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Bundle of Holding Discounts Champions 4E Superhero RPG in New Offering

May 25, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Champions 4E

The Bundle of Holding’s latest offering will be welcome news to superhero RPG fans, with all of Champions 4E available on discount. The RPG bundle discount program is making Hero Games’ fourth edition of Champions, The Super Roleplaying Game available on discount through June 1st.

Champions is one of the first superhero RPGs ever made, with the first edition published back in 1981. Fourth Edition was published in 1989 and featured cover art on its main sourcebook, the “Big Blue Book,” by comic book legend George Perez (Avengers, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman).

The offering comes in multiple parts, though the core offering is a doozy with 13 DRM-free ebook copies from Champions 4E at $14.95. This set includes the Big Blue Book, Hero System Rulesbook, Classic Enemies and Organizations, PRIMUS and VIPER, Normals Unbound and Allies, the Hero Bestiary among others. If you go up to at least the threshold price of $31.84, you will get the bonus collection with 15 more titles including Dark Champions: Heroes of Vengeance, Golden Age Champions, Ultimate Martial Artist, Ultimate Mentalist, The Ultimate Super Mage, Super Mage Bestiary, Mystic Masters, Challenges for Champions, the two Champions Presents collections and Champions: New Millennium along with its two supplements. You can check that out here.

In addition, there is a separate bundle — revived from Bundle of Holding’s 2017 offering — called the Champions 4E Universe Bundle. The first level is $17.95 and includes 19 titles set within the official setting of Champions such as five Enemies books filled with supervillains, Day of the Destroyer, the San Angelo city setting and its three additional supplements, and more. The “level up” option on this runs a total of $36.14 and includes an additional 18 titles including nine Dark Champions books, two collections of Heroic Adventures, Kingdom of Champions and other location books, and more. You can see the Champions Universe Bundle here.

Combined, the two bundles offer the complete 65 books from Champions 4E for $67.98. Both bundles are available until June 1st.

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