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Destiny Community Revolting Against the Eververse Feature

December 24, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Destiny 2

In a story that appears to be going viral, the Destiny fan community appears to be in somewhat of a revolt against Bungie regarding one of the most hated features in Destiny 2, the Eververse store. If you check out the official forums right now for the game at, almost every single thread on the forums by multiple users for pages and pages is saying “Remove Eververse” or some variation thereof.

For some backstory on this issue, the Eververse is the in-game store where fans can buy cosmetic items that do not affect actual gameplay. Gamers can actually use real money to buy these cosmetics using micro-transactions to buy the game’s in-game currency of silver. Fans can earn these cosmetic items for free in-game by leveling up to receive “Bright Engrams.” However, Bungie and Activision recently came under fire after it was discovered that the XP system was not rewarding players with the Bright Engrams at the rate it should. Instead, players were taking exceedingly long time periods to earn their next bright engrams. The suggestion is that Bungie and Activision have been manipulating the XP system in the game to essentially encourage players to spend money through micro-transactions to buy the cosmetic items from Eververse.

Micro-transactions tend to be one of the most hated aspects of modern gaming and tend to be the bane of many gamers’ existence. Star Wars Battlefront 2 also recently went through a great deal of controversy regarding its micro-transaction system for loot boxes in the game, which ultimately led to EA and DICE temporarily disabling in-game purchases.

Kotaku previously reported in November that Bungie updated the XP system for Destiny 2, so apparently the speed of receiving the Bright Engrams for the Eververse cosmetics was no longer “rigged” as it were. But it seems the damage has already been done with the Destiny community, who is very unhappy.

Bungie and Activision have not yet commented or reacted toward the mass revolt on the Bungie forums for the game.