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D&D Beyond Running Contest to Play in One-Shot and Win a Legendary Bundle

July 31, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
D&D Beyond

If you love D&D and playing in one-shots but haven’t had time or money to pick up all the books on D&D Beyond, there’s a contest just for you. D&D Beyond has announced that they will be running a one-shot D&D game on their Discord server for four members of the community. The game will be run on August 10th at 1 PM PT by Community Manager Lauren “OboeCrazy” Urban and will give the players a chance to try out the DDB Avrae Bot, as well as a sneak peak at an upcoming Encounter of the Week. The players will also win a Legendary Bundle, the digital bundle which contains all of the currently-available books on D&D Beyond.

In order to enter, prospective players must:

* Make sure you are available to play a D&D game on Saturday August 10th at 1pm PT. Plan on about 2 hours for the game. You’ll also need a headset so you can participate in the voice chat.
* Create a level 3 character in D&D Beyond using the standard array and only the Basic Rules. Only races, subclasses, and spells available in the free Basic Rules are allowed! Otherwise you are free to create whatever kind of character you would like!
* Join our Discord! Once you’ve joined go to the channel called #ddb-encounter-entry .
* In that channel post a link to your D&D Beyond character sheet and a short summary of who they are. Keep your description at about two short sentences!

The link to the D&D Beyond Discord is here. You can enter up until August 5th at noon PT, after which the community will use reactions to vote on who they believe should get a spot in the game. Voting ends on August 8th at 8 AM PT, with the four winners announced in that day’s Dev Update.