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Adam Cole & Evil Uno Enjoy AEW Fight Forever’s Minigames, Uno Was Uncertain At First

July 7, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Fight Forever Mini-Games Image Credit: AEW Games

Adam Cole and Evil Uno are big fans of the minigames within AEW Fight Forever, but Uno confesses that he wasn’t sure about them at first. The two AEW roster members (and avid gamers) spoke on AEW Unrestricted about the minigame parts of the game, and you can see some highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

Cole on the minigames within the game: “I think the mini-games might be my favorite … Even if you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily play a ton of wrestling games, this would be a game mode that every single person that enjoys a video game is going to have a blast with,” Cole stated. “There’s a ton of different options like baseball is so much fun. There’s this one game mode — and the name is escaping me — where everyone is kind of in the ring without the ropes, and you’re throwing or pushing each other to try and get them to fall off the edge, which is really cool. It’s such a blast.”

Uno on being uncertain about that aspect at first: “When we announced we had minigames very early on, I was kind of puzzled. Because I was like ‘I just want to play the wrestling game … I’ve been playing the game for maybe a month now, and I would say 45 of those 50 hours were used on strictly playing the combat portion, like the actual matches. And not until a week and a half ago, which would be around this event, that I dived deeper into the mini-games. And they’re a lot of fun. I didn’t think I’d have that much fun playing them… I figured the core wrestling game would be the fun part, the mini-games are just a supplement.”

Ultimately, Uno is happy to say he was mistaken about what the “Fight Forever” mini-games would bring to the table. And he was also quick to point out that the mini-games currently in the game wouldn’t be the only ones, revealing AEW has downloadable content related to mini-games being developed for a later date.

Uno on enjoying the minigames now: “I’ve been having a blast. ‘Penta Says’ is a ridiculous concept that I love. I can’t believe how much sense that makes when I saw it. And I’m also very excited, because I haven’t seen them yet, but we’ve got DLC eventually coming out that will have mini-games as well. So I’m very excited to see what the editions on top of all of these 15-plus mini-games I think right now. So to add on to that, I’m very curious to see where it’s going to go.”

AEW Fight Forever is now available on XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.