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Big E. Names EA NCAA Football As His Favorite Video Game Franchise

December 31, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Raw Big E. Image Credit: WWE

Big E. is a big fan of EA NCAA Football and can’t wait for its return. The WWE Champion appeared un Unnecessary Roughness and discussed being a fan of the video game franchise, which is making its return after going on hiatus in 2013.

You can see a couple of highlights from the discussion below, per Fightful:

On the game’s announced return: “First of all, that’s my favorite video game franchise of all time. They need to quit wasting their time with — If you announce that this game is coming back, don’t say it’s coming back in 3-4 years. Tell me it’s coming back and it’ll be here in 6 months, alright. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.”

On his concerns about the return: “I heard some rumors that the engine is going to be much like Madden, which I don’t want. What I liked before was that it was very distinct from Madden. I don’t want it to feel like Madden. I’m not taking a shot at Madden, but I want NCAA to feel like its own game. I also want, and because NIL is a thing, I pray to God, put all the correct names, the correct jersey numbers.

“I just want EA, thank you, first and foremost for bringing the game back, we all appreciate you. The last one was what, 14? A decade? That’s ridiculous. If you make us wait a decade, this better be the greatest game of all time. I’m just going to say, if it’s lackluster, if it’s like Madden, if we don’t get the proper names, if I don’t get all 130 FBS teams, I want some FCS teams in there as well, this game, I need it to be incredible. I just do. Please don’t break my heart.”

On being addicted to the franchise in college: “All this angst is coming from a place of love. I love this franchise. When you talk about spending 5 hours a night, man, I can harken back to being in college. I remember spring break, I would go and workout and then I would come back to my apartment and play that game all day alone. I might play 2-3 seasons in like 48 hours. I’m not joking. I would take breaks to eat and sleep and workout and play the game the entire spring break. Our whole team, if you didn’t play NCAA when you were at Iowa, something was off with you.”