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Wrestling’s 4R’s Monday Edition 6.28.10: ROH, Superstars, Impact & SmackDown Reviewed!

June 28, 2010 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas


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    In HD where available…

    By: Aaron Hubbard

    ROH on HDNet 06.21.10:

    10-MINUTE HUNT: Eddie Edwards def. Nate Westgate [*3/4]
    Sara Del Ray def. Reggie [1/2*]
    Rasche Brown def. Ricky Reyes [*]
    The All-Night Express def. Jerry Lynn & Delirious [**3/4]


    10-MINUTE HUNT: ROH Television Champion Eddie Edwards opened the show and introduced his plan to determine #1 Contenders for the title; the 10-Minute Hunt. The premise is simple. If a wrestler can defeat Eddie in ten minutes or last the ten minutes, they get a title shot. This keeps Eddie fighting for his championship, and it also makes title matches special because people have to earn them. Any challenger will have either beaten Eddie or lasted ten minutes, so I like the premise. Beating some kid in the first one isn’t exactly the best start, but I kind of figured that it wouldn’t be too big. The concept is the important thing.

    AUSTIN ARIES – MANAGER SUPREME: So Austin Aries wants to be a manager now, huh? Okay, as long as he still wrestles on occasion, I’m cool with this. Kenny King and Rhett Titus both have potential to go far in ROH, and they have been impressive as a tag team before. However, with Aries now managing them, it makes them his protégés and not his lackeys. Having the name the “All-Night Express”, which both fits their gimmicks and is a great dig at Cornette, also helps. I would be shocked if they don’t win the titles from whoever beats the Kings of Wrestling. Or maybe they’ll beat the Kings, who knows?

    The main event was okay, nothing amazing. I liked the team of Delirious and Jerry Lynn, as Deli wants revenge on Aries and Lynn wants revenge on King, so it makes perfect sense. Delirious being almost immobile was a nice touch because it really puts over how personal his grudge is with Aries. Think Warrior WALKING to the ring at WM 7. And call the media, Austin Aries messed something up by going for a spot too early! He was supposed to grab Daizee’s hair and distract Delirious, but he did it at the wrong time and Delirious hit Shadows Over Hell on the other man. This was rather comical.



  • The wRong:

    SARA DEL RAY SQUASH: This was pretty bad. But the reason it is in the wrong is that it is completely pointless. ROH doesn’t care about women’s wrestling, they’ve tried in the past but it’s never worked, the fans don’t care, and unless you happen to like Sara Del Ray like I do, you probably forgot she even wrestles in ROH since the last TV match she had was sometime in December. And this isn’t going to be the start of a women’s revolution on ROH either. Stuff like this is just a waste of time. If ROH is going to have women wrestle, then they need to have women on the roster, they need to have time to wrestle, and they need a reason to wrestle. A title, a feud, anything. Until then, matches like this are pointless.

    RASCHE BROWN vs. RICKY REYES: This wasn’t a bad match, but it was a bad idea. Rasche Brown has been squashing jobbers for a while now, and I’ve said he needs to move up to stiffer competition. Well, Reyes is slightly stiffer competition, I’ll give them that. But that’s the problem. Reyes is way, WAY down on the ROH Totem Pole, but he was able to pretty much dominate this match for its duration. I’m sorry, but Rasche Brown cannot be an unstoppable wrecking machine if Ricky Reyes is dominating the match! If the first time Brown faces anyone approaching competent, he gets dominated, then how can we expect him to perform against a top talent? Or, if Brown can’t work more than two minutes and needs Reyes to carry him, why is he in ROH to begin with? This just made no sense to me.



    The 411

    This whole show was pretty “meh”. I was “meh” about giving out those rights and I was “meh” about giving out those wrongs. I really didn’t care much about anything on this show. What excited me the most was an announcement of Tyler Black vs. El Generico for next week’s show. Skip this unless you really love Austin Aries and the All-Night Express.

