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Critical Role Animated Special Kickstarter Garners $2 Million in Less Than Four Hours

March 4, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Critical Role Kickstarter

Critical Role fans are known as being passionate people, who are willing to do just about anything to support their fandom. The most popular D&D streaming show on the internet has racked up incredible viewership numbers, and fan support has helped the show expand beyond the boundaries of its Geek and Sundry Twitch-based origins. It has become a successful comic book series via Dark Horse (with a sequel on the way), and become a brand all its own with new series and its own Twitch and YouTube channel. There was even an unofficial musical created by fans. (Which you should check out, it’s really good.)

And now, there’s an animated special on the way. Critical Role launched a Kickstarter on Monday morning for an animated story that goes back to the Vox Machina, the group of heroes in the show’s incredibly popular first campaign. The Legend of Vox Machina launched just under four hours ago as of this writing with a $750,000 goal. As of now, it has $2.147 million and is still going up quickly enough that the actual number will be whatever I change it to when I’m finished writing this.

For the special, the cast of the show has partnered with animation company Titmouse (Big Mouth, Venture Bros., Marvel’s Black Panther) to bring the story of Vox Machina to life. Jennifer Muro, known for her work on acclaimed projects like Spider-Man, Justice League Action, and Star Wars Forces of Destiny, has joined the production to help write the adult action-comedy.

As of now, the special will be (thanks to stretch goals having already been reached) forty-four minutes, with it likely to get another twenty-two minutes soon once the total funds reach $2.5 million. There are a ton of reward options for Critters and animation fans who want to donate; you can do so here.

Once funded, the special is expected to arrive in the fall of 2020.