williams

Greetings druggies and slackers and welcome to another trippy edition of The Top Ten. This week we’re going to look at The Top Ten Bloodiest Matches so if you’re squeamish, this isn’t the column for you. Only REAL MEN need apply here. And tough, hot chicks. With tattoos. And tounge piercings. Named Saharra. Yea, that sounds good. Ok enough about my wet dream last night, let’s look at some of your emails.

Reader Feedback

First, Drew gives a recent MOTYC:

All in all, I feel that you were pretty much on point with your top 10
but you forgot a deffinate match of the year contender. The Rob Van
Dam vs
Kurt Angle match on ECW TV this past week was phenominol from top to
It had something for everyone, great mat wrestling, tremendous
just enough brawling, and a wonderful sense of psychology that could
only be
lost on Smackdown fans. A 20 minute classic matchup that, in my honest
opinion, outshown any Wrestlemania Main event of the decade thus far.
well booked at this time, having the obviously more popular Angle put
over in front of the WWE friendly crowds. Higly entertaining match and
great step in the right direction for WWECW.

That was definitely a great match between RVD and Angle, although calling it better than any Wrestlemania main event this decade when some of those main event have included Angle/Lesnar, HHH/Benoit/HBK, and Rock/Austin is pretty much crazy talk. But Drew is entitled to his opinion and that’s what this column is all about. So keep your scathing remarks to yourselves you meanies.

Next up, Erik already has his vote for WWE MVP in and it’s not even poll season:

My name is Erik and I just got done reading your article. Is it just me or has Edge been the MVP of wrestling this year? It seems like he goes out on pay-per-view (and Raw) every week and delivers a great match. Between the Wrestlemania hardcore match and the One Night Stand match, he has delivered every month, not to forget the TLC match against Flair. Between all of the DX crap, its good to see a guy who goes out and busts his ass in every match. Especially know that he’s not going to be put at the top of the card unlike some five-on-two handicap matches featuring cheerleaders and degenerates.

Erik is on the money with this one because Edge has EASILY been the most consistant man on Raw, in the WWE, and possibly in the entire landscape of wrestling. We’re only in July and look at some of the great matches Edge has already had this year.
-Edge/Flair (Raw TLC Match)
-Edge/Cena (Royal Rumble)
-Edge/Cena (Raw after Royal Rumble)
-Edge/Foley (WM22)
-Edge/HHH/Cena (Backlash)
-Edge & Foley/Dreamer & Funk (ONS II)
-Edge & Orton/Angle & RVD (ECW TV)
-Edge/RVD (Vengeance)
-Edge/Cena/RVD (Raw)
That’s nine matches over *** and we’re barely half way done with the year. If he keeps this up, I could have a top ten Edge matches of 2006 list by the end of the year. I know a bunch of people hate this dude, but give the guy credit. He puts on entertaining matches and he’s become the #1 heel on Raw. The whore-a-riffic Lita helps his case as well.

Nick gives me a dream match I didn’t even think of so he gets 2 hookers of his choice and a free trip to the free clinic. Congratulations Nick!!!

the article you put up recently about dream matches and the best so far of 2006 was great… and your right that asshole needs to shut his mouth about the people…
the reason i had to write in are well… two reasons really
1. i love 411mania and have written in before you guys are awesome i am definately gonna wanna write with you guys someday…
2. you forgot possibly what could have been the biggest match ever thought of
The Undertaker vs. Goldberg
Think of this match a minute. Yea i hate goldberg two the egotistical prick. But to think of matching up two of the possibly three biggest faces of all time {excluding hulk hogan} and you have without a doubt the biggest money maker a wrestlemania had ever seen. keep in mind yes The Undertaker would have to win… it would be wrestlemania after all… but to match up the dead man and the man who would never quit… i would have to say this could even make more money then… dare i say it… hulk hogan/steve austin…
I love you guys keep the columns coming i read almost every one that goes up on the page

I never even thought of this match, but it would definitely be huge money. The unstoppable monster in Goldberg against the legendary Taker would be a match for the ages. I would love to see Taker kick out of the Jackhammer and Goldberg kick out of the Tombstone. That would just be some awesome shit. Good stuff here by Nick. I hope he had the good sense to use some condoms with his hooker prize. Those chicks are not on the clean side.