    SHOW RATING: 4.5

    By: Chad Nevett

    iMpact! 06.24.10:

    – Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love via disqualification [*1/2]
    – Jay Lethal (#7) defeated Kazarian [**]
    – Kurt Angle (#10) defeated Desmond Wolfe (#9) [***1/2]
    – Beer Money, Inc. defeated Ink, Inc. [**1/2]
    – Abyss (#1) defeated Mr. Anderson (#1) in a falls count anywhere, no disqualification match [**1/2]


    ANGELINA LOVE vs. VELVET SKY: After Angelina Love took out Lacey Von Erich last week, we get her versus Velvet Sky and this match should be bigger than this, don’t you think? Considering the whole build-up between the two, it’s kind of getting the blow off treatment here. This match was nothing but brutal passion as both sold the idea that they hate one another. It looked like it was going to be over a few times, but continued, even after Love brought in a chair. She eventually used it, but not immediately. One of the best performances I’ve seen from either lady recently. One minor complaint about Taz on commentary: why did he have to wonder why the ref never tossed the chair out of the ring? Yes, that aspect of the match didn’t make sense, but you don’t point that out. Nonetheless, the in-ring work was solid and the story between Love and Knockouts champ Madison Rayne was advanced.

    KURT ANGLE (#10) vs. DESMOND WOLFE (#9): Yeah, this match was too short, but, come on, it wasn’t just a few minutes too short, it was a good twenty minutes too short. Having this match on Impact worked for me since the feud between these two wasn’t that long ago and they do need to speed up the Angle story somewhat, because a ten month journey, while epic, would be a bit much. We got a nice recap of the history between these two prior to the match and the match itself was more great work from the pair. You want to see an example of two guys using every second they’re given to put on a great match, that’s what these two did. The Wolfe/Chelsea story continued throughout the match with Wolfe often shouting things at her, but it wasn’t as big a distraction as last week, usually done quickly after hitting a big move on Angle. I loved the back and forth with the sense that, at any time, one of these guys could hit a move to end it. Obviously, Angle had to win for his story to continue. One of the best Impact matches I’ve seen in a long time despite its short length.

    DOUGLAS WILLIAMS SEEKS TO GIVE BRIAN KENDRICK A LESSON IN PROFESSIONALISM: X-Division Champion Douglas Williams was out to address Brian Kendrick’s attack on him last week, discussing the lack of professionalism in it. Professionals treat one another with respect and don’t go for cowardly attacks. So, he invited Kendrick out for a lesson in professionalism. Kendrick obliged, but, instead, informed Williams that, at Victory Road, he will be defending the title against Kendrick in an Ultimate X match where submissions can also end the match. Williams said that they had nothing more to say to one another and that they should agree to stay out of one another’s way until then, but tried to attack Kendrick from behind. Kendrick countered and put him in the same submission move from last week. I hope it’s given a cool Kendrick-esque name soon. A great segment with two guys who are solid on the mic. I’m digging the new Kendrick character and the way he talks. And, as always, I love his entrance music.

    ABYSS (#1) vs. MR. ANDERSON (#1) IN A FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE, NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH: I wasn’t expecting to like this. Neither man are fantastic in the ring and the added no DQ rule had me fearing for the use of every weapon imaginable in a glorified bloodbath. What we got was a lot more focused with only a couple of chairs and a Singapore cane used as Mr. Anderson was driven by passion and Abyss just the monster on the loose. Anderson was quick and agile, showing more in-ring intelligence than normal, while Abyss played his role as the lumbering big guy well. I like how setting the chair up in the corner early in the match came back into play at the end. I’m a sucker for stuff like that. The finish was good with Abyss countering Anderson’s attempt at a Swanton Bomb, slamming him into the chair, and then hitting the Shock Treatment. It put Anderson over as needing all of that to be put down, while Abyss looked brutal. After the match, the beating continued as Abyss repeated last week by tossing Anderson off the stage and Hogan came out to hit Abyss with a chair… to no effect. Abyss went through Hogan’s security with little effort and the show ended pretty much exactly the same way as last week’s episode ended.


