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Barbarian, Monk and More Get New Subclasses in Latest D&D Unearthed Arcana

January 15, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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The latest Unearthed Arcana for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition has unveiled new subclass options for the Barbarian, Monk, Paladin and Warlock classes. Wizards of the Coast released the latest playtest material which presents new archetype options for the four classes, allowing for more versatility in each class.

The UA document presents a Path of the Beast for Barbarians, giving them the opportunity to access bestial traits. Barbarians of this subclass may be descended from lycanthropes or a druid, or empowered by a fae or ancient spirit. The Path of the Beast gives the Barbarian natural weapons when they rage, and at high levels they gain the Call of the Hunt that allows them to grant some Barbarian abilities to some of their allies.

Meanwhile, the Monk class gets the Way of Mercy, presenting a healing option for monks. Way of Mercy monks can spend their ki to provide healing to their allies or twist their healing talent to necrotic damage with their unarmed strikes. Their highest-level feature grants the ability to place people in an invulnerable state of death-like suspended animation.

Paladins get the Oath of the Watchers, who protect against extraplanar beings. In exchange for absolute vigilance against fiends and the like, they can turn elementals, fae, fiends, and aberrations and grant themselves and their allies initiative bonuses. At higher levels they can deal damage to spellcasters who target their allies and gain sacred benefits that enable them in their battles.

And finally, the Warlock gains a new patron in the Noble Genie. The Genie grants their warlocks a magical vessel like a lamp or statuette that they can use to link themselves to another creature for an extension of their spells. At higher levels they can swap places with their tethered ally and get the benefits of aid from their patron, such as healing and restoring allies or hindering the attacks of enemies.

Like all Unearthed Arcana, these subclasses are still in playtesting mode and are not Adventurer’s League-legal at this time. They aren’t officially part of the game until they are refined but can be used with permission from a game’s DM.

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