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A Town Called Malice Brings Small-Town Noir & Horror to the Fiasco RPG Format

April 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
A Town Called Malice

Among fans of storytelling roleplaying games, Fiasco is a particular high-note. And a similar RPG along that lines is bringing a noir/horror feel with A Town Called Malice. Monkeyfun Studios has launched a Kickstarter for the new story game, which is inspired by Fiasco and combines Nordic Noir (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Broadchurch, The Killing) with the type of isolated small-town horror seen in Thirty Days of Night and The Thing.

The crowdfunding campaign for the game cites David Lynch’s iconic Twin Peaks as a big influence “in its portrayal of small town secrets and underlying darkness that pervades every step the characters take.” The game is actually on Protagonist Industries’ Story Pillar System, which was popularized by games like Fiasco which sees the players developing the story and coming up with the relationships that bind the characters together.

The Kickstarter notes:

“In A Town Called Malice the three Pillars are:

* The Body – Found in the Town (or its surrounding area), its initial discovery and the victim’s connections to the people of Malice throw the quiet Town into chaos.
* The Event – Vital to the Town’s livelihood, the discovery of the Body threatens its success and the Town’s survival.
* The Darkness – The lurking horror responsible for the terrible things happening to the Town, it is a growing threat soon to affect everyone unless it is averted, stopped, or destroyed.

A Town Called Malice involves the isolation of small towns tucked away from busy highways and large cities. Although the default setting envisions an isolated snowbound Nordic island or outpost near the Arctic Circle, a game of Malice can be set in other locations such as the rainy Pacific Northwest, a sun-drenched tourist stop that vacates when summer ends or even a cold, distant way-station in outer space. Malice is truly everywhere.”

The Kickstarter has almost reached its $6,000 goal, sitting at $5,693 with twenty-eight days to go. There are plenty of stretch goals for the campaign moving forward as well. You can get on board with the Kickstarter here. An actual play video of the game is below: