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411 Games Top 5: Top 5 Battlefield Games

October 22, 2016 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. This is the 411 Games Zone Top 5, where 411 writers get to make lists on a different topic each week. This week, since Battlefield 1 came out on Friday, we are doing the Top 5 Battlefield Games.

Sean Garmer (Games Top 5 Organizer, Host of Video Games 2 the MAX Podcast)

5. Battlefield: Bad Company This game was great because it differed from the more serious tone of the other Battlefield games. The story was humorous and light. It had some terrific characters, which the series still hasn’t truly surpassed. Not to mention, it introduced the multiplayer mode “Global Rush”, which has since become a regular thing in Battlefield games. The maps were made just for this mode and are some of the best in the series too.

4. Battlefield 3: This was a game were DICE focused more on the multiplayer side of things. The post-game content system here was well done and had you playing for months after the game came out with five expansions. Especially since the singleplayer campaign wasn’t the best. Hey, but it did have Fighter Jets and 64 player battles on PC.

3. Battlefield 1942: The first one and still one of the best Battlefield games ever. It introduced so many of the now standard things you see in a Battlefield games. The 64 player battles, conquest mode, class-based gameplay and fighting in so many locations. What’s so great about this game is that each map is based on a real battle that happened in World War II. It truly makes you feel in the moment and in the war. Being able to fight inside fighter jets and go into tanks were huge for their time. Not to mention, the Battle of Midway map, which challenges your flying skills like no other.

2. Battlefield 2: This game probably will wind up #1 on almost anyone’s list because of the vast array of things it introduced. Not to mention, how much the critics love this game. The Special Forces addition was cool because you could control a different set of troops. The six player group was great for spawning the leader in missions. Just so many weapons in this game and some great maps too.

1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 I know this is going to sound like sacrilege to seasoned players, but when I go to play a FPS game, I look at the singleplayer campaign. I loved the campaign in this game. The characters return from the first Bad Company and it somehow improves on the first game on the multiplayer side. Maps like Africa Harbor were awesome, especially because you could destroy literally everything on the map. I’m probably gonna get crap for this being my number 1, but this is the best Battlefield game in my view.

Daniel Anderson (Games Fact or Fiction Organizer)

*Even though it doesn’t carry the name, I consider the new Star Wars Battlefront game as a Battlefield game. So, this is why it is on my list. *

5. Star Wars Battlefront: I know a lot of people dislike this game, but overall it is fun and the newest modes do add variety to the game. There is just something satisfying about getting into a classic Star Wars vehicle and flying around shooting Stormtroopers or Rebels. The game is not perfect, but it is good enough to get onto this list.

4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2: The whole reason this game made the list is because I really enjoyed the single player. It was fun and it provided a lot of laughs while playing. I would love to see another installment of this franchise to see where they could take it next.

3. Battlefield Vietnam: I always felt that this game was under appreciated. Instead of making another WW2 game, the developers decided to advance to the Vietnam War. This was a fun game to play and it was fairly unique because the time period is not heavily represented in video games. I love when we get to experience new time periods and that put this game on my list.

2. Battlefield 2: I have played Battlefield 3 and 4, but I never could really get into those games. For some reason I just couldn’t enjoy them. Battlefield 2 on the other hand was the last modern Battlefield game I really enjoyed. Maybe it was the maps or maybe the gameplay, but I really enjoyed this game.

1. Battlefield: 1942: While the age might show on this game, it is still great fun. It was my first Battlefield type game and I miss the simplistic gameplay (compared to now) that modern Battlefield games sometimes just can’t seem to capture today.


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