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Battlefield V Set for October Launch, New Trailer Revealed

May 26, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Battlefield V

DICE and Electronic Arts officially announced this week that the upcoming Battlefield V game will launch later this October. Additionally, the first reveal trailer was released for the game, which you can check out below.

The upcoming game is set in World War 2 and will take players to crucial moments of World War 2. The game will feature new multiplayer modes, single-player War Stories and the cooperative Combined Arms mode. Post-launch content for the game will be featured in the Tides of War.

EA and DICE are promising this will be the most “immersive” experience yet for the franchise. It will be set in a sandbox environment that features battles of World War 2, and it will allow players to feel the force of the fight. Features include being able to tow stationary weapons, build fortifications and repair war-torn structures to turn the battlefield to the player’s advantage. Other game features include dragging a squad mate to safety or shooting a grenade out of the sky.

Dice GM Oskar Gabrielson said on the upcoming release: “Battlefield V is a homecoming for DICE as a studio—a return to the era that came to define the Battlefield franchise. But as nostalgic as we are about World War 2, we wanted to challenge the preconception of the era with an unexpected portrayal of this familiar setting. Our vision with Battlefield V is to let players explore new and untold sides of the conflict that shaped the modern world. The scale of each battle and level of immersion is unlike anything we’ve done before in Battlefield and players are in for an epic journey.”

The single-player campaign mode will have players see World War 2 from the eyes of men and women around the conflict. The campaign will take players throughout the frozen Norwegian landscapes as a young Norwegian resistance fighter, and players will also go to the deserts of North Africa.

In new and classic multiplayer modes, players can lead their own unique Company to victory in a dynamic multiplayer experience where every battle is unique. The Company allows players to create and deeply customize their soldiers, weapons and vehicles that will evolve as they progress, covering everything from the way they look to the way they play. Fan favorite modes like the 64-player Conquest return, with the game’s multiplayer culminating in Grand Operations, an all-new live, event-based experience within Tides of War. These multimap, multi-mode dynamic events take players through vast historical battles to relive moments of bravery and desperation while fighting to the final objective.

DICE confirmed that Tide of War is a “new approach to live” services for the game. According to EA, the game will not have any type of premium pass, and all players will have the same access to all the maps and modes. DICE is promising that the community will be unified as they go forward in the game.

The first look at Battlefield V will be shown at the EA PLAY Press Conference on June 9, which will debut the Grand Operations mode.

Battlefield V arrives later on October 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Origin. Players who order the Deluxe Edition will receive three days early access on October 19. While EA Access and Origin Access members will be able to jump into the Play First Trial on October 11. Players that pre-order any version of the game with the Battlefield V Enlister Offer will receive early access to the Open Beta and other in-game benefits including soldier customization options, access to Special Assignments starting at launch week and immediate access to five weapons to use in Battlefield 1.