    MATT MORGAN TOLD US SO: Matt Morgan came out to say he told us so. He walked out of Slammiversary the winner against Hernandez and then proceeded to talk as much trash as he could about Hernandez (who was said to be in Mexico) in the time given. He even called him out and bragged when Hernandez didn’t come out. Delusional arrogant heel work done right. What kept this from the Right was Homicide coming out after to be quickly beat down and given a kick to the head against the ring post. I would have liked to see that lead to a match or at least last longer than 15 seconds. It’s such an obvious, cheap attempt to up the stakes between Morgan and Hernandez that they could have disguised it a little. Also, the last time Homicide and Hernandez were in the ring, they were enemies, so that aspect bothered me a bit. I am digging Morgan more and more, though.

    KAZARIAN vs. JAY LETHAL (#7): Another potential member of Fortune trying to take out Jay Lethal and failing. The in-ring work was fine here, but the backstage stuff with Ric Flair and AJ Styles beating up Lethal’s brother was pointless. We were shown it during the match, but it had no impact on the match. Why show us then? Why not wait until after the match when Lethal saw it, too? It should have allowed Kazarian to win by distracting Lethal, but came off as just a random backstage attack to get Lethal pissed off with no consequences on screen. All the right pieces were there for this one, but the execution was off.

    JEFF JARRETT vs. STING: We were supposed to get a Jeff Jarrett/Sting match, but that didn’t happen when Sting didn’t come out. Instead, he was in the rafters and looked like he was finally coming down. Him coming down from the rafters for his entrance every time could finally give him that Undertaker-length entrance he’s been missing. But, Jarrett, being impatient, went after Sting and started beating him up, leading him to the ring. During this, we saw Sting (the real Sting) in the ring, waiting with a baseball bat. Jarrett led the fake Sting out, got him in the corner, and, then, noticed that it wasn’t really Sting only for Sting to beat him with the bat, choking him out, and yelling about Jarrett being with ‘them.’ Now, I don’t think the ‘them’ here is the ‘they’ Abyss and Joe talked about, making this a little confusing/stupid. The segment was well done, but I would like to see this story actually advance. This is the same place they were at a month ago – two months ago. Get a fucking move on.

    BEER MONEY, INC. vs. INK, INC.: This was to determine who would face the Motor City Machine Guns at Victory Road for the tag team titles. Before the match, there was a backstage brawl between Ink, Inc. and Brother Ray that resulted in Devon yelling at Ray, and Shannon Moore having to fight most of this match alone. Moore did a good job of holding off Beer Money, but eventually succumbed. Jesse Neal eventually staggered out and wasn’t used immediately, shown to be injured. During the match, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, and Stevie Richards went and sat down in the crowd (seriously, do THEY look like that much of a threat?), adding more intrigue to the proceedings. This match made it seem like Ink, Inc. were a threat with Beer Money needing to cheat to win, but I didn’t buy how much of a threat Ink, Inc. were meant to be. Not yet at least. My favorite part of this match had to be the Guns joining Tenay and Taz on commentary, just adding snide, sarcastic remarks throughout. They weren’t all winners, but they were pretty funny. And the line about it beginning as a handicap or handicapable match was gold.


    HOGAN FEELS BETRAYED BY ABYSS: The show began with Hulk Hogan coming out and kicking things off with the same meaningless gibberish about TNA being awesome that he always spews. I will give him points this week, because the show was pretty good. Except for this segment where he announced that it would be a four way at Victory Road for the world belt with Rob Van Dam defending against Abyss, Mr. Anderson, and Jeff Hardy. He then turned his attention to what Abyss had done next week and, hey, speak of the devil, Abyss came out. Hogan wanted answers since he’d been behind Abyss and believed in him, and Abyss said a bunch of bullshit about how ‘they’ are coming and ‘they’ told him to turn on Hogan. I love a good mystery and all, but this isn’t good. This is vague for the sake of being vague. More than that, if the rumors are true, it’s just a bunch of washed-up hardcore guys. While I have no doubt they’ll be portrayed as a serious threat, I can’t take that group too seriously. I’m also a little disappointed that nothing was mentioned about Samoa Joe giving the same warning while he was away/kidnapped. But, Abyss and Hogan went around and around with this ‘they’ stuff until Abyss tried to shove Hogan’s Hall of Fame ring down his throat, which I approve of, prompting RVD to come down for his only appearance of the show and get his ass handed to him. Mr. Anderson soon followed and didn’t do any better. This wasn’t intriguing, it was a meaningless turn that they’re saying ‘trust us’ on. Anyone want to trust TNA given its recent track record?



