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D&D Heads Into the Feywild In Next Adventure The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

June 7, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Dungons & Dragons The WIld Beyond the Witchlight

The next Dungeons & Dragons adventure will get a little whimsical and a little dark, as it will take players into the Feywild. Wizards of the Coast has announced that the next campaign will be titled The Wild Beyond the Witchlight and will journey to the strange, dangerous plane of existance that the Fey call home.

Details are still a bit scarce on the new campaign, which will release on September 21st. WotC has promised more announcements to come throughout the week, and additional details on the campaign at D&D Live on July 16 and 17th.

The Feywild is one of the wilder planes of existence in D&D cosmology. Similar in geography to the Prime Material Plane (aka worlds like Faerun, Eberron, Krynn, and Exandria), the home plane of the fey is a place of very potent magic. As an “echo” of the Prime Material Planes, it takes its wilderness and magic to extremes and is has a fickle nature similar to the fey themselves. Time passes unpredictably on the Feywild, and characters visiting can return to find that almost no time has passed or hundreds of years. The feywild magic also means that non-fey who leave the plane are subject to immediate memory loss and are hazy at best about remembering their time there.

You can pre-order The Wild Beyond the Witchlight on D&D Beyond here.

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