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Brodie Lee To Be Part of AEW Elite GM Mobile Game

April 27, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Elite GM

Brodie Lee will be part of the roster for AEW’s Elite GM mobile game. Aubrey Edwards, who is one of the game’s key driving forces, answered a question from a fan on Twitter and confirmed that Lee will be part of the draftable roster.

Edwards noted:

“Yes, Brodie Lee is someone you can draft to your roster in Elite GM.

His art was already made before his passing. I asked Amanda Huber if we could keep him in the game and she was absolutely cool with leaving him in. Little Brodie wanted him to stay in as well.”

AEW Elite GM will use the Unreal engine and will feature the entire AEW roster. An announcement on the game is set to be made next month.