    The 411

    Once again, TNA focuses on the wrestling and gets a strong show in the process. And, if you look at what dragged down some of the segments, it wasn’t the in-ring action, it was the unnecessary crap that gets added on. Again, TNA, keep things simple, let guys just wrestle, and you’ve got a great episode of Impact. More of this, please.

    SHOW RATING: 7.0

    By: Steve Cook

    Superstars 06.24.10:

    JTG d. Caylen Croft (*)
    Luke Gallows d. Chris Masters (**)
    Brie Bella d. Jillian Hall (*½)
    R-Truth d. William Regal (**¼)


    LUKE GALLOWS vs. CHRIS MASTERS: Some people say I underrated the match in my Superstars recap, and they might have a point. My opinion on that is I was expecting a lot from this match because I’m a big fan of both of them and how they’ve stepped their game up since adopting new personas. Masters has been on fire with his baby face matches for quite some time and I continue to worry that WWE isn’t noticing this because he’s always on this show. Gallows has found his niche as a sidekick to CM Punk, and impresses me a lot more in that role than he ever did as Festus or Fake Kane. I didn’t think the match quite got up to what I was expecting, but it was still good stuff nonetheless. I especially liked the finishing sequence with Gallows managing to maneuver Masters into the Gallows Pole from the middle rope. On a re-watch I’d probably add a fraction to my rating. Here’s hoping for a rematch…

    R-TRUTH vs. WILLIAM REGAL: This was a pretty decent Superstars main event. Most of it was based on Regal working over the “injured” knee of R-Truth, and Regal did a very good job of making it look like he was going to tear R-Truth’s leg off of his body. Unfortunately he didn’t, and he also didn’t counter R-Truth’s rapping entrance with one of his own. Despite all of that, the match was still solid.


    BRIE BELLA vs. JILLIAN HALL: There were certain parts of this match that I really liked. I liked the referee trying to figure out which Bella should be in the ring, and deciding it had to be the sweatier one. Not that it mattered too much, because they ended up switching behind his back anyway. I can’t quite put it into the right column because I have to be smarky and consider things like workrate, but I don’t think it was as bad as some people would tell you.


    JTG vs. CAYLEN CROFT: The first match between these two wasn’t very good, so maybe a Superstars rematch would be better, right? Wrong. Both of these guys are better off as tag team wrestlers at this stage of their career, and putting them in singles matches with each other makes that crystal clear.


    Nothing of note.

    The 411

    Pretty good Superstars episode this week. You had two pretty good matches and a fun little Diva match, & JTG vs. Croft wasn’t long enough to take away from the other stuff. Solid outing.

    SHOW RATING: 6.5

    By: Jeremy Thomas

    WWE SmackDown 06.25.10

    The Big Show d. Jack Swagger by DQ [**]
    MVP, Christian & Kofi Kingston d. Curt Hawkins, Vance Archer & Dolph Ziggler [** ½]
    Matt Hardy d. Drew McIntyre [***]
    Kelly Kelly d. Rosa Mendes [DUD]
    Kane and CM Punk fought to a No Contest [** ½]


    RELAX DEAR READERS, I GOT THIS: SmackDown kicked off with Teddy Long and Vickie Guerrero being all smiles. Teddy said that Rey Rey would be defending his World Title at Money in the Bank, then got cut off by Vickie saying:

