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D&D Beyond Launches Encounter Builder Alpha For DMs

June 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
D&D Beyond Encounter Builder

One of the biggest challenges for Dungeon Masters is coming up with balanced encounters. D&D Beyond has a plan for that: their new Encounter Builder. The 5th Edition D&D official digital toolset has launched the Alpha test of their Encounter Builder, which allows DMs to quickly and easily assemble a combat encounter that will match your party’s level, providing the challenge level that you wish to present.

The Encounter Builder is available to D&D Beyond subscribers during the Alpha test, which D&D Beyond says is “in a very early state.” The current version allows you to set your party level (i.e. four level 10 characters, one level 10 character and three level 11 characters, etc) which automatically sets the challenge thresholds for the party. You can then assemble your encounter using the monsters you have access to through D&D Beyond, using a variety of filters to narrow down to the options you want. The experience value automatically calculates and determines the difficulty of the encounter for you. Once you’re done, you can name and save your encounter to use in your next session.

The Encounter Builder is expected to add optimization for mobile views, integration into your D&D Beyond campaigns, the ability to randomize monsters, expanded filter options and encounter details soon. It will also add the ability to modify the difficulty level by virtue of locations and the ability to actually run the encounter through D&D Beyond — tracking initiative, hit points, statuses and the like — in the future.

If you’re a subscriber to D&D Beyond, the Encounter Builder is available here. You can also take the survey once you’ve tried it out to offer the creators feedback in order to improve, tweak and bugfix the tool.