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Blood Hunter D&D Class Gets Major Revamp From Matthew Mercer

January 27, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Dungeons & Dragons D&D

Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer’s Blood Hunter class introduced a new option for martial characters to D&D, and now it’s received a big revamp. Mercer released a new version of the homebrew class on DM’s Guild on Monday, which introduces some new elements to the class along with several hefty changes and rebalances.

The Blood Hunter was first introduced after Mercer’s ran his “D&Diesel” one shot with Vin Diesel to promote his film The Last Witch Hunter in October of 2015. The class, which sees its practioners take on curses and darkness in order to fight monsters, quickly became a popular choice for players and is an selectable option in D&D Beyond along with other Critical Role options like the Gunslinger.

Mercer explains on the DM’s Guild page for the new version that “I cobbled together my first attempt at this class with meager design experience and tossed it to the internet with a wince. A handful of years of iterations, and incredible amounts of very well-thought out feedback from the web later, I’ve learned so much more about fun design and balance… and I wanted to take a crack at redesigning this class from the ground up.”

One of the biggest changes in this new version is that the Blood Hunter’s arcane abilities are no longer Wisdom-based, but instead are Intelligence-based in order to reflect the class’ arcane nature and to increase representation for Int-based martial characters. The new Blood Hunter also changes the nature of Blood Maledicts; instead of lowering maximum hit points, it does damage to make tracking the damage simpler. This also results in a slight buff, particularly in lower levels, in that lowered hit points make instant death by nature of massive damage easier. Mercer has also added new features including unique Blood Curses and Brand modification to the four subclasses.

Mercer notes that “While the first release of any new design will have its problems, I feel much more confident about the direction of this class and its place in my games and world. I hope you enjoy this newly fashioned, improved release of the Blood Hunter!” He has clarified on Twitter that the update to the class is coming to D&D Beyond soon as well.

The original Blood Hunter is still available on DM’s Guild for those that prefer that version. All proceeds from purchases of the 2020 version over the next two weeks will go to the AU Brushfire Relief Charity, which is helping to aid people affected by the Australian brushfires.