    To the two or three people who saw Knight and Day, that may or may not be funny. Anyway, she said that she and Teddy would be evaluating all the talent and that there would be eight men who would get into Money in the Bank for a shot at Rey. Vickie then told us that after Vince was incapacitated by the NXT guys…well, we wouldn’t find out immediately because Drew McIntyre came in his usual jolly mood. Yeah, he was pissed and Teddy was happy. Drew talked about how he humiliated and humbled Teddy—I have to assume his humbling took place off-screen because that’s not very PG—but Teddy said that with Vince out, he got to run the show how he wanted and that meant Matt was back and he got a match against Drew. Teddy then made some Scot jokes and told him to get out of his office. Even Vickie got on Drew then. Wow, when the top heel is trashing you, that’s a bad sign. Anyway, this wasn’t any great moment but it was the pre-theme teaser and established a match, plus put a temporary end to the Teddy Long Probation storyline. I don’t care; Hornswoggle could have beat up the Big Show single-handedly and the end of that storyline alone would have gotten this a Right for me.

    THE GATECRASHERS & DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. MVP, CHRISTIAN & KOFI KINGSTON: In the latest chapter of the “Oh Shit, We Have No Idea What To Do With Christian And MVP” Saga, they ended up continuing their feud against the Gate Crashers, with Dolph Ziggler and Kofi added for spice. Early in the match T-Grish showed his lack of erudition by not knowing what a triumvirate was. Anyway, considering that they gave this match a solid amount of time we got to see some good work here between these six men. Kofi, Christian and Montel are the right people to pair the heels against because Dolph has worked matches with all three men well and Hawkins and Archer look impressive being competitive against these three. Honestly, I won’t say this was a match I would die happy after seeing, but we got some good work here and I can’t complain about that. I just REALLY wish they’d find something to do with Christian and MVP other than elevating newly brought-up tag teams.

    MATT HARDY vs. DREW McINTYRE: So this match was the culmination of a feud between these guys, and to the WWE’s credit they gave them plenty of time for a big-time seeming match. Matt Striker noted this was going to be more of a fight than a match and that’s exactly how it started, as both men really played off their hatred of each other well. I thought the story of this match worked very well, with Matt seeking his revenge and Drew trying his damnedest to put Version 1.0 away as quickly as he could and by any means possible. Both men stepped up big time here; Drew has been accused by many—including yours truly—of not stepping up his game and pulling out a big-time match but here he worked a better match than we’ve seen out of him yet. Matt provides an excellent foil for Drew, as he can sell very well yet also guide someone like Drew through a great match. I’m not going to say Matt carried Drew here but he certainly helped the former IC Champ step it up. And to their credit, Creative didn’t just make this Matt crushing Drew; it was a competitive match where both men looked very good. The crowd was pretty into this match because they do love to hate Drew and Matt is permanently over these days. When he pinned Drew, the crowd loved it and it provided a great moment to end the feud. And after the match, Teddy Long showed up on the ‘Tron to get his revenge as well. Drew’s visa had expired so he was getting deported. Nice way to send Drew out of here for a while; I’m curious what they’re going to do with him at this point and if this is a demotion for Drew. If it is, he went out on a strong note.

    CM PUNK vs. KANE: Earlier in the show, Kane was talking to an empty coffin, saying that he would eviscerate CM Punk and decapitate the head of the Straight Edge Society. Just don’t get any ties involved and don’t mention Owen Hart and I think you’ll be good, Kanester. Anyway this was our main event and I had high hopes for this. Kane has been motivated since he got this new storyline and Punk is golden. Speaking of that, Punk got on the mic and proclaimed himself an innocent man. I actually believe him on this one. This was a good match because of the way they sold the emotion in this match. Punk was afraid of what Kane was going to do to him and Kane just wanted to hurt Punk. This wasn’t about lock-ups or pinfalls, so I was okay with the no-contest. Frankly, I was expecting it. The Society came out and they started beating Kane down, but he fought them all off and went right after Punk. I enjoyed this because it continues to push Kane higher in terms of credibility as a potential main eventer and Punk loses nothing here. Sounds like a winner to me.


