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BattleTech Celebrates 35th Anniversary With New Boxed Set, Sourcebooks

January 24, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Battletech 35th Anniversary

Prepare your mech, load up your LRMs and get into a drop ship folks, because BattleTech is celebrating its thirty-fifth anniversary. Catalyst Game Labs has announced a new set of releases now available in celebration of the anniversary including a new Beginners Box, a new full boxed set and the Shattered Fortress source book.

BattleTech began life as a FASA Corporation product back in 1984, initially called BattleDroids but changed to BattleTech in second edition over concerns about Star Wars’ rights to the word “droid.” The tabletop game featured players designing and pitting mechs against each other in hexagonal-map environments. Several variants including CityTech, BattleTroops and BattleForce followed, as well as the tabletop roleplaying game MechWarrior set in BattleTech’s expansive thirtieth century world.

The products now available are, per the announcement:

* The BattleTech Beginner Box is now available in the Catalyst Game Labs store and through your local retailer.
* The BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat boxed set is now available in the Catalyst Game Labs store and through your local retailer.
* The BattleTech sourcebook Shattered Fortress is now available through your local game store as well as the Catalyst Game Labs store! (print // PDF // both)
* The PDF version of the new printing of the BattleMech Manual is now available in the Catalyst Game Labs store. The print version is at the printers now and will be out a bit later this year. This new printing includes an all-new cover bearing the 35th anniversary logo, and includes all errata from the previous printing.
* Apparel bearing the BattleTech 35th Anniversary logo is now available for order, including a t-shirt and hoodie. The previously announced pin will be available at a later time.
* The re-released anniversary editions of the Warrior Trilogy novels are now available on PDF and Print on Demand. Buy your copies of Warrior: En Garde (electronic / PoD), Warrior: Riposte (electronic / PoD), and Warrior: Coupe (electronic / PoD) now!

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