Dylan gives me a match he thinks was a match of the year candidate and will kick me in my gooch if I don’t mention it. Ok, ok. Not the gooch man:


I read your top ten matches of 2006 so far column and I think you’re
dead on for most of them however I’m surprised Cena/RVD at ONS2
wasn’t on there. The obvious argument would be that the wrestling was
mediocre but if that’s going to be a moment many wrestling fans are
never going to forget. The crowd reaction was incredible and although
there was some interference it was still a pretty magical moment to
kick off the new ECW. I just wanted to how you feel about that.

Dylan speaks the gospel here because this was a very good match with an insane crowd reaction. I knew the crowd was going to shit on Cena but they exceeded even my expectations. I was going to put either this or Cena/Trips and I went with the latter because seeing Cena get unmercifully booed on the biggest stage on them all by 20,000 people and still make Trips tap out was a thing of beauty. I love it when smart ass crowds go home unhappy. It makes me feel warm inside.

And finally, Brian shows a little love to my #1 pick from last week. And it isn’t because I bribed him, right Brian? Right:

Hey Julian:

I really can’t argue with your list. I only saw a
couple of matches on your list but I did want to
comment on your number 1 selection. The Mick Foley
vs. Edge match at WM 22 was off the charts. The
facial expression on Edge’s face told the whole story.
What made that a great match was divided equally
between the great work in the ring(and out) and the
great camera work. When Edge speared Foley through
the ropes onto a flaming table was probably to most
memorable WM spot ever. That match can never be
duplicated, it was that good. I also want to say that
if you want to win the World Championship in WWE, all
you have to do is take a thumbtack bump against Mick
Foley. It worked for Randy Orton, it worked for Edge

Kudos for a great list and you’ll definitely hear from
me next week. You better come correct with the top 10
bloodiest matches list. Keep up the good work!

I’ve heard some people who try to dissect the Foley/Edge match and act as though it wasn’t that great (mainly the Edge haters) and to them I’ve gotta say stop being such a damn critic! This match was awesome and you know it! Even one of my friends who DESPISES Edge admitted that the match was the match of the year so far and one of the best WWE matches he’d seen in a while. I hope my bloody match list is to Brian’s liking because he said there’s a bomb hidden in my house that will go off if it sucks. So I switched places with my brother. I hope it doesn’t go off, I was just starting to like the fucker.

That’s all for the email this week folks. Thanks to all you guys that wrote in and please keep sending in your lists and thoughts. This whole column is based on opinion so I definitely want to hear yours. Ok now let me to be all journalistic and shit and present a serious commentary.

