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D&D Releases Updated Artificer Class Via Unearthed Arcana

May 16, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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D&D has released another update for the artificer class, bringing it closer to availability as an Adventurer’s League-legal class. The updated class includes several new aspects including a revised Artificer spell list, new infusions, and two new subclasses in the Archivist and the Battle Smith.

The artificer is a class that originated in Eberron, which got an official 5th Edition release last year. The magic-using class works like a magic tinkerer, using tools and formulas to create and work magic instead of the wizard’s spellbooks, the warlock’s pacts with entities and the sorcerer’s arcane nature. This is the second revision of this version of the class; an initial, entirely different take was included as a wizard archetype in the Eberron Unearthed Arcana in 2015 before it became its own class again in a January 2017 Unearthed Arcana. The first revision came out in February, adding a lot more Eberron-style flavor and revamping the class.

The new update gives us the Archivist, a take on the class that focuses on storing information in artificially-created minds. The Archivist can awaken a mind inside an object, which can advise you in limited capacities (granting proficiency in a particular selection of skills) and even manifest. It’s sort of an arcane AI familiar that increases in power and combat options at higher levels. Also included is the Battle Smith, a protector and medic who gets a contruct companion called an iron defender (originally introduced in 3rd edition Eberron). It’s similar to a ranger’s animal companion, with some nice little bonuses.

Finally, the UA included rules for multiclassing the Artificer, which is a big indicator in how far along Wizards considers the class to be. Unearthed Arcana classes are not typically advised to multiclass due to balance concerns, so rules for how to do so with the Artificer suggests that they at least consider it balanced enough for home games. The class is still not Adventurer’s League-legal, but it sounds like we may be getting there soon.

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