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A Knight’s Quest (Switch) Review

October 16, 2019 | Posted by Genna Boyer
A Knight's Quest
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A Knight’s Quest (Switch) Review  

What does it mean to be a hero? A Knight’s Quest answers by delivering Zelda-inspired puzzles in a platforming open world for players to conquer. While it’s easy to see its influences in its puzzles, collectibles, and time trials, it doesn’t detract from the artistic adventure A Knight’s Quest has to offer. 

In A Knight’s Quest, you play as Rusty, a quirky adventurer who accidentally summons evil into the world and takes it upon himself to correct his mistake. With a flair all his own, it’s up to Rusty to find the three Guardians of legend and become the hero he was meant to be. The premise is straightforward and the main quest is never forgotten. Dialogue is light-hearted, albeit juvenile at times. Still, the memorable characters are easily one of A Knight’s Quest’s strong points.

I liken the combat of A Knight’s Quest to that of the Spyro series: it exists, but it’s not the main focus. That said, combat isn’t difficult to master. Regular enemies don’t present much of a challenge, but there are extra tough baddies hidden around the map to find and vanquish. Boss battles provide a decent challenge in between moments of discovery. However, the lock-on camera likes to lose focus quite often, and Rusty doesn’t always respond when he needs to dodge-roll.

Where A Knight’s Quest shines the most is in its puzzles, platforming, and diverse map. Solving the game’s many puzzles is a satisfying feat. Platforming fans will enjoy the wall running mechanics, avoiding dangerous obstacles like spikes and buzz saws, and figuring out how to discover new areas of the map. The verticality of map areas enriches exploration as well, rewarding a player’s curiosity with chests and collectibles.

Evil may have befallen the world of A Knight’s Quest, but it’s also plagued by some game-breaking bugs. Specific load zones suffer the occasional crash, especially after spending a significant amount of time in the Temple Fields. Rusty is viciously bullied by death/respawn loops. An unresponsive lever caused me to be stuck in a cave, making me have to reload the game. As frustrating as these bugs can be, the most troublesome part of them is how infrequent the game autosaves. A game that thrives on exploration deserves more saves or even a manual save option.

Regardless of all these flaws, I was hooked on the world created in A Knight’s Quest. It’s incredibly refreshing to play a game where the main quest is always in the spotlight, but doesn’t feel linear. The story sucks you in and the map discoveries keep you enthralled. Overall, experiencing the adventure of A Knight’s Quest outweighs its technical issues.

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An endearing adventure awaits in A Knight’s Quest. From its ambitious map and fun puzzles to memorable characters, you can sense the amount of love that went into its world’s creation. Once all the bugs have been banished, A Knight’s Quest will be more worthy than it already is.

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