A Moment For Commentary

This won’t be a weekly feature, but it’ll pop up once in a while when there are issues in the world of wrestling that I want to talk about a little. This time I want to talk about the ECW revival which everyone and their great-grandma seem to be taking a shit on. Honestly, I don’t think this new ECW revival is that bad and in fact I think it can develop into something really good. Now some may think I defend this new ECW because of my favoritism towards WWE, but I can admit when the E fucks up. They fucked up with the Invasion angle, they fucked up with the Katie Vick storyline, they fucked up the Matt Hardy/Edge feud, they fucked up with the use of Eddie Guerrero’s name after his death, and they have fucked up on various other occasions in many different ways. I’ll even admit that when I first heard of an ECW revival under the WWE umbrella, I was skeptical and after seeing the first episode I was even more so. But slowly, at least for me, they have been creating a more enjoyable show week by week. Granted there are some things that need to go like Kelly’s striptease (Teach that bitch how to dance STAT). But in its four week run, it’s given us some enjoyable matches (Angle/RVD, Edge & Orton/Angle & RVD, Sabu/Mamaluke) and introduced some new and returning character (Test, Fertig, Mike Knox, CM Punk) which is exactly what a new show should be doing to create interest. WWE can’t cater to only the ECW faithful otherwise there would be no room for the product to grow. They have to mix old-school ECW with the current day WWE product to truly make the new ECW a worldwide entity and I believe they are working towards that. If you went into this new ECW expecting it to be EXACTLY like the old one, of course you’re going to be disappointed. Heyman even said that this was a “new breed” and while they would still have some of the old elements of ECW (ie: Extreme Rules Matches), they were going to try to expand their audience by implementing new things (ie: WWE style). I don’t believe this new ECW has been that bad and certainly shouldn’t be compared to the abysmal WCW Thunder which would have had absolutely no redeeming value if not for the occasional cruiserweight match. It just seems like everyone wants to take a colossal dump on the new ECW before even giving it a chance to grow. Look at last week’s episode. Most of the feedback on it was negative as people decreed it as a horrible show and the title switch to Big Show as a travesty. First off, they had to get the title off RVD and suspend him otherwise their Wellness Plan looks like a sham. So who in ECW right now is a viable title threat? Kurt Angle? About to go on hiatus. Tommy Dreamer? Not seen as a threat after being beat down by Show two weeks in a row. Sandman? He’s just a commodity act at this point to have some link to the old ECW. Sabu? He’s in the same boat as RVD. The rest of the roster is either too new or not seen as a viable title threat yet. So who does that leave. The Big Show. Show’s been playing a badass heel the last 5 weeks, first at ONS II by destroying everyone in the FBI/Super Crazy & Tajiri match. Then he dominates the extreme battle royal only to be sneakily eliminated by Sabu. Then he beats the shit out of Tommy Dreamer, an ECW favorite, for two straight weeks. Then he challenges RVD for the title because he feels he has proved enough and the only reason he came to ECW was to get a title on his shoulder. Show is the number one heel in ECW right now, like it or not. I think the way they played the angle last Tuesday was PERFECT. Heyman has been teasing dissent with RVD for weeks due to RVD taking on all comers and Heyman being fearful of him losing the WWE title. Heyman’s fears came true on Monday when Edge beat RVD for the WWE title and now ECW doesn’t have that in their favor anymore. The next night Heyman begs Rob not to take the match with Big Show, but RVD being the proud champ he is accepts Show’s challenge. RVD then seemingly has the match won when Heyman screws him out of the title and then suspends him for 30 days. This angle works in so many different ways. First, RVD can serve out his suspension, but lose the title in controversial fashion so when he comes back, he has a feud with Big Show over the title waiting for him. Next, it makes Show a despised heel because he had Heyman turn on Rob and took the title away from the most popular star in ECW. Also, for the next four weeks, there can be guys who try to challenge Show or confront him about what he did to RVD and that in turn can give those guys a rub. People were complaining that there were no real storylines so far in ECW and now you got one. So stop your babywhining. All I’m saying is that Raw wasn’t great in its first four episodes. Nitro wasn’t great in its first four episodes. Impact wasn’t great in its first four episodes. Give them some time to develop some storylines and develop some characters and I think it might become a very good show. They have the talent with guys like RVD, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, Lil’ Guido, Stevie Richards, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Big Show, and Test(who IS a good big man). I could be wrong and it could all turn to shit, but I’m at least going to give a chance before I proclaim it as the worst show ever. Give it a chance guys, it might turn into something good. Ok enough of me shilling for Vince and company, let’s get into this week’s list.

The Top Ten Bloodiest Matches

Blood and Wrestling go hand in hand. Except for the early 90’s when only ECW and Japan was showing the red stuff, blood has been prominent in many important matches. It’s the ultimate sign of the sacrifice and pain that a given wrestler is experiencing in a match. If they can overcome all the blood shedding and pull out a victory, it makes them look that much stronger. Hell even if they lose the match it makes them look strong as most humans would probably give up once they tasted their own blood. Here are some of the most gruesome, bloodiest matches that I have ever seen.

Honorable Mention: Zack Gowen vs. Vince McMahon (Vengeance ’03)
I know a couple of you that might not have seen the match are wondering “What the fuck” when seeing this pick but if you saw this match, you know why it’s on here. For the majority of the match, this was a bloodless affair with Vince just pounding away on the one-legged wonder Gowen. Near the end of the match, Vince got a chair to really create some punishment but Gowen was able to counter by kicking the chair right in Vince’s head. Blood then started POURING out of the side of Vince’s head. I’m not exaggerating, it was literally POURING like a faucet. Vince then got a cheap pin on Gowen after he missed a flipping senton because there was no way Vince could continue the match like that.

