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D&D Beyond Adds Two More Critical Role Subclasses

October 18, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Dungeons & Dragons Critical Role

In addition to being the DM of Critical Role, Matt Mercer has been adding a lot to D&D content as of late and his latest additions come in two new subclasses on D&D Beyond. The D&D digital platform has added two of Mercer’s created subclasses for players that play into his world of Exandria in the Monk’s Way of the Cobalt Soul and the Paladin Oath of the Open Sea.

Both classes play a prominent role in Critical Role, the popular D&D stream (and now content creation company) in which Mercer serves as Dungeon Master for Marisha Ray, Laura Bailey, Liam O’Brien, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham, Taliesin Jaffe, and Ashley Johnson. The Cobalt Soul is a monastic order on the continent of Wildemount, which serves as the setting for the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount that released as an official D&D sourcebook in March. They serve as a power group in the Dwendalian Empire and the Way of the Cobalt Soul allows players to play one of the order’s specialized monks, with investigative and lore-related abilities aplenty. Ray’s monk Beauregard Lionett is a Way of the Cobalt Soul monk, and the D&D Beyond-featured archetype is an updated version of the subclass that originally appeared in the Green Ronin-produced Player’s Guide to Tal’Dorei.

Meanwhile, the Oath of the Open Sea is a Paladin oath devoted to (unsurprisingly) searfaring types. Open Sea Paladins gain new Oath spells related to water and travel like create or destroy water and expeditious retreat, along with Channel Divinity options that allow you to to bolster your attacks with a pushback effect or hide yourself and others through heavy fog. At higher levels you can call down crashing waters that bludgeon enemies in melee range and even channel the spirits of historic sea captains to briefly become a “Mythic Swashbuckler.” The subclass is currently played in the streamed game by Willingham through his half-orc Warlock/Paladin Fjord.

The classes are currently available on D&D Beyond but, it must be noted, are not legal for Adventurer’s League play. Mercer has other subclasses on D&D Beyond through the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount like the Echo Knight and wizards of Chronurgy and Graviturgy, as well as his Blood Hunter class and Gunslinger subclass for Fighters.

Critical Role streams weekly on Thursdays at the brand’s Twitch channel, with episodes going up on YouTube the following Monday.