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AEW and Yuke’s Reportedly Clashing Over Fight Forever Console Game

May 4, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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Sports Gamers Online reports that AEW and Yuke’s are said to have a difficult working relationship when it comes to the upcoming console game Fight Forever. The game has been in development for nearly two years and the rumored release date is September 2022.

While it is a brand new game from a brand new partnership, the creative process is said to be ‘far from positive’. The relationship between AEW and Yuke’s, particularly with Kenny Omega, “isn’t in the best place”, with Omega “frustrated” and “hating” working with the company. One source claimed that it felt like Yuke’s was trying to “take advantage” of Omega because of his inexperience in creating a video game. There have been multiple arguments about the direction of the game, as well as issues with development.

AEW has put a “significant” amount of money into the game, although a specific amount wasn’t revealed. Budget issues and constraints led to planned features being cut back or removed entirely. One of the biggest issues has been the roster size. As previously noted, there will be around fifty wrestlers in the game with some “unfortunate notable omissions.” However AEW is hoping to increase the roster size with DLC after launch, since the game wasn’t made with a yearly release in mind. Before Yuke’s will commit to that, however, they want a long-term agreement for future game development and AEW reportedly “isn’t ready” to agree to that.

Due to how the development of Fight Forever has gone, there are people on both sides of the partnership that think this may be a “one and done” deal between AEW and Yuke’s.

A source said: “It can be repaired, but it comes down to desire. If either side doesn’t want to continue, then AEW will look for a new partner.

Another source added: “Yuke’s will almost certainly sign on for it and is even pushing for it. but AEW is nervous about any long-term deal after this.

If Yuke’s owns the game’s engine, then AEW will have limited options if they don’t spend more money to buy hte rights. If not, then AEW will be free to choose whoever they want.

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