Honorable Mention: Sabu vs. Terry Funk (Born To Be Wired ’97)
This match didn’t see a tremendous amount of blood pouring out of either man, but both men had several lacerations on their body by the time this one was done. You could see sporadic blood spots all over both men’s body as both their clothes just turned into a unhealthy shade of red. This was one of those matches where the blood wasn’t right in your face, but if you look at the mat and the clothes of the wrestlers, it’s obvious a great amount of blood was lost by both.

Honorable Mention: Midnight Rockers vs. Buddy Rose & Doug Somers (AWA, 9/2/86)
This was a match early in the career of Shawn Michaels and he knew how to do a great bladejob even back then. This was just a brutal contest that saw the bigger team of Rose and Somers decimate the Rockers and open both of them up. The Rockers started fighting back and soon they were able to bloody up their opponents by busting Somers wide open. I mean the dude was bleeding all over the ring. This wild match continued until Rose clocked a ref and that was enough for a DQ. Even after the match was over, the Rockers continued to brawl with Somers and Rose on the floor until there was blood on the ring apron, on the floor, and even on the camera. Just a truly wild, bloody contest.

Honorable Mention: Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Wrestlemania 13)
This was the match that made Stone Cold into a star despite losing the match and a big reason for that is the heart he showed while losing a tremendous amount of blood. The match was hard hitting and eventually Bret was able to open Austin up and made matters worse when he clocked him over the head with the ring bell. Bret locked in the Sharpshooter as Austin writhed in agony with blood pouring down his face. The shot of Austin trying to fight out the Sharpshooter with blood pouring down his face and over his teeth is one of the most famous images ever in wrestling. Austin showed guts by refusing to say “I Quit” and instead just passed out which means he would rather pass out from pain than give Bret Hart the satisfaction of making him quit. That was some hardcore shit and this match will forever be remembered for that determination by Austin.

10) Cactus Jack vs. Triple H (Royal Rumble 2000)
Triple H had been goading Mick Foley and making a mockery of him until Mick finally snapped and reverted back to his hardcore alter ego, Cactus Jack. Jack promised pain and he promised blood, but I don’t think anyone expected this much blood. Jack had taken out a 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire after the ref had unsuccessfully tried to hide it from him and Triple H was able to steal it and whack Jack’s back and stomach with it. Jack then was able to take it back and hit HHH right in the fucking head with it! Trips then started bleeding a great amount of blood of his head which was on par with the blood that was already pouring out of his leg. Cactus continued the brutal assault until Stephanie McMahon came out to distract him which allowed HHH to Pedigree Jack. After Jack kicked out of that, HHH turned it up a notch by Pedigreeing Jack in THUMBTACKS BY GAWD!! Jack’s face was covered with thumbtacks and that was of course enough to end the match. Brutal, awesome stuff.

9) Beulah vs. Bill Alphonso (As Good As It Gets ’97)
This match was to determine whether Bill Alphonso kept his job after allegedly working out deals for WCW and he certainly deserved to keep it after this match. Beulah busted Fonzie up almost immediately and Fonzie just proceeded to bleed all over the ring after that. His black shirt was completely covered with blood and it got all over Beulah as well. Beulah was able to win the match with a hurricarana and Fonzie was able to keep his job after putting on this fun and very bloody match.

8) Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels (Summerslam ’05)
This match had been building up for weeks with HBK making fun of Hogan in every way possible and vowing to end Hulkamania. He certainly tried to do that after busting Hogan wide open and having Hogan’s face as the proverbial crimson mask. Shawn put Hogan in a headlock and Hogan’s blood literally covered all of Michael’s arm until it was beet red. I had never seen Hogan bleed that much before and it was amazing that at his age he was leaking that amount of blood. Of course Hogan won the match because he always wins unless your name is Rock, but I had to give it up for him for putting on an entertaining match with Michaels (even though HBK was responsible for 90% of it) and bleeding a ridiculous amount of blood.

7) Kerry Von Erich vs. Jerry Lawler (AWA Superclash ’88)
This was a unification match for the WCCW championship held by Von Erich and the AWA championship held by Lawler. This match was not for the faint of heart as The Modern Day Warrior bled a great amount of blood, yet kept fighting back to try to preserve his championship. He bled so much, in fact, that he seemingly had the match won when he applied The Claw on Lawler, but the ref stopped the match and awarded the match to Lawler because he felt Von Erich had lost too much blood. How often do you see a ref stop a match over blood loss? Not including the first Matt Hardy/Edge match where the ref stopped the match over NOTHING. Seriously, I’ve had papercuts worse than that.

6) Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard (Starrcade ’85)
This was the very definition of a blood feud so it was only fitting that both men would bleed all over the ring. Tully had stolen away Magnum’s US title due to shenanigans with an illegal object. TA was out for his revenge and his title in a steel cage I Quit match. Both men beat the crap out of each other and had blood pouring down their heads. The image of Magnum’s expression when he realized he’d been busted open is priceless. The match ended when Magnum jammed a splintered piece of chair into Tully’s forehead allowing blood to squirt out and making Tully scream “YESSS” when asked if he quits. This was a timeless, violent encounter.

5) Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Badd Blood ’97)
This was of course the first Hell In A Cell match and it lived up to its name by the end of this contest. After some early domination by Taker, HBK was able to fight back and get control of the match but soon Taker started to prove too much for Michaels and he had to find a way out of the cage. That way came by an injured cameraman in the cell who had to be taken out and once that door opened, Michaels tried his best to escape. Taker followed him and proceeded to ram his head repeatedly into the unforgiving steel cell. After that Michaels was busted wide open and his face was drenched in blood. I mean you would have thought his skin color was red with the amount of blood he was bleeding. This match will be remembered as one the greatest ever and I’ll never forget the blood that engulfed the face of HBK in it.

4) Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit (Wrestlemania XX)
This triple threat match was the greatest one ever because they combined fast paced action with technical wrestling with high spots with a whole heap of blood. HHH always seems to be willing to bring out the red stuff in his matches and he did so in this one in spectacular fashion. HBK didn’t slouch either as he was catapulted into the ringpost and then had blood dripping all over his face. Benoit took down Trips with the Crossface and you could see HHH’s blood pouring all over his hand. HHH tapped out to crown a new World Champion after an incredible and bloody World Title match.

3) Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar (No Mercy ’02)
After a few months of them feuding, this was the only was to end it and it gave us a surprisingly great and gruesome match. Brock and taker were on even par for the beginning stages of the matchup until Brock took the ring steps and SMACKED it into Taker’s face. Taker than started PISSING blood out of his head. Seriously, it was an unbelievable sight to see blood flowing out of a man’s head that quickly. When I first watched it, I didn’t think Taker could continue because that’s how much blood he was losing. Amazingly, not only was he able to continue the match but he was able to put on an excellent one. I think this match only gets remembered for the insane amount of blood that Taker bled which is a shame because it was a very good match despite it, but I can’t blame people for thinking that way because he did bleed worse than a girl on a heavy period.

2) Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL (Judgment Day ’04)
When JBL hit Eddie with that chair, I thought it was one of the sickest chairshots that I had ever seen. When I saw the amount of blood coming out of Eddie’s head, I KNEW it was one of the sickest chairshots I had ever seen. The blood was flowing out of Eddie’s head at an unbelievable rate and soon not only covered his entire face, but also covered his entire chest. It was just a gruesome sight to watch and the fact that Eddie continued with the match after bleeding that much was a testament to his heart as a performer. If I had bled half that amount I would of said fuck it and not even attempt to finish the match. This match was just a violent war that even made me squeamish and I usually love to see the red stuff.

1) Sgt. Slaughter vs. Pat Patterson (MSG, 5/4/81)
This was an alley fight during the famous feud between Slaughter and Patterson during early 1981. The rules were that there was no ref and the match would be over when one man could no longer stand up. These two men beat the absolute shit out of each other, I mean if you didn’t know better you would think it was a legit fight. Slaughter bled a mind-boggling amount as his entire face and tank top were drenched in blood. The ring and Patterson were covered with the Sarge’s blood as well. Patterson eventually won the match when Slaughter’s manager, The Grand Wizard, threw in the towel for him. This was just an unbelievably bloody contest and if you’re a fan of bloody matches and have never seen this one, I suggest you try to find a copy ASAP.

Drive-By Pimpin’

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The Sign-Off

Ok that’s it for this week my homies. Be sure to email me with your thoughts and lists on this week’s column or previous ones. Check me out next week when the topic will be The Top Ten Promos of all time. Expect a lot of Flair baby. WOOOOOO!!!


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