    THE BIG SHOW vs. JACK SWAGGER: Jack was the second man out for this match, and he had a mic. He said that he had a protest lodged against the WWE for having to fight the Big Show and defend his World Title in Fatal Four-Way. Okay, I like Swagger, but let’s be honest Jack; you didn’t lose that match because of the Fatal Four-Way or because of Kane. You lost it because SmackDown management lost a bit of faith in you for unexplained reasons. But anyway, this was a tolerable promo and Swagger said he was cashing in his rematch clause at Money in the Bank. Fair enough; got that World Title match out of the way. Swagger said he was going to make everyone suffer, starting with Show.

    So, these guys have had a couple decent enough matches although nothing near fantastic. This was about the same. They had some decent enough spots but this was pretty slow and hit boring in some parts. These guys have good chemistry though and that kept this from being a waste. There was definitely concern on my part that this was going to be a flattening of Swagger by the way things were going, but he turned it around nicely mid-match which is about when it picked up some. He focused on Show’s knee and while I would like to see Swagger become more of a focused guy where he goes completely after one target, this worked fine once Jack took control. Having Swagger get DQ’d because he wouldn’t release the submission hold did him more good than every win he’s had since he became World Champion. Swagger made Big Show tap, albeit after the bell. That’s a statement toward Swagger, and while the match quality leaves this in puRgatoRy it’s just barely out of the Right.

    CODY RHODES IS HANDSOME: Or that’s the way it seems, anyway. So since Ted DiBiase is taking his dad’s gimmick, Cody is taking Rick Rude’s? Yeah, that makes sense. So anyway, apparently Cody Rhodes won a Diva’s poll of who the most attractive superstar was by a seven point margin over John Cena. Cody then turned his attention to his NXT rookie Husky Harris and mocked him, calling him an average male with horrible tattoos and dirty hair. He then trashed his own family to help get this over, which I have to say I’ll give him credit for. He even came down to ringside to trash the fans, T-Grish and Tony Chimel. A RottenTomatoes.com reference? Really? I gotta say, I have to give Cody credit for doing a solid job in this promo to get the gimmick over, but I also have to say one thing. Are we REALLY making fun of Jack Swagger for his lisp and pretending Cody doesn’t have one? Good gods. I didn’t really love this, but I won’t give it a wRong because Cody is certainly trying to get it over.


    TRIPLE K “vs.” ROSA MENDES: This wasn’t a match. This was Rosa Mendes jumping rope and then getting pinned by Rosa, with Layla and Michelle sitting at the commentary booth for all of sixteen seconds. Listen, I’m not complaining about the fact that we only saw Kelly and Rosa “wrestle” for sixteen seconds, but there was way too much set-up for that. Let me put this in perspective. The entrances and all that BS was eight times as long as the match. Seriously? If you want to spend two minutes and thirty seconds building a Michelle/Lay-Cool feud, do it in a segment. That’s the better way to do it, because then we don’t even have to deal with sixteen seconds of these two trying to wrestle.

    ALBERTO DEL RIO IS AN HONEST MAN: So Dos Caras Jr. has finally made his WWE debut, as Alberto Del Rio. And you know what, I have no problem with the fact that he’s not Dos Caras Jr. and that he doesn’t wear a mask. The WWE likes to hold copyrights on their stars names for merchandising reasons, and other than Rey Rey masks have generally been more of a hindrance in the WWE than a benefit. I don’t think he did badly in his promo, either. He showed that he has some genuine mic skills and we got a hint of what his gimmick is. You know what bugged me? When was the last time one of these taped vignettes actually got a new talent over? Anyone remember Kizarney? How about Kerwin White? Mordecai? Nathan Jones? Hade Vansen’s promo Oh yeah, that never happened. These things NEVER work anymore. Ever. Fans don’t care about the fact that Del Rio lives in a mansion and sets books aside so he can talk about being an honest man. They want to know what he’s going to do in a wrestling context. And while this told us that Del Rios was one suave mofo, it didn’t tell us about his wrestling skills. That’s what I want to know about.


