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AVerMedia SonicBlast GS333 Soundbar/GS335 Subwoofer Review

December 20, 2017 | Posted by Adam Larck
AVerMedia SonicBlast GS333
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AVerMedia SonicBlast GS333 Soundbar/GS335 Subwoofer Review  

With the holiday season upon us, you may be wondering what to get the gamer that already has this year’s hot titles.

AVerMedia hopes to answer that question with sound. The company has recently released some new soundbars from their SonicBlast audio series made for gamers. Today, we’re looking at their GS333 Gaming Soundbar, as well as the GS335 Wireless Subwoofer to add to that bass.

First off is the GS333 Gaming Soundbar. The back of the soundbar has all the basic audio setups you need: a 3.5 jack, the red/white audio hookup, an optical line and a USB port, as well as the ability to Bluetooth with devices. A remote is included to easily switch between your audio sources, as well as changing the audio settings to optimize for either movies, music or games, and changing the volume or muting.

Personally, I used the optical line on my TV to have all audio for the TV and game systems come in through it, as well as Bluetooth for my phone. Setup was simple and only took a few minutes to run the line into the TV (side note, while it comes with a red/white cable and 3.5 cable, an optical line cable is not included). Plus, with the bar only being 26” wide and 3” tall, it’s not taking up too much space.

For being a smaller soundbar, the GS333 puts out quite a bit of sound between its main speakers and pair of subwoofers underneath. While switching the audio type to match what you’re doing (music, movie or gaming) does help optimize the sound, I didn’t notice such a drastic change that just leaving it on gaming won’t affect audio elsewhere.

Overall, the bar gives some great sound, with bass boosted nicely for games, but not too loud to blow you away during explosions or heavier bass sections. Plus, the smaller size means it fits nicely in cabinets that may already be filed with gaming systems and a TV.

However, if you want a big bass addition, the GS335 will add a lot of value. It’s a wireless subwoofer, which seems like it could be great for Bluetooth use with your phone or computer. However, it can only pair with the soundbars made by AVerMedia.

Overall, the subwoofer is around 14” tall and 9” around, and is recommended to sit within 5’ of the soundbar. While it does add quite a bit more bass boost if you want to feel the action during combat, AVerMedia seems to have capped it so you won’t blow the system out by accident.

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The pair seem to provide a great boost in sound, and will help games pop more. While it will help movies and TV stand out more as well, it’s not as drastic as an addition as with gaming. If you haven’t jumped on the soundbar train and want something that benefits gaming more than anything else, the SonicBlast is worth considering.

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