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Day and Night (Switch) Review

November 5, 2019 | Posted by Adam Larck
Day and Night
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Day and Night (Switch) Review  

One area that seems a bit weak on the Switch are puzzle titles. Sure, we have Puyo Puyo Tetris and Tetris 99, but there haven’t been many other outstanding titles.

Now, we have Day and Night, a puzzler that has been marketed in the same vein as Tetris but reminds me more of Tetris Attack if anything.

The game ties in the day and night elements early on. After throwing you into a “rehearsal” (tutorial) mode, you learn that you’re trying to match four of the same bocks to clear them. However, some blocks are only daytime blocks, while others are nighttime. Once it’s daytime, night blocks are grayed out and can’t be used, and vice versa.

As you clear blocks, a meter at the bottom fills up and changes your board from day to night. In addition, there are seasons that add an added later as well. For instance, clearing a spring block in spring will cause a seed to be planted on your opponents board, pushing their blocks up.

After playing through the three tutorial fights, you’re dropped into the main menu where you can take on a friend or AI on one of four difficulties in a Versus mode, a Survival mode featuring endless puzzles, the story mode or Dare mode.

Story has the kids in the game telling stories like a play as you face three different computer opponents. It’s basically just three versus matches, but the stories at least can be entertaining to see.

Dare mode has the most variation in the game. The kids each give you a dare before taking you on, and you have to do them. They can range from playing with reversed controls, a flipped screen, a time limit and more. It’s still the same basic game, but these at least add a small new twist on top of it.

While the gameplay is solid and entertaining, it doesn’t have enough longevity to keep me coming back for more. I enjoyed my playthroughs and battles I had in the game, but couldn’t see myself coming back like Tetris always draws me back in.

One final thing to note are the graphics. The game is supposed to mimic a stage play, and the graphics go along perfectly with a play that kids would be putting on. They are nice to see and a cute diversion from most other titles out there.

The final score: review Good
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Overall, Day and Night will help to scratch that puzzle itch you have in small bursts. While it won't provide a long-term puzzle distraction, it does provide a solid puzzler for a low cost.

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