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DC FanDome: Gotham Knights Game Announced Featuring BatFamily, Court of Owls

August 22, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Gotham Knights

The newest DC game from Warner Bros. Montreal has been officially announced at DC FanDome, and it is Gotham Knights. The game was revealed during the FanDome event, with footage teasing Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood battling none other than the Court of Owels in the game due to Bruce Wayne’s apparent death. You can see the world premiere trailer below.

The trailer strongly suggests that Bruce is dead and that Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Barbara Gordan, and Damien Wayne must band together as a team to take on the Court of Owls, the secretive society of powerful elites that rule Gotham. You can also see the gameplay walkthrough revealed during the event.

“With Gotham Knights, the team at Warner Bros. Games Montréal is bringing the Batman Family of characters to life in a unique way to delight both fans and new players,” said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Games. “As we embark on a new era of interactive storytelling, our development team has been diligently working to create a new, in-depth experience within DC’s Batman Universe.”

“The team is thrilled to announce Gotham Knights and share our work in bringing a different story of the DC Super Heroes to the forefront,” said Patrick Redding, Creative Director, Warner Bros. Games Montréal. “We’re looking forward to fans playing and enjoying a lot of action as this new guard of strong DC Super Heroes in Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin, while solving an original mystery set against a living, breathing Gotham City.”

The game is described as follows:

In Gotham Knights, players can explore the open-world action of Gotham and patrol the dark streets of the city’s five distinct boroughs using a variety of traversal abilities and heroic combat moves, as well as the iconic Batcycle. As Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin progress, their distinctive gameplay skills will evolve, along with a growing arsenal of weaponry and gear. Revealed in the Gameplay Walkthrough video, Gotham Knights features rich storylines for players to investigate, including face-offs against some of the most infamous DC Super-Villains, such as Mr. Freeze, who is set on engulfing Gotham City in ice.

During the panel, it was revealed that the game will arrive next year.

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