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A Labyrinth Roleplaying Game Is on the Way

March 12, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Given the popularity of mazes and archvillains in RPGs, it’s a surprise that there has never been a Labyrinth roleplaying game. That’s changing. Roleplaying game designer Ben from Questing Beast has revealed on Twitter that he is working on a RPG based on the iconic David Bowie/Jennifer Connelly film from River Horse Games. River Horse is the company behind the licensed tabletop board games for Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Hunger Games and more.

Ben wrote that the Labyrinth game will be “ninety interlinked scenes full of OSR [Old School Revival]-style challenges” that will fluctuate based on which scenes you discover. He noted that you will see about a third of the scenes in each run, “as you roll a die to see which scene you discover next” with each of the linking scenes creating a new map of the labyrinth with each playthrough: “Almost every scene has random generators that add new twists, so no two games will be the same.”

He continues, “Mechanics are very simple, perfect for new players and new DMs (excuse me, “Goblin Kings”), and there’s a 13 hour clock slowly ticking down throughout the adventure. Don’t beat the game in time and you LOSE. Start over and try to get farther. Tons of attention is being paid to layout. Each scene is a two page spread, with everything you need to know right there in front of you. You’ll use a bookmark to track your progress through the book as you solve more challenges.”

The game will include art from The Goblins of Labyrinth by Brian Froud, who did the conceptual designs for the 1986 film. As of now, no release date is set and no word on how “Magic Dance” plays into it.