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Tony Farinella will highlight a forgotten film every Saturday in his Forgotten Films column. Some of these films might be from as little as a year ago and some might be 10 years ago, or even 25. He will also drop with DVD and film reviews.
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I try to review DVD's as much as possible, and I do interviews from time-to-time as well.
Forgotten Films
Film reviewer, journalist, columnist, Interviewer, anything related with film and me talking about it. Either with me, or someone else.
I have been under consideration for what I consider to be a dream job. Being invovled in film All I know is that I am proud to say that I simply do the best that I am able. I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that I have always treated everyone with the most understanding and respect that I possibly can, which is what you deserve. And I'd hope that you would do the same for me. If not, that is OK too, as I will always do my best to understand. If you want someone to listen to, as always I would be happy to do that as well. As a heads up, if you ever do want to contact me, in addition to my movie email I am also using an old address of [email protected]" All My Best Forever, Tony Farinella
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