    DID YOU KNOW?: Nope. And, as always, I don’t care.

    The 411

    I don’t have a lot to complain about here. They established the World Title match for Money in the Bank, ended one feud and advanced several others. Yes, they could have had Rey Rey show up but I’m not going to fault them because perhaps he had commitments elsewhere (I know, why give him the title if that’s the case, but still.) Yes, there were things I disliked and this was far from a perfect show but it was good in what it set out to do and I can appreciate that. And hey, at least they acknowledged that there is Money in the Bank. Raw conveniently forgot that.

    SHOW RATING: 7.5

    From Guest#1211:
    Some people will never be happy with ANYTHING WWE does. If they do too much, it’s too ‘cluttered’. If they do too little, the show feels empty.

    Well yes, but that’s the case with anything in life. Some people are just never satisfied period.

    From Guest#6020:
    any possibility Matt Striker is revealed as the mastermind behind The Nexus and has them take out this season’s NXT contestants? He’s been attacked an unusual number of times for no storyline to come of it

    From alec:
    JT, what are the odds on Vince playing to the IWC? Any chance the GM totally screws up Raw for a couple of weeks and is then revealed to be a fat virgin emailing from his mum’s basement. HHH then comes back and decimates the nerd. Sure we can figure Bryan into the angle somewhere.

    I would say Matt Striker is an unlikely but possible move. Alec…somewhere north of 0% and south of 0.000000000001%. I wouldn’t give it that many odds, but never forget Vince wanted to impregnante his daughter in a storyline. Dude goes nuts sometimes.

    From Guest#5184:
    While I am enjoying the Nexus angle what is going to happen when these guys have to have a wrestling match. How many of them are capable of having a good match?

    Well, many of them performed just fine on NXT, so probably decent if not all great. Gabriel, Barrett and Slater have the best odds obviously.

    From what:
    Jeremy, in your opinion who do you think is the “anonymous GM”.

    No idea. This isn’t me hedging my bets, I simply don’t know and any guess I have is based on no evidence.

    From thatguyinthemovie:
    where the main eventer controls the match until the high flyer makes a comeback, then rinse-lather-repeat.

    You rinse before you lather? That sounds like deep southern fried ignorance.

    That is all

    Yes. I wet the hair, then lather it up, then rinse the shampoo out. That’s a rinse, then a lather, then a repeat.

    From Money:
    Please stop overrating the shit out of RAW every week…. It’s getting annoying

    No. Thanks for reading!

    From reggie rider:
    in the secton called the right of his report rs did you guys see thomas took a shot at us 411 commentes??? he said thats not pg and trys to dis us. hey thomas where the fans who give you the hits on the website and put money in your pocket. i woud be careful to treat us with more respect and cosideraton.

    It was all in good fun, man. No worries.

    From Did You Know – Not Ridiculous:
    Frankly, I am fed up with this Jeremy Thomas chap for putting Did You Know on ridiculous every time. How is it ridiculous that WWE is helping Make a Wish Foundation? How is it ridiculous that WWE is more watched all over the world than other “mainstream” sports all over America. People don’t know NFL and NBA stars over the world. Let me tell you Cody Rhodes is more a recognizable face in the world than some NFL / NBA / baseball star. WWE is doing some good stuff, so I am sure they can showcase it with a 2-second graphic without it being “ridiculous” for Jeremy Thomas. This writer is pathetic for his disregard. And hey, we have recaps for every show, so we don’t need an idiot’s opinion on what’s right and wrong. Do you what’s Ridiculous? Jeremy Thomas. Did You Know Jeremy Thomas writes a pointless column here on 411 where they have talented writers and good columns? Nope. And, and as always, we shouldn’t care.

    And yet, you do because you keep clicking on the link. Just saying. I’ve explained this whole thing many times, so I’m not gonna do so again, but relax. You spent more effort typing this out than I did leaving the Did You Know in every week. Blood pressure, man. Making it go up isn’t a good thing over something so trivial.

    Until Friday, keep on kickin’ it!

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