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411 Games Top 5: Top 5 WWE Games

October 8, 2016 | Posted by Sean Garmer

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. This is the 411 Games Zone Top 5, where 411 writers get to make lists on a different topic each week. This week, due to WWE 2K17 coming out on Tuesday, we are doing the Top 5 WWE Games. So, this means only games with WWE in the title are allowed. I did allow them to include two WWF games if needed, to make the list.

John Cash (Regular Contributor to Games Top 5)

Note: For a challenge, I decided to take this list literally, so it has to be WWE in the title, NOT WWF.

5. WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain: As time has gone on, HCTP has slowly started to creep up on WWF No Mercy as the typical answer to “What is the best wrestling game ever?” To me, that’s taking it a bit far, but it’s certainly a hell of a game. Outside of my #2 entry, it’s probably the most arcade-style of all of the WWE games; you can jump from four stories up onto a limo in Times Square, for example. It’s a serious contender for best roster of all time too, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

4. WWE Day of Reckoning 2: The GameCube exclusives were the better WWE games, hands down. The only competitor is HCTP, to me, and it felt too… detached, to me; you’d hit the finisher button, and then it would just happen. In Day of Reckoning 2, you had to plan out where you were going to do your move, and if you were in a multi-man match, pray to every god in existence that someone else didn’t see you get your finisher. The creation suite was incredible compared to the PS2 games. The only reason I have this so low is because the stamina gameplay almost ruined what is otherwise an amazing wrestling game.

3. WWE WrestleMania XIX: For my money, XIX has the best roster of any wrestling game ever. It’s not huge like a FirePro roster, but as far as the range of people in the game, and the size, it’s damn near perfect. I also hope that someday people will look back at this game and think “Wow, it had all of these things that it took the other series YEARS to get?” It was a game way ahead of it’s time, and it’s a shame people look down on it because of Revenge Mode (the beat’em up stuff), which actually inspired quite a bit of wrestling-related machinima from 2002-2007.

2. WWE All Stars: I said before that HCTP is pretty arcadey, but All Stars definitely takes the cake in that respect. Every move now includes a 20 foot leap into the air, a backflip or 360, before getting a TKO (how many people actually pinned in this game, honestly?) The showcase mode blew a lot of people away thanks to the stellar hype videos before each match, and the online was smooth and chaotic. Unfortunately the servers were shut down far too soon thanks to THQ’s bankruptcy (iirc.)

1. WWE Day of Reckoning: High-tier roster. Great visuals (for the time). Amazing gameplay. One of the best story modes they’ve ever had. There are many reasons to own a Nintendo GameCube, but sadly you won’t see this game mentioned among them, but I promise you, this is one of the most all-around fun wrestling games ever made, period.

Marc Morrison (Games Zone Reviewer, Co-Host of the Video Games 2 the MAX Podcast, Writer of the Games Zone 8-Ball)

5. WWE Immortals: Immortals isn’t really a wrestling game, but more of a reskin of the mobile version of Mortal Kombat, with wrestlers in it. Frankly though, I wish the real WWE wrestlers had the personality in this game. Big Show as a lumberjack, Trish Stratus as Emma Frost, Sheamus as a Druid, and John Cena (naturally) as Superman. Even if it’s more of a fighting game than a wrestling game, it still has merit, due to the special/super moves that happen. Instead of the inevitable new DC fighting game, I would rather NetherRealm make a console version of Immortals.

4. WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game: Like with Immorals, Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game only loosely is a wrestling game, but still was connected to wrestling. It was made by Midway and was pretty much a Mortal Kombat game in the vein of a WWF ring. The wrestlers have exaggerated moves like Doink having oversized fists or Shaun Michaels basically having a variation of Liu Kang’s dragon kick. Having Vince McMahon do the announcing is great, and shows him in rare form. It’s sad though that of the 8 wrestlers, 3 of them have passed on.

3. WWE 2K16: 2K16 is by no means “great” game, but it’s passable enough. Frankly, the annoying reversal system, dumb chain wrestling, and AI bugs do hurt the game in my eyes. I was in a Royal Rumble match, one of the last three competitors and the other two guys were frozen in place. Meanwhile, I just stood in the corner and taunted over and over to build up my special meter. The reason I like it though is due to the Steve Austin career stuff. A lot of it is just fun to play and the video packadges make it more impactful. Even if they do edit a lot of the “World Wrestling Federation” lines out of it. It’s still not as good as the next two games on my list, but what are you going to do?

2. WWE 13: We all know the main series WWE vary greatly in quality year after year. They focus too much on one system, and annoying features that have been in the serious continue to not be fixed. With that said, WWE 13 is arguably the best one in recent memories, since 2K14 had a weird story mode, and counter attacks were too important. Also, the last said about 2K15, the better. The Attitude Era was a great story mode, letting you re-live the moments that most wrestling fans still care about. The roster had a pretty even split between old and new wrestlers, and, compared to some WWE games, was pretty bug free. Was the game perfect? Hell no. But it was still fun, and holds up better than the latter two games in the series.

1. WWE All Stars: In the era of increasingly desperate, and poor, main series WWE games, how great is it that WWE All Stars was allowed to exist? It took the idea of wrestling and heightened it to such a ludicrous degree as to make it better than the product it was based on. You can drop a guy, have him pop up from the impact, and then grab him mid-air for another move. The roster is limited, compared to other wrestling games, only having 30 wrestlers, 15 current and 15 legends, but it has everyone who you would want, including Randy Savage. Sadly, Jeff Hardy is not in the game, but you can’t win them all. There were two different story modes in this game, one featured Undertaker, DX, and Randy Savage as you go through various matches to try and defeat them. There was also the “Fantasy Warfare” idea where it would take two legends and try to pair them up in a feud, based on their personality/role. So you would have Stone Cold vs. CM Punk over which had the better lifestyle. It is truly a shame there will never be an All Stars 2, not just because THQ dissolved, but because All Star 1 so over-shadowed the actual WWE wrestling game, they don’t want to be embarrassed again.


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