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Alien: The Roleplaying Game Now Available For Pre-Order

June 4, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Alien The Roleplaying Game

The Alien RPG from Free League Publishing won’t unleash its facehugging terror until later this year, but you can get ready right now with several pre-order options. Free League has opened pre-orders for the game, which was announced back in April and will release this holiday season.

The pre-order has several different options, starting from the Standard Edition — a hardcover Core Rulebook with PDF — for $49.99. Above that is a Bundle with a GM screen, dice and more, a Limited Edition 40th Anniversary rulebook and bundle, and even a “Company Special Edition” which includes everything from the 40th Anniversary edition bundle, signed by the Free League team and a limited-edition poster of the cover art.

In addition, fans who do any pre-order from will get a 168-page Cinematic Starter Kit as soon as the pre-order is confirmed. It includes rules for skills, combat and panic, five pre-generated player characters, and the full-length Cinematic scenario Chariot of the Gods written by Alien RPG setting writer and sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska.

The announcement notes, “Based upon Free League’s award-winning Year Zero game engine, the full Alien RPG Core Rulebook contains 300+ pages of mythology, artwork, and custom mechanics for open-world campaigns and deep, diverse space explorations on the Frontier. While Campaign Mode provides the tools for long-term gameplay, Cinematic Mode challenges players to start and complete an accessible, authentic tabletop RPG experience in one game session with no prior preparation necessary. A streamlined version of the Year Zero engine, Cinematics deliver only the most crucial game rules for each scenario with pre-generated characters, stories, and challenges – capturing the intense drama of an Alien film.”

“We’re trying something new and we want to know what people think,” says Free League co-founder and Alien RPG game director Tomas Härenstam. “In fact, anyone who pre-orders the Core Rulebook will receive exclusive access to our development process with opportunities to provide feedback and earn a play-tester credit in the final publication.”

“That’s what so liberating/challenging about designing and playing in Cinematic mode. You could be space truckers one session. Colonial Marines the next,” says Gaska. “The fun is figuring out how to work together, learn on the fly when the stakes are high, and try your best to survive the night. The constraints really make the whole experience feel more thrilling and terrifying. Like you’ve been dropped into your own Alien movie. And even if your character dies, the night is far from over for you as a player.”