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Dead Alliance Review (Xbox One)

September 14, 2017 | Posted by Stewart Lange
Dead Alliance
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Dead Alliance Review (Xbox One)  

After my review of Killing Floor 2, I was hesitant to play Dead Alliance. After all, Killing Floor 2 surprised me with just how much fun I had with it, given it’s a take on the Call of Duty Zombies formula packaged into an indie release. Given that analogy, Dead Alliance is an indie take on Killing Floor, but not a successful one by any means.

The concept is sound enough, as the game is still PvP versus mode, given your standard game types such as King of The Hill or “Domination” are present, there’s nothing too unusual here. In fact, the game has a nice gimmick of the zombies not being the real enemy here, rather a further hazard on the map to contend with. You’re still focusing on the location and whereabouts of your opponents, while keeping an eye open for any zombies coming your way. There’s no explanation as to why the humans don’t band together to take down the zombies before settling any beef between them, given there is absolutely zero story or lore to read in the numerous loading screens. This is a minor niggle, as the concept is actually quite good fun. Using nerve gas to turn the zombies on your foes is also enjoyable the first few times you do it, but unfortunately, this is where the fun stops in Dead Alliance.

Once you’re lucky enough to find a game, the first thing you’ll notice is how ugly the game is. At first it felt like I was squinting slightly, the motion blur is so bad. The character models aren’t awful, with the zombies looking dead enough to be taken as such, and the players clearly living, although generally quite unremarkable. The weapon models are also bog standard, with new attachments appearing on your gun as you unlock them. The gunplay itself, though is maybe the worst part of the game. It may be more to do with the fact I’ve been spending my time on Destiny 2, with some of the most satisfying shooting I’ve experienced, but Dead Alliance is awful. It’s slow, unresponsive and sloppy. If you’re able to get past it though, this is not the biggest crime this game commits.

The biggest is the sheer amount of grinding you’ll have to do to get anywhere. The number of hours you’ll have to put in to unlock something as simple is a grenade modifier is staggering. I wasn’t able to unlock anything of note in my entire time playing, with Dead Alliance seemingly looking to rival the kings of the MOBA for sheer grinding. As painful as the gameplay is, there can’t be any fun to be had in playing for literally dozens of hours just to try out a new gun. This is the biggest sin Dead Alliance commits, as I feel like it could have been quite a fun little time sink if you had the ability to feel slightly overpowered quite early on, but it just seems like the number of hours that you’ll need to plow in to get to the apparent fun this game has to offer will test even the most dedicated of one game owners.

If you’re unlucky enough to have only received this game with your console, maybe see what the current store credit value is, as there are a wealth of better titles available for a fraction of the price. A dead waste.

The final score: review Poor
The 411
A few interesting ideas are not enough to save this game, which is a shame because with a bit more polish and a better levelling/advancement system, this would have been a fun little time sink.

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