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Convention Call For DMs Hints at ‘Unannounced’ D&D Setting This Year

March 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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A gaming convention has issued an eyebrow-raising call for DMs that is hinting at a new D&D setting coming this year. GameHoleCon’s Adventurer’s League coordinator Thomas Valley posted to Facebook seeking volunteer Adventurers League Dungeon Masters for a variety of games, including “The premiere of an Epic event set in as yet unannounced setting” and “The premiere of adventures set in as yet unannounced setting.”

The post is significant because Adventurers League is Wizards of the Coast’s official “shared” D&D ongoing campaign. The League only allows official Fifth Edition setting material to be played, largely set within the Faerun/Forgotten Realms setting. That said, Eberron also has an official Adventurers League module path and Curse of Strahd took the AL into Ravenloft.

There’s no word on what this “unnanounced setting” might be. It could be an entirely new setting or, like Eberron and Ravenloft, the revival of a previous D&D setting such as Krynn (Dragonlance), Oerth (Greyhawk), Athas (Dark Sun) and the like. There is also the possibility that Wizards might open up a new adventure story arc set within a different part of Faerun. The Fifth Edition modules have largely been set in the North to date, with the exception of Tomb of Annihilation visiting the jungles of Chult and Out of the Abyss being set in the Underdark (albeit the North’s Underdark). There is a whole host of Faerunian geography that has yet to be tackled in Fifth Edition.

Whatever the new announcement is, it will likely come during Wizard’s streaming event that will take place from May 17th through the 19th.

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