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Catalyst Game Labs Releases Character Dossier For Shadowrun 6th Edition

June 28, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Emu Shadowrun 6th

The sixth edition of Shadowrun is nearly here, and Catalyst is whetting our appetite with a new character dossier. Catalyst Game Labs released a dossie on Emu, the human rigger, that you can check out here.

Emu is described as “a human rigger from Australia who has an army of drones ready for recon, assault, and escape. Her stats and description help shows what she can do, and her dossier includes an account of a shadowrun side-by-side with text explaining how the game rules work in the described situations.”

The release provides new context for Shadowrun 6th Edition, which is set to go on sale on August 1st at Gen Con. Catalyst will be releasing new blog posts with information about the book every week in July leading up to Gen Con, including a look at how magic works, a look at the combat mechanics, the Matrix in SR6 and more.

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