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AEW Announces Upcoming Console Game From Yuke’s, Two Mobile Games

November 10, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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AEW held their AEW Games 1.0 livestream event on Tuesday and announced an upcoming console game from Yuke’s, the makers of previous WWE games, as well as two mobile games. You can see the full recap from the livestream and the video below:

– We start off with Kenny Omega talking about the launch of AEW and how they’ve changed wrestling, making history even in the face of the pandemic. He’s rocking the Steve Jobs look as he officially announces AEW Games.

– Omega tells a story about when he signed his contract. He told Tony Khan, “Hey, what’s up? You can pay me all the money in the world, and it won’t be anything unless I’m a part of the AEW Games division.” He says he wants to give wrestling fans the game they want and deserve, something that is fun and easy to pick up but hard to master. He says he wants a game like NBA Jam, NFL Blitz and Ken Griffey’s Home Run Derby used to be. He says their team is the best at what they do, and he says they have conceptualized early footage of what they think wrestling fans want and need.

– The trailer that plays is an obviously jokey trailer, with 16-bit graphics and MIDI music. He says it didn’t score well in testing and they want a game more like No Mercy or Virtual Pro Wrestling. So they scrapped that, and he says they’ve been working literally 24 hours for a special sneak peek of the actual AEW Game, coming to current and next-gen consoles.

– The real trailer starts with the AEW Logo as well as Yukes. We see Omega and Jericho in a match, which features lots of close-up shots and moves. The figures are exaggerarated musculature. We see Hikaru Shida as well, and some taunts and moves.

– Omega says they’ve been working tirelessly around the clock, literally 24 hours a day, to bring the greatest wrestling game of all time and says until it’s ready, follow them at @AEWGames and AEW Games on YouTube. He says his time is nigh and he must bid them adieu — but he has one more thing (again, Steve Jobs-style).

– Aubrey Edwards comes out and says she wants to talk about something else. She rips off her referee outfit and has a Jobs suit underneath. She shoves Omega away and says she wasn’t initially convinced when she was offered a contract, and said she wanted to be a part of AEW Games. She’s talking about mobile wrestling, and shows off a new trailer featuring footage of the Bucks, MJF, Cody, Big Swole. The game is AEW Elite General Manager, which allows fans to book their own matches and build their own league. There’s a lot of management stuff in there from the looks of it.

– Kenny says he had no idea they were working on that. Aubrey is excited that he’s happy, and Kenny says they should keep in tough through social media and the AEW YouTube page. Updates will be on there.

– Aubrey says Kenny had one more thing and leaves him to do so, but now Britt Baker is out. She’s described as a “Dentist and Fashion Icon.” Britt goes through the same spiel about wanting her own perks, and she wanted to be in control of the AEW T-Shirt. She reached out to the experts to learn what goes into it, and describes the three most important components:

* Two sleeves
* Cotton
* A logo that will turn heads

– She unveils the AEW Games T-shirt, which is now available at Shop AEW. Kenny and Aurbey are impressed, and Kenny thanks her for coming down to present it. They pimp the shirt once more and Aubrey pushes Britt off the stage.

– Kenny tries to do his “one more thing” again and of course Cody interrupts. There are so many Steve Jobses on this stage now. Cody tells a story about when he decided to come to AEW and does the same shtick. Cody said “Hell no” to a contract unless he’s made the head of AEW Games. Omega says that’s what he said. Cody said Tony said “No, because you don’t know s**t about video games.” Cody signed the contract anyway and says Kenny is the only man qualified for the console game, puts over Aubrey’s past as a mobile game developer, and puts over the shirt.

– Cody says those are all in development; can’t they give fans something to play right now? Everyone protests, but Cody says when “Daddy” went into hiatus, he fast-tracked something. We get a trailer with Kenny overseeing work in glam-style music video sort of video. He has a Double or Nothing Casino chip and walks into the casino, watching everyone like the Dark Order, Britt Baker, Private Party and more at the various tables. Aubrey is a dealer. He sits down at her blackjack table and says he’s read to win. AEW Casino: Double or Nothing is coming in December.

– Kenny shoes everyone off the stage and summarizes: two mobile games, a T-Shirt, a console game coming. He has one last special announcement, a little something extra. They’ve teamed with Yukes for the best console experience and they’re working around the plot to bring the best wrestling game experience. But they’re not stopping there; they’re always striving to leave an impact, make a memory, and become legendary. And there’s no greater legend they could have recruited than the company behind No Mercy. Geta-san (Hideyuki Iwashita) has joined the project and has a couple words to share. He says he’s excited to be involved in the new game.

– Kenny cuts him off and says it’s been a great day and pimps the social channels again. Until then, he